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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Andrew Jackson Hall TPAC

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 12, 2007
    City Nashville, TN
    Venue Andrew Jackson Hall TPAC


    Thanks to spinnyboy and Marbs for the setlist!

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Sweet Sangria
    • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    • Almost Rosey
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Concertina
    • The Power of Orange Knickers
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Putting the Damage On
    • Glory of the 80s

    T & Bo

    • Dixieland improv
    • Cooling
    • Cool On Your Island

    Band Returns

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • A Sorta Fairytale

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds


    This show will be available for purchase as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Sweet Sangria (posted by welcomeback1982)

    Tombigbee (posted by welcomeback1982)

    The Power Of Orange Knickers (posted by welcomeback1982)

    The Power Of Orange Knickers (posted by blissfullysardonic)

    Dixie (posted by LodgedInMyVortex)

    Tori talks about her Mom (posted by blissfullysardonic)



    1. Tiffany says:

      Her concert was awesome as it usually is. Tori is the kind of artist that doesn’t disappoint. I buy her albums knowing I will love every song, I go to her concerts knowing they get better each time. She played almost every one of my top favorite songs from her 9+ albums (like she knew I would be there guys—ok impossible I know). She changed outfits during the show (she changed from Isabel to Tori) and wound up wearing what I can only describe as an ode to 70’s Elton Jon silvery pantsuit thing. She always looks so fashionable and different! I sat next to these 2 guys who did me the honor of chatting everything Tori before the show. They were very nice and we shared in mutual excitement as the songs we discussed prior to the show that we would die to hear live were played one by one. After each one of her concerts, I struggle NOT to escape onto her tour bus and drive back home. When you witness something so special (I was two seconds from tears when she played “Putting the Damage On”), your normal, every day life just pales in comparison.

    2. Clay says:

      Wow. This show was very intense. The setlist seemed to progress into heavier songs toward the end, which called for a really nice performance. She switched from playful to lioness and really showed off her complexity tonight. Cornflake girl stood out because she had so much fun. Her and Matt had a lot of nice body language, I figured she was a little bored of playing this one. She did a little robot doll dance for big wheel…so cute and surreal. We went to the m&g but Smitty said she wouldn't be coming out because of various interviews. We asked him to ask Tori to play Cooling and she did. The set list was amazing. No really popular songs, but rare performances it seemed. Highlights for me were…Springtime of his Voodoo, Glory of the 80’s, Hotel, 1000 Oceans, Orange Knickers (cried a little) and Tombigbee. Code Red was amazing. That song just fucking rocks live! Another great Tori performance I will remember forever. Thanks Tori!

      Postscript added later

      I should have mentioned earlier, however, I was rushed. Isabel seemed so political that she was almost pissed off. She also told us about her Mom’s family hiding in the Smokies and that they will be driving through the mountains. It seemed like she has a warm spot for the “Dixieland.”

    3. Genevieve says:

      Note on set list: Dixie/Dixieland is actually a cover of a civil war song, not an improv, though she may have performed some improvised lyrics mixed in (not sure).

      I was a bit concerned going into this show that it might not be as good as some others, for 2 reasons: 1. When Tori got off of her tour bus, she was carrying Tash in her arms and she looked either tired or very rushed. 2. Many people have been talking about Tori seeming bored lately at some shows. I don’t know if maybe she was tired at those other shows, but I didn’t think she looked bored at all at this show. She smiled a lot at this show and seemed very into the music. While the set list was a mix of rock tunes (Hotel, Glory of the 80’s) and rather subdued songs, I thought she brought a lot of life and feeling to all the songs, even the more mellow ones. And The Power of Orange Knickers was a great surprise! The audience didn’t seem as energetic as I’ve seen in past shows, but along with that I’d also have to say it was free of some of the more annoying aspects of a pumped crowd (people shouting things out every moment of silence)...except for the girls a few seats down from me who kept standing up and making bird-call like trilling sounds (was I the only one who heard this? What was up with that?) – I think one too many glasses of wine were had there.

      When Tori said hi to the crowd, she mentioned that they would be going over the Smokey Mountains that night and that it was special to her because her ancestors hid in those mountains. She said it makes her think of her mother, and, in her words, “My mother is everything to me.” Then she introduced the band, and when she got to Dan, she said that he wanted everyone to know that even though his last name is Phelps, he is not related in any way to the hate protest group lead by Fred Phelps. I thought this was really interesting, not so much because of the Phelps thing (she did, after all, start with “I assume you all know this” or something to that effect) but because I don’t think I’ve ever before heard her make a specific comment about a band member other than introducing them.

      At the Meet-and-Greet-that-wasn’t-to-be, someone asked Smitty if he could ask Tori to play Cooling, someone else asked for Gold Dust, and I asked for 1000 Oceans. Smitty was very cool about writing them down (but he wouldn’t write them on his hand with a Sharpie like Tori does, even though we asked him to), and Tori did play Cooling and Oceans (no Gold Dust though… :-( ). I wonder if someone else asked for them at the VIP M&G, if she had those in mind already, or if she really was giving a nod to the fans waiting outside of the theatre that afternoon? While I didn’t get to talk to many people waiting there, I do want to note that the group was so polite and friendly – nothing like some of the M&G’s of the past with people being pushy and inconsiderate.

      On a technical note, I loved the theatre this was in. The Orchestra section probably didn’t have more than 20 rows – and no pit seats that I could see, and no seat was way off to the side. Even the distinct instruments seemed easier to hear (perhaps an adjustment in the sound balance?). AND Nashville has the absolute BEST chocolate mousse I’ve ever tasted!

    4. Missred says:

      Well, after experiencing Louisville over two weeks ago, I had to do this AGAIN!!! I was sad to see that Tori would not come out to us, but I met her two weeks ago and I just wanted to say hi once more- We had our 5th row tix upgraded to 1st and we started a sweet chain of karma- we gave our 5th row tix to girls sitting in the 11th row and others around us gave out theirs and so on….everybody was VERY HAPPY! (Thank you, Smitty!) I also was happy to see some of the nice people I met at the Louisville show two weeks ago-

      The setlist ROCKED!!!Tori did not have the same energy as two weeks ago but I also know it was a pretty hectic day for her- phone interviews then VIP soundcheck M&G- she was tired but still got on well- I was soooo glad that couple requested Cooling because it almost brought me to tears and Cool on Your Island was a real treat too! I had my picture taken with Yoav and he also played for us outside the stage door-

      Tori this was my last stop- you gave me 15 years- can you try to give me at least 15 more???

    5. mathew says:

      Isabel used the lantern prop again for scarlet’s walk. I loved her set. Almost Rosey has only gotten better, in my opinion. We got a set list after, and Hey Jupiter was listed as the final song, but I was so happy to get Bouncing Off Clouds instead.

    6. mathew says:

      I don’t think anyone has mentioned the line she added towards the end of Sweet Dreams, about “needing this election now, today, etc.” Maybe she’s added that before and I just haven’t heard it yet. It rocked.

    7. peter says:

      This was a great set! I’m not going to do a detailed review, but the highlight for me was The Power of Orange Knickers and all of T & Bo. Dixie was beautiful and so were Cooling and Cool On Your Island, which I’ve been wanting to hear live for years.

      Also, I was at the VIP M&G; she sound checked Secret Spell and Sweet Sangria for us after telling us “we rehearse every day, it’s what we do…so we’re rehearsing right now, not performing.” Earlier, while we were waiting to check in, she sound checked the following, all of which were performed during the show:

      Big Wheel
      In The Springtime of His Voodoo
      Scarlet’s Walk
      The Power of Orange Knickers (more than once…)

      During my time with Tori, I asked her some questions about Fire on the Side and I asked why she never brings her out, and she said “She will come out, just not tonight” and then she asked me if it was my last show and I told her I was with her through Melbourne. So…fingers crossed that Fire on the Side will come out sometime between now and then…

    8. Tasha says:

      Wow. My experience was no where near the same as the above posters. Unfortunately, this was probably my least favorite Tori show ever. And, even more unfortunately, I probably had the best seats I’ve ever had.

      Seeing her in my hometown is always pretty different, that’s probably more than a little of this. A day full of work and meetings doesn’t lend itself as well to a show as much as a day of travel/leisure.

      I found her to, well, be just plain weird and more disconnected from the audience than I’ve ever seen her. The setlist didn’t flow well to me (Putting The Damage On to Glory??) and most of my faves didn’t show. Sometimes I found myself to be actually pretty bored.

      I think I’m also one of very few people who still have not been able to get into this album.

      Anyway, I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the show. She was beautiful and the sound was good.

      I really did enjoy bouncing, cooling, precious…and the lantern was cute.

      She’ll always have some of my heart.

    9. Hillary says:

      this was my first tori concert…if i still lived near DC i wouldn’t have been able to go… she’s always sold out so it was a treat to be able to buy a ticket a few days prior.( for being a music city nashville surprised me with the attendance ) then i was up in nosebleeds and the usher asked if we wanted to move to orchestra to fill seats…oh man…it was amazing. i was near some grateful tears. only ten rows from the stage…i could see her face and yeah i bet she’s tired but man…you can tell that she still loves to get up there and wail. unfortunately she didn’t play anything i was really dying to hear but it was great to hear things i hadn’t before since i don’t have all her albums. putting the damage on was my favorite of the night.

    10. lauryn says:

      i’ve always wanted to hear her cover dixieland! i loved t & bo, though i missed a couple special friends during that section especially. i loved this show, and i must say that i was happily surprised by isabel’s set. beautiful, and my first show in a few years, so i was bouncing off of clouds.

    11. torilove101 says:

      Sadly this was my last show of 4 on the posse tour, and my friend Kelly and I were hoping for a PIP Show! Well Tori came out as Isabel and delivered a good but somehow not over the top great performance. Don’t get me wrong I did like the show but Tori and the guys seemed to lack the energy of the Louisville and Chicago shows, I witnessed days before,of course Isabel is my least favorite doll, and Scarlet's Walk is my least fave Tori album so this had something to do with it, and these two drunk girls in front of us who kept being rude even after the guards told them to shut up. Note to Tori fans: please be aware of fellow fans and do not block people’s view!

      Well the highlights had to be the Sweet Dreams line, “I can’t wait for election day,” or something kind of like that, The Power of Orange Knickers, Dixieland and My fave Cool On Your Island. I think the whole audience teared up. Hotel and Code Red did rock hard as always. I guess this is goodbye for now :) I loved this Tour and hope to See Tori live in action soon! Love ya T

    12. Stacey says:

      I was just mesmerized —Tori is the most amazing performer. I have been to many shows at TPAC but none have had the sound richness of this performance. Maybe it is just because I love her so. I had hoped to bring my daughter to m&g but it was not to be—she is 10 and was really hoping to meet Tori and give a card to Tash with some strawberry preserves from the Loveless Cafe here in Nashville but it did not happen. I tried to get to Smitty in the lobby but he was really busy doing the ticket arranging thing. I was thrilled with the set list and beside myself when she walked out as Isabel. My kids LOVE Yo George so it was like a treat for my heart to hear her perform that. Precious Things was beyond words and as we all stood at the stage Tori seemed quite happy and lit up. Bouncing Off Clouds was a really fun ending to the evening and left me wanting much more but still smiling inside. The only gripe of the night for me was my drinking neighbors—the girls in the front who just got up and down and up and down in the middle of songs to get drinks. It was a little out of hand. Ah, and the security guards who kept hitting me in the head when they passed through the aisles to tell people to turn off the video cameras—I’m not exaggerating, I got clobbered at least 6 times. I can’t complain though. It was a fantastic night. I have a bag of preserves and world famous biscuit mix if Tori’s people want to get in touch with me—she and Tash really missed out. But thanks for a great show.

    13. Ryan says:

      This show was great…especially from the 7th row…WOOT! My wife’s b-day was this day, and even though we saw her as Isabel in Indy, it was perfect. I can’t believe that she played Cool on your Island AND Putting the Damage on…My wife cried during Cooling…I’m still waiting for a stadium show with all the stops pulled out :)...Tori rocked our little world!!

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