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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Kravis Center

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 21, 2007
    City West Palm Beach, FL
    Venue Kravis Center


    Santa opened this show. Thanks to Cricket for the setlist.

    Act I (Santa)

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Hoochie Woman
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog
    • Raspberry Swirl

    Costume Change

    Act II (Tori)

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Hotel
    • “to Mary and Don’s house we go” improv
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Your Cloud
    • Spring Haze


    • Amazing Grace
    • Gold Dust

    Band Returns

    • Josephine
    • Sugar
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds (was Northern Lad on setlist)

    Second Encore

    • Digital Ghost (was Bouncing Off Clouds and Hey Jupiter on setlist)

    Photo Sets



    1. Ronnie says:

      I requested Gold Dust at the Meet and Greet…and she played it. I cried. Everyone was happy.

      I asked for it prefacing with “I know this song is really hard for you, but I’d love to hear Gold Dust.” She wrote it down on her hand and said “I’ll see how I’m feeling…but just know if I don’t do it it’s not because of [you].”

      That song coming right out of Amazing Grace was the all too intense highlight of the show.

    2. Jon says:

      A thoroughly amazing show! I was hoping for Santa and as soon as I heard Body and Soul start, I knew I got my wish. Tori could not have given a better performance, very playful and sounded wonderful. The crowd was very into it. I’ve never seen a Tori crowd with that much energy and I’m sure Tori felt it, quite the contast to her last show in WPB.

      Every song was wonderful but the highlights without a doubt were Spring Haze, Josephine, all the Choirgirl songs, and Gold Dust (this song popped into my head out of the blue during the day and I wondered if she would ever play it)...sure enough. simply beautiful!

    3. Hilary says:

      As a Tori veteran, I can say with ease that last night’s show was hands down the best I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s the whole tour, because this is the only one I’ve been able to see from ADP, but good gravy, she NAILED each and every song. I mean the all of the high notes, and higher, and screaming, and gasping for air, pervaded even the smallest corner in the hall with such a fullness that I have never heard in her shows before. I was very happy to have Santa… not a surprise that she would bring her out here given the general atmosphere of South Florida. ‘She’s Your Cocaine’ was a convulsive follow up to Body and Soul — I mean that in the best way. She was shaking and trembling with so much power that I thought she’d burst on stage. That Choirgirl passion was certainly followed through on in Raspberry Swirl and Hotel. Passionate is actually the best adjective that I can think of to describe the whole show.

      And that includes Amazing Grace and Gold Dust. These, both performed as solos, just dropped everyone in the audience to their knees. Most people had to have been crying, or at least teary eyed. I was. The songs were slow, patient, and it’s hard to describe it, but the wisdom from both of those songs was really transmitted loud and clear in her performance. They were played as though there was no audience, and she was alone in a room. A privilege to hear, truly.

      Last thing I’d like to say is that Spring Haze had a dark-side in this show. An emotionally frightening song, the way she played it — very interesting to hear her reshape a song into something you never thought of before. I’d bet if she continues to play Spring Haze on the rest of the tour, it evolves even more.

      okay okay, and one more thing. Her parents are ADORABLE. Her dad was in a khaki coloured suit, and her mother had a beautiful blue silk scarf on. Very charming, kind people, that were very patient with everyone telling them how amazing her daughter is and shaking their hands. You’d want to sit down and have pie with these people today.

    4. Cricket says:

      This was my favorite Tori show of all that I’ve seen (which have only been five so far). The day started off with me going to the meet and greet and finally meeting Tori. I had been trying to go see her for a couple shows now and it was wonderful to finally give her a hug and tell her thank you for everything.

      But anyway, the show was awesome. It was beautiful and poignant, as well as dramatic and fun. Tori’s parents were sitting a row behind me to the left. I introduced myself and I was very surprised at how sweet and cute they were. You could tell that they were proud of their daughter. You could also tell that Tori was happy they were there, since she wrote a little improv about Don and Mary (based on To Grandmother’s House We Go). It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever listened to. She also played “Amazing Grace” for them. When I talked to Mr. Amos after the show he said that it was the highlight of the evening and that it brought back memories of his passed son. I cried.

      Santa was wonderful… much better than Isabel in Ft. Myers. Santa had spunk and was incredibly cute and sexy. I have a new appreciation for “You Can Bring Your Dog” and “Raspberry Swirl,” although I missed the clanging piano keys that were absent in the live version.

      The T & Bo section was heartbreaking and emotional. I loved her rendition of “Amazing Grace” and I’m glad Ronnie got to see his “Gold Dust” that he requested (Hi Ronnie! It’s Drew. I’m the one you let to the front in the M&G and I asked you if she is allowed to give hugs! Hah!) because it brought a tear to my eye. It was a beautiful version and Tori’s voice was strong and soaring.

      When the band came back on stage I was a little confused at what song was coming next. I heard the soft roar of Matty’s drums and I thought, NO WAY! Then she started in with “Not tonight, Josephine” and I nearly fainted. “Josephine” is one of my favorite Tori songs and it was truly a pleasure to hear. I cried the entire time and my boyfriend had to be my tissue. “Sugar” was a wonderful surprise as well. I had always wanted to hear it live and it was powerful and strong. So was “Code Red.”

      The encores were wonderful, even though the rush was really chaotic and pushy. It really made me angry how people were screaming at each other in the front row when Tori was singing “Bouncing Off Clouds.” “Digital Ghost” was also a surprise and lovely to hear. Another highlight of the night was getting Tori’s setlist as well. Sorry if I was a little rude in getting it, but I was really excited.

      After reading the setlist I was a little disappointed in that she skipped over “Northern Lad.” But then again, she made up for it with so many great songs. I am definitely going to buy this show as a Leg & Boot. Thanks to all of the awesome people that I met at the M&G and thanks to this site for keeping me updated up until my last show. Until next tour, my friends!

    5. Pedro says:

      It was my first Tori show, and I definitely cannot say I was disappointed. What a legendary performer! Every bit as good as everyone said it would be. My favorite moments had to be “She’s Your Cocaine”, “Hoochie Woman”, “Josephine”, “Gold Dust”, “Precious Things”, and “Space Dog”. The experience of a lifetime!!!!

    6. Andre Somma says:

      After having been a bit disappointed with Tori’s somber show here in West Palm during during the Beekeeper Tour, it was thrilling to see Tori back in true form this time around. Personally I think Tori is at her best when she’s with the band. There was a magic that I truly missed during the Beekeeper tour and it was back last night. It was great to see Santa, she was quite sexy and flirty and really knew how to command the stage. Highlights of the set list for me were Sugar and Secret Spell. Sugar has always been one of my favorite Tori songs and I love hearing it live, it is so powerful live.

      The only thing I missed was that Tori wasn’t very chatty this time, but it was fine because she really was on point with the performance. No long, drawn out versions of any of the songs, thankfully.

      This show was one of my favorites.

    7. damienbp says:

      So yesterday was my first tori concert ever and I was so excited!

      The venue was beautiful, and I don’t know if it was because I was closer to the stage, or the stage itself was a bit smaller then I expected, but I was amazed at how intimate if felt. I walked in, noticed a specific scent and the mist in the air, with Yoav (who was great and REALLY knows how to work that guitar) singing a few songs and took my seat. After Yaov if felt like forever for Tori to come on, but I hate waiting. So anyway, she came out as Santa doing her sexy walks here and there and she was so small and I just could not believe that this legendary thing is right on stage a few rows from me. She played her fabulous set, serving the drinks, being sexy, etc. Tori came out played some songs..On the loud songs her voice was kind of low and drowned out, but I guess that is just how it is. Anyway, the “to Mary and Don’s house we go” improv was unexpected and great…Soon came T & Bo, which she played Amazing Grace, again totally unexpected, and then GOLD DUST, again toootallly unexpected. Within these debuts and Gold Dust, I was thinking the message boards were having a field day right now. Josephine and all other songs were great…I really wanted to hear Hey Jupiter and Northern Lad at the end, but I absolutely loved Digital Ghost and really wanted to hear that so no complaints here. The whole experience was surreal and magical and now I need to go back.

    8. Sergio says:

      Last night’s show was amazing. Tori’s voice was in top form and I loved all her funky dance moves. It really sucks that these shows are mostly sit-down though because I wanted to get up so bad at certain points, especially during songs like Swirl.

      I’m glad I got to see Santa’s sexy and sometimes dirty little attitude. Hearing Cocaine and Swirl live finally were great. And I really enjoyed the Latin-like intro to Hoochie Woman as she poured drinks for the band.

      Space Dog was beautiful and Hotel was awesome. Hearing Hotel so early in the set let me know how great the night was going to continue to be.

      Amazing Grace on the organ was awesome and intense and Gold Dust was the true highlight with, it was so emotional and Tori’s voice broke and whispered towards the last “they say as we are looking back” my eyes swelled with tears. Everyone was blown away. Gold Dust leading into Josephine was such a seemless and perfect transition.

      Spring Haze is always great. Code Red has so much muscle live. The lights were beautiful. The only thing that kept this show from being absolutely perfect in my eyes is that she strayed from the original setlist. Northern Lad would have been awesome as an encore performance and my mom really wanted to hear Hey Jupiter (and I mistakingly pretty much promised her Tori would play it)

      I really didn’t think Digital Ghost would be the closer but something about the lyrics “take a closer look at what it is that’s really haunting you” resonated in me as she sang them. Perhaps this is the message Tori was leaving me with. So I left the Kravis Center with those words imprinted on my mind and heart and am taking a closer look inside right now on this Thanksgiving Day.

      The only way out is to go so far in.

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This was my only show this tour and a great one. I have no regrets.

      I turn 25 tomorrow. What a weekend

    9. Chris Hernandez says:

      Tonight’s show had a really interesting audience. Out of the 4 Florida shows I attended, this one had an a audience that actually wanted to stand up throughout the show. Raspberry Swirl had the pit area up on their feet. Some brave souls from the other sections ventured down to the stage thinking that they had a premature “rush to stage”, only to get quickly swept back to their seats by security during the “Andromeda” intro of Space Dog.

      All in all it was a great show with some surprises. The show standards were surprisingly full of energy tonight and sounded better than ever (Cornflake & Precious) with Big Wheel missing something! Spring Haze was out of this world! It was a big shock to see Tori leave the stage without playing Hey Jupiter and the audience did not hold back from vocalizing their opinions!

    10. Carlos says:

      This is my ninth Tori concert. I was amazed at the fact that Tori played two of my favorite songs from the new album, “Code Red” and “Body and Soul.”

      The band was great tonight, although I wish the sound had been a bit better. Couldn’t hear the guitar much, and sometimes the piano took a backseat to the drums and bass.

      Missed “Teenage Hustling,” but I guess it’ll have to be for another time!

    11. Kenny says:

      Great show. I came down from Atlanta to see my ‘rents for Thanksgiving, and I took my mom to this concert. =)

      We got to meet Tori’s parents. It was quite funny how “famous” they are themselves. They were extremely friendly; her dad shaking hands with everyone and talking to them extensively. Both took many photos with fans and her dad was signing autographs. His first question to people: “Are you in school?” What a good influence! =) For those of you in the Atlanta area – he told me he graduated from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. Pretty cool!

      Oh, and her mom is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen or talked to. So so so sweet and smiley to everyone.

      Other show stuff: the sound guy/girl could have turned up the piano and keyboards a bit, but other than that, a beautiful show. Space Dog stood out as one of the better versions I’ve heard, particularly thanks to Dan Phelps and his creative guitar atmospherics. When introducing him, Tori went into the whole story about the “other” Phelps family – the religous fanatics in Lawrence, Kansas, and she proceeded to announce to her dad that this is a different Dan Phelps.

      Overall, Tori was incredibly dignified and entertained the excited audience well. Voice was in top top top form. A perfect end to her 5-show Florida line-up.

    12. Jeremy says:

      Last night was a truly beautiful show. Highlights for me were “Josephine,” “Spring Haze,” and “Gold Dust.”
      I was, as many of you were, hoping for “Datura” at some point in Florida, but I was happy with everything we got.

      On another note, there were lots of loud, drunk people there. One girl kept wandering up and down the aisle and across the front even though the staff told her to sit down. People kept screaming out before the ends of the songs and, in some cases, in the middle! Is it that they just want the attention on them or do they have some need to show Tori how much more they love her? Whichever it is, it pulls you right out of the song and is very rude.

    13. kathie2e says:

      My husband and I saw Tori in Clearwater, and he must of been blown away since he asked me if I wanted to see her in again in WPB. Hello… of course I wanted to see her again!!! I thought I would only be seeing 2 of her shows (Melbourne and Clearwater). So, we drove 4 hrs from one coast to the other, calling the venue on the way, and were able to get very good seats. The set list couldn’t have been any better. Gold Dust is one of my favorite songs, and I absolutely love Sugar, Space Dog, Hotel,and Spring Haze. Her parents were in the row in front of me, and her father had his own group of fans around him. He was so cute!

      Santa’s set was a lot of fun and all the songs were incredible live. Tori has some hot dance moves as Santa and she was so sexy. I’m so glad I was able to see three of the dolls within 4 days of each other.

      Tori and the band absolutely rock. Like someone else said, if you haven’t been to a Tori show, you have to see her live. She’s brilliant and her shows are awesome. Thank you Tori, and thanks to my hubby for driving me across the state to see another perfect show!!!

    14. Kirsten says:

      This was my first time seeing Tori and it was AMAZING!!! She and her band were fantastic! She did a great job! Raspberry Swirl and Cornflake Girl were great.

    15. Bob says:

      I’m a big fan. Didn’t like the show. Too much new material. I saw a lot of yawns in the audience. Typical “Star” snobbery. Forget what got you there.

    16. Cooquitina says:

      After being disappointed with the Ft. Myers show and not being able to do to the meet and greet there, West Palm was a welcome surprise.

      I’ve been wishing that Santa would be at one of my shows and thankfully she left the best for last.

      Seeing her strut her stuff and act all vampy just catapulted my love for Tori even more. I’m a newbie thanks to my boyfriend and midway throughout the concert, I found myself telling him “Tori is my new number 1”

      The best part of the concert for me was hearing her play ‘your cloud’, which is my all time favorite song and has special meaning to me. i was convinced that she wouldn’t play it and i freaked out when i heard the opening chords to it. It totally made my night.

      ‘Raspberry Swirl’ was amazing live, as was “Gold Dust’, ‘She’s Your Cocaine’, ‘Space Dog’ & ‘Hoochie Woman’.

      To tell you the truth, I loved it all. ALL! I thank god my boyfriend introduced me to Tori early on into our relationship because now we share our love for her and her music. I can’t believe I was missing out on such good music all these years!

      Can’t wait for the next time she comes around, hopefully we ‘ll be successful doing the meet and greets then.

    17. Jennifer says:

      It’s so funny to read the rest of the reviews, because I too consider myself a Tori veteran this being my 20th show and OMG I was completely blown away! This is my favorite second only to the Murat in Indianapolis in ’98 (of which I cannot find a recording).

      I was thrilled to see Santa because she is my favorite of the Posse and OMG did she deliver! Tori completely embodied the character (which I know of course is just a facet of herself). I have to say, I have not been the biggest ADP fan but have a whole new appreciation for the songs now. They were meant to be played live.

      I was sad there weren’t more songs in the encore and that is my ONLY complaint about the show. I was lucky enough to get the Platinum VIP package and it was such an amazing experience I would do it again in a minute.

    18. LC says:

      This was my favorite show out of all of the FL dates.

      Santa was perfect! Tori had promised me in Melbourne I’d get to hear Raspberry Swirl before I went back home and sure enough she played it :)

      I was at the soundcheck and she did Spark, the very first song I ever heard from her… that show was just really special for me.

      I had no idea Northern Lad was on the setlist… that REALLY would’ve made it the PERFECT show.

      Oh well, still I have absolutely no complains whatsoever!

      Loved every second of it.

    19. Jeffrey Anne says:

      GREAT SHOW and I am so pleased as it’s likely this is my last one. I was able to give her my letter at the M&G explaining all the shit that went down in my life this year and how ADP was really there for me this time around, blah blah blah.

      WOW. Amazing Grace – Gold Dust – Josephine was breathtaking. You could honestly have heard a pin drop during Gold Dust.

      The improv about going to Grandma’s house was cute. She also mentioned the Fred Phelps crazy “God Hates Fags” church people who picketed the show back in Kansas while introducing the band (Dan Phelps not to be confused with the Kansas Phelps family! lol).

      This is the kind of show that makes me reconsider booking flights out to California…

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