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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Omaha Music Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 10, 2007
    City Omaha, NE
    Venue Omaha Music Hall


    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Bug a Martini
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • Raspberry Swirl


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Father Lucifer
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Lust
    • Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • Peeping Tommi
    • Leather

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Concertina
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear in Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    Due to technical issues during the performance, this concert will NOT be available as an official bootleg.


    Body and Soul (posted by ksrasra1234)

    She’s Your Cocaine (posted by ksrasra1234)

    Bug A Martini (posted by ksrasra1234)



    1. George says:

      The Omaha show was unbelieveable!!

      Maybe it has happened before at other shows and I just didn’t read about it, but during Tori’s concert rendition of “Bug A Martini” she started by dancing all around the stage while pouring martinis of each of her band members. When she was done with that, and with the beat of Bug A Martini pulsating in the background, she actually did this dance number simultaneously while moving from the stage into the crowd between Orchestra Center and Orchestra Left (with security by her side, of course!). She danced all the way back practically into the bar area of the lobby before seductively dancing her way back to the stage again….the crowd was going wild as she swept by them in the aisle of the Orchestra section just 2-3 feet from everyone at the ends of each row!

      She then finished the song on stage. It was electrifying, to say the least.

      Is it my imagination, or is this a serious departure from her usual show on this tour????

      Otherwise. the show just got better and better as the night went on. Her energy, passion, and musical talent was in full display in all its glory.

      Santa was the perfect choice to open in this venue!!

      I’ll be seeing her on the West Coast next month…I hope it’s this good!!!

      Oh, a couple of other things.

      The Music Hall in Omaha is basically a dump, but it was totally sold out…no empty seats that I could see. They were VERY strict about cameras, cellphones, etc. but the crowd was both really well-behaved and enthusiastic…I think this contributed to Tori’s special energy tonight.

      ...and I got to hear one of my favorite Tori songs….I never expected it, she plays LUST so rarely.

    2. wintertamale says:

      Incredible performance!!!! Bug A Martini and Peeping Tommi were great surprises!!! Tori messed up on the “Brrrr” part of Cornflake Girl. She did some kind of “Plfft” sound instead, everyone laughed!! Great time!!!

    3. j says:

      we had gold vip’s for this show, and tori played “parasol” and “spark” for us at the sound check. she seemed to be hearing a major problem with “spark” (even though I thought it sounded pretty damn good) and was clearly in work mode, as we were walking out. she was giving instructions about what needed improvement, and they didn’t end up playing either song for us at the regular show.

      I wanted to see santa really badly, esp. after she’s introduced “she’s your cocaine” and “raspberry swirl” into her mix, so I was delighted to see her come out. her whole set was very high energy and she seemed to be having fun.

      during the “bug a martini” bit, she made a big show of dancing around and pouring martinis for the band, and then came into the audience…to pour one for mark? we’re not sure, as people were standing and we could not see. anyhow, as she was walking back down the aisle towards the stage…she touched my husband’s hand and smiled back at him.

      her voice was strong the whole night and I was pleased to hear “leather” and “spring haze.”

      all in all, I thought it was a great show, and feel lucky to have been there.

      we are headed to one more show in a few weeks and are rooting for isabel.

    4. Alan says:

      So i do believe last night was the best tori concert i have ever been to. The set list was amazing….and the best part of the show would have to be when tori blew a raspberry during Cornflake Girl instead of her little trill noise she makes towards the end. haha

      My concert experience was highly improved due to getting upgraded seats due to sound boards and equipment blocking the seats in center row S. So I was relocated to 3rd row from the stage…it was amazing! Plus i got to meet Tori at the meet & greet, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life….although i’m sure i acted like an idiot because i was completely star struck.

      My only complain is that the staff at the Omaha music hall were very rude and inconsiderate…i never heard a single one talk nicely to concert goers…and this lady was so concerned about taking people cameras and cell phones that she was constantly running about (in front of me) blocking my view and creating a huge disturbance. I realize they don't want pictures taken, but when you have to disrupt everyone else’s experience then maybe they should lay off.

    5. Jimmy Ferrin says:

      Check out the blog.

      I had a feeling Omaha's show was going to be really good. I got to do one more VIP meet and greet. She sound checked Parasol and Spark. Both VIP experiences went pretty good. You could hear her sound check (while waiting to go in to see her) Bug A Martini at least six times, She's Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl. The meet and greet went pretty fast, not many people spent time with her. It was nice to know she remembered my name. This time I was not as nervous. I asked for Not David Bowie (for Denver, because I know she is practicing) and Drive All Night (I love, love this song). She told my friend Mollie and I that she doesn't read gossip magazines or web sites because she has to stay clear. Because you can't associate yourself with that; you can't associate art with that. She turns to Neil for creative advice - bouncing ideas off each other. He can tell her if something might come out in a wrong way, or a way that wasn't intended. Santa's set was rad. During Bug A Martini she poured the boys drinks with a shaker and even came into the crowd to give the sound guys a drink. Every song in this set was amazing. Secret Spell sounded different tonight too. Tori's set was really good too. Space Dog's intro was beautiful and slowed down. During Father Lucifer she sang the second verse twice and had the Steve McQueen ending. Lust was gorgeous as was the improv followed by Spring Haze. I was hoping for Drive All Night during T and Bo, but we got Peeping Tommi (sorry Robert, yay for us). BEAUTIFUL! You need to buy the boot just for this alone. I would have loved Toast after this, but Leather is fun. It is actually my first time hearing this out of all my Tori shows. Digital Ghost is lovely. Code Red was, as always, rockin'. We rushed the stage, which I'm surprised the venue Nazis didn't stop us. Since they would freak out on you if you even got your cell phone out. So this means no photos or videos. They were fuck heads with the whole thing. But Precious, Tear and Jupiter were on key too. She was smiling during the last songs and in a very good mood. Thank you for a sweet ass show, Tori. Come back any time you want.
    6. Jamie says:

      I was at the Omaha show. It was my first show since the SW tour. I was beyond excited. As an extra bonus for me, my sister joined me. She is not really a Tori fan, but likes some of her songs.

      Santa comes out and is…well, Santa. Body and Soul was incredible! It was so full of energy. My sister, the sorta Tori fan, said, “Damn, she’s sexy. I’d do her!” I was nervous about bringing her to the show because I was worried she’d be bored because of how different it is from seeing her favorite band, Incubus.

      Anyway, the highlight for me was Santa’s set. Raspberry Swirl was so full of energy and so much fun! The martini pour for the band and out in the crowd was also interesting. Everyone went crazy!

      Peeping Tommi was definitely a surprise. I thought it would be a song full of emotion and she almost seemed detached from it in a way. It was still great to get the song’s debut!

      All in all, it was a wonderful show and I am trying to scrape some money together so I can go to another show somewhere. I’ve never been to Florida before!

    7. David says:

      I concur, a fantastic show. Also my first since SW tour and I was blown away. Only complaint, like above, the Omaha Music Hall staff absolutely sucked. The ushers didn’t even know where, exactly, specific seats were! This led to people in the wrong seats, lots of moving and switching, and some hard feelings.

      Once all the seating issues were worked out, we had fantastic seats. (Front row. Can’t get any better!) I was so pleased that my four friends I took (their first Tori show ever) got to see a Tori show that was so very, very extraordinary. They’re all hooked now, and were completely blown away. Thank you Tori and crew for the best night I’ve had in a long time!

      Santa was a complete hoot, too. Really sorry to see, for some reason, the Omaha show got removed from the Legs and Boots downloads. Maybe the sound didn’t get recorded well? Has anyone heard?

    8. thebaronswife30 says:

      WHAT A SHOW!! Bravo ! Tori is a musical goddess. My husband has a new found appreciation for Tori (its about time) I was at first disappointed that I had VIP Gold and not VIP Platinum. (due to her fans that attend every freakin show I mean come on selfish people) However the sound check was all I needed ! I almost shed a tear of pure happiness and amazement. It was then that I realized that .. I could live without the Platinum. I mean what would I gain by meeting her. I look at it as one less moment in my life of making a complete and total ass of myself.

      The Omaha Music hall is indeed a DUMP! I was in such a state of bliss that to me it just does not matter what venue Tori plays at I am so lost in my own world .. I could give a care if the staff was rude or the fact that they were SO outta control with the camera/video.

    9. Angababy says:

      this was my third show (and last. sniffle.) on this tour and i must say it’s one of my all time favorites. i wasn’t sure what to expect at an Omaha show because I usually go to Chicago shows which are always full of surprises and energy. i wasn’t let down. at all. Santa was dy-no-mite! the setlist had some great treats (bug a martini and lust) and the crowd was really into it. like the reviews above, the venue staff was way out of line with the whole camera thing, and it was really unorganized as far as the seating went. i’m super disappointed that they didn’t tape the show for the boots, but i’ll make sure to sketch this show in my memory forever.

    10. Elaine says:

      I will make this short and sweet…

      The entire show was intense, vivid, sexy, powerful and a slew of other adjectives that would take up too much space here. But I had told myself months ago that I wanted to hear Peeping Tommi, but I felt I really wasn’t ready for it, so I decided that even if I did meet her (which I did, at Lawrence and at Omaha), that I wasn’t going to to request it. That song means something to me on a level that even I don’t understand. I told myself that if it showed up at any of the 3 shows I am seeing, I would completely believe in miracles. DID NOT expect to prove myself on that one! When she and Bo went into those first chords, I lost it. The floodgates opened and I was completely swept away. I don’t know if it was requested or if it just had to come, but I would be hard pressed to relay most of the rest of the set list to you without looking at it, that’s how in awe I was of this one song, this one character. I’m still in shock. Tori, you made this past weekend one of the most intensely cherished experiences of my life.

    11. your_mom says:

      I'm trying to remember the improv before Spring Haze. She sang about the land, the earth and the corn growing. Also, about little feet on a hill and having a task ahead of her. It was really beautiful.

    12. Ashley says:

      Peeping Tommi was a request. I asked her about it in Indianapolis, and she told me to remind her before my last show of the tour. Nashville was my last show, so I reminded her about Peeping Tommi at the Omaha M&G. She wrote it down for Nashville, but ended up playing it that night in Omaha. I was both shocked and incredibly grateful to hear it.

    13. Lucky says:

      This was my first Tori show, and unfortunately my last for this tour. I have to say I was completely and totally blown away. One just isn’t enough!

      I intended to go alone, since none of my friends are into Tori and I wasn’t going to waste a ticket on someone who didn’t want to be there. I turned out to be anything but alone… I met so many AMAZING people beforehand and at the M&G. I swear I must have gotten a dozen hugs from new friends before the end of the night (including Tori herself!).

      I was elated when she started to play Raspberry Swirl (a favorite for reasons best left to the imagination). I totally lost it during Father Lucifer, a huuuuge favorite of mine. “Nothing’s gonna stop me from floating…” Mannnn. I was even more thrilled when I looked up the setlist later and realized we were one of very few venues to get those two songs. Imagine! Even Tear in Your Hand wasn’t one of the most common, and that was a very, very welcome addition to the night’s set. That one got the tears going, too. The poor gentleman I was sitting with must have been so embarrassed! ;)

      I wasn’t sure which Doll I wanted, so I was happy as a clam when Santa came flouncing onto the stage. What a treat she was! I wouldn’t trade the Bug a Martini performance for anything! It was so flirty and adorable. Santa can come see us again anytime.

      I, too, must express my disappointment with the venue. Not many of the folks I hung around with were from Omaha, so I felt the need to keep apologizing for the Music Hall. I swear the rest of the city isn’t so unpleasant! The staff was unhelpful, unreasonable, and flat out ruined the night for a few people. I had never been to this venue before, and I can assure you I won’t be returning.

      All in all, this night was just the dose of magic I need in my life right now! A huge thank-you is in order for Tori and all the new friends that made November 10 such a treat.

    14. Hanna says:

      It’s been two years since I’d seen her play, so I was very excited to see her again. She was in full form, and I loved every minute. I really enjoyed hearing material from To Venus and Back, like Concertina, one of my favorite songs.

      I got up during the encore and got really close to the stage- that was incredible. Precious Things and Tear in my Hand are also favorites, and seeing her that close was stunning. I got a few decent pictures, surprisingly, considering how strict they were the whole time. I’ll submit them once they’re down to size.

      My only complaint was the lack of audience interaction at this show, at least compared to her other two concerts I’ve attended (on different tours). As far as I can remember, the only time she addressed the audience was when she introduced the band. Coming out into the audience to give the sound guy wine was really cool, though, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. =)

      A magical night, though now I’m in full post Tori concert depression. I wish I could hit up a few more shows, but school’s gotta be studied.

    15. George says:

      To ksrasra1234…. THANK YOU for posting the Bug a Martini video !!! It brought back some beautiful memories. We owe you… bigtime… especially considering that if the Music Hall venue Nazis had caught you with these precious 7 minutes of recording, they’d have confiscated your cellphone AND might’ve beaten you to death!

      So far on this tour, Tori’s venture out into the Omaha audience is totally unique.

      And to everyone who has complained of “no audience interaction from Tori on this tour” ...eat your heart out! (sorry, just kidding). :-)

    16. hazy says:

      gorgeous show! peeping tommi was absolutely flawless. thanks to whomever requested it. i would love to have a recording of this show! and the lyrics for that beautiful improv she did about the earth and little feet on a hill!

    17. musicgirl07 says:

      I was lucky enought to get VIP Platinum tickets for this show. Meeting Tori was so wonderful I can not describe it. All I have to say is her eyes are Aquamarine. I have never seen eyes like that before. She was sweet and nice I think I have one of the best pictures with her that I have seen especially with other fans on myspace. I agree with the comment above that “She is so sexy, I would do her” That is true. I would if I could. She had me very very turned on so I can not be the only one who was. This was the best show out of the two that I have seen. Body and Soul was fantastic! I was so excited she played that one. I can’t wait for her to come our way again!

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