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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Nokia Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 24, 2007
    City Grand Prairie, TX
    Venue Nokia Theatre


    Thanks to raspberry spark and Steve for the setlist!

    Santa was dressed in a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader outfit — albeit a somewhat more modest version of the one the actualcheerleaders wear — complete with pom poms during her opening set.

    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Sweet The Sting
    • Sugar
    • Secret Spell
    • Raspberry Swirl


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Father Lucifer
    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Lust
    • Liquid Diamonds

    T & Bö

    • improv
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Beulah Land

    Band Returns

    • Horses
    • Bliss
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Digital Ghost

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds


    An official bootleg of this show is available as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Sweet The Sting (filmed by redfield1979)

    Lust (filmed by redfield1979)

    chat/Cornflake Girl intro (filmed by redfield1979)

    Body and Soul (filmed by kalki22)

    She’s Your Cocaine (filmed by kalki22)

    Tear In Your Hand (filmed by kalki22)

    Cornflake Girl (filmed by kalki22)

    Precious Things (filmed by kalki22)



    1. Cornflakeguy says:

      I have been to every Dallas show Tori has done (except for her first ever in Deep Ellum, alas) and this was the most animated I have ever seen Tori. She gave me the feeling she was plainly happy and glad to be there.

      I really enjoyed the song selection tonight (unlike the last tour where the Dallas show was kinda a downer). I will be buying this show from the Legs and Boots, no questions asked.

      And do yourself a favor and get to the show on time to see the opening act, Yoav. It’s a guy, and a guitar. But unlike you’ve ever seen. I really enjoyed him and will be looking for his stuff soon.

      I am not a concert shirt buyer, but I heard alot of groaning about the merchandise…and the fact that none of the shirts have Tori on them. They are ‘song’ shirts, not ‘Tori’ shirts. But as always, I was happy with my program.

    2. Zach Middleton says:

      Wow!!! Boy was I surprised at Santa’s coming out. I was hoping for either Santa or Pip, and I thought maybe Pip would make an appearance. I didn’t guess Santa would do two in a row. The Cowboy’s cheerleader uniform was awesome!!!! It was not quite as skimpy as the real uniform. Santa’s top covered her entire torso and she was wearing what looked like denim capris with white sandal heels. She also had blue pompoms that she shook when she came out.

      Let me just say, she is amazingly in shape. It was like watching acrobatics during a lot of the show—standing at the piano (in heels) and bouncing all over the place. I think maybe Santa was a choice because of the big venue and the need to really get the large audience going. Unfortunately, some of my fellow Dallasites kept the sticks up their asses. The couples on either side of me sat through almost the entire show, even during Raspberry Swirl when a lot of the audience was dancing. I almost turned and asked if they thought they were at a Celine Dion concert!! Well, I just got up and shook my ass in their faces and enjoyed myself nonetheless.

      Set list was amazing. FtCH was in heavy rotation – five songs if you include the B-side Beulah Land. The only one I could do without was Secret Spell, however it does sound better live. Big Wheel sounded really great, too. I’ve heard some complaints, and it didn’t sound that great on the Chicago bootleg I downloaded. It was pristine this time and really fun to clap and chant along with her. Tori really seemed in a playful mood tonight, bouncing all over the stage.

      The band played a long intro to Sweet the Sting while Santa poured everyone mojitos and even splashed some on herself. The song itself seemed sorta rushed. Santa was very sexually suggestive with her body language, rubbing her ass and doing the blow-job thing on the mic during Cocaine.

      Good to hear Lust, or anything from TVaB. Tori added a verse in the middle that said something like, “Remember it’s your soul, don’t believe what you’ve been told, (didn’t catch third line), remember during the election.”

      Bliss also seemed a little flat, but the lighting was spectacular (strobing spotlights during the chorus) and redeemed it.

      Not too excited about the encores, wish she’d change them up, but I guess she and the band can only keep so many songs in practice at one time.

      Would love to have heard more from Beekeeper or A Piano unreleased (when, oh when, will we ever get Zero Point???)

      Father Lucifer had Steve McQueen ending. Sugar, TiYH, Horses, Liquid Diamonds and Code Red all stellar and the definite highlights, along with the above.

    3. CurlieQ says:

      The show tonight was nothing short of amazing!!! Tori came out as Santa and was all dressed up as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with pom-poms and all! Her set as Santa is by far my favourite of what she has done this tour. I’m not sure if this was the first time she has debuted Sweet the Sting on this tour but I thought was great. Much different than the solo version on the summer of sin tour. The highlight for me was when she played Beulah Land. I saw she played it in Atlanta and I didn’t she would surface again. I was VERY thankful she did. both her solo songs were amazing. It makes me wish she would play more than just 2-3 solos. Either way amazing night. Download the leg and boots if you can. Well worth the money.

    4. Lisa071573 says:

      Tonight’s show was mostly fun and upbeat, with a somewhat melancholy but hopeful solo set… unfortunately the show was a bit dampened for me by a semi-far-away seat and some really annoying people behind me. Sometimes it’d be nice to just have Tori singing only to you, a foot away! Anyway… I arrived early in Dallas and decided to go over to Dealey Plaza and to the Sixth Floor Museum, which is a museum located on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy. The exhibit was very moving and sad, and really made me think of Tori and Jackie’s Strength, and I was quite sure she was going to play that since the show was so close to the anniversary of the assassination. The improv that she did leading in to Jackie’s Strength referenced the events that happened 44 years ago: “you remember, 44 years, you remember, your mothers were here… take me back, wish I could’ve been a stop sign, a warning, a bird that flew right through the window… little bird whose wing got caught in the rain..little bird whose wing could’ve stopped that thing… gunshot that changed —-... so many boys lost.” I found it very touching, especially since I’d just been to the museum, but it also felt hopeful somehow. Jackie’s Strength was followed by a really beautiful Beulah Land. The rest of the show was very upbeat and Tori seemed to be having fun, especially when she came out as Santa dressed as a Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleader, complete with blue pom-poms :) Sweet the Sting was a nice surprise and Raspberry Swirl was nice and rocking. There was also a cute moment during Lust when she improv-ed a little and sang “you don’t need to do what you’ve been told, remember what is emancipation, remember for the next election,” which got many cheers. A nice show (my 80th) but sometimes I wish Tori would play in places that don’t serve alcohol!

    5. Mack says:

      I went to the Tori Amos Concert and I’m glad I did. She sounded better than ever, the lighting was beautiful, and she played an amazing set list. However, I learned something about myself tonight. I learned that I have changed. She seemed more like something from my past in which I have lost touch with. She seemed more like a caricature of who she once was. She has changed and we have changed. I had people with small babies in front of me and behind me. When we were younger, you would never have seen that. Kinda odd….and sad.

    6. Marty3215 says:

      Tonight was great. Santa looked very cute as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and her set was really strong. Sweet The Sting and Raspberry Swirl were awesome to hear. But Lust was my favorite of the night.

    7. Kris says:

      Santa was ON FIRE tonight. She not only had the little Dallas Cowboys cheerleader top, she had the pom-poms as well. She pranced, danced..poured margaritas for the band and proceeded to wipe the lime juice all over her neck and chest in a sexy display for the audience. Sound was flawless. There was an enormous amount of positive energy tonight. For several songs the audience was up on their feet dancing. Tori was so happy and playful. Horses was a big highlight. She did an amazing improv before Jackie's Strength about remembering your soul. The band rocked and the lights were gorgeous. Couldn’t have been better, except I was sorta expecting Jupiter as the final song.

    8. Adrian says:

      Just wanted to say that we did the VIP thing, and it was a great experience. We were treated very kindly by Tori’s staff, and I think it was worth the cost.

      Yoav came out and we sat in a circle and he sang three songs for us while we waited for Tori.

      We got to hear Black Dove (January) and Tear in Your hand during the sound check.

      Santa’s set was awesome, and she had a lot of fun.

    9. Mike Holliday says:

      The concert was incredible. OMG. I’m so stoked for the Houston show!

    10. chinchilla says:

      Went to the Dallas show. It was cold and rainy out. Smitty was out on his cell phone in the back of the venue, where a meet and greet would occur if it were to take place, and some girls asked if it was going to happen. He said no, because of the weather. VIP still happened, though, of course. Also, Smitty was out in the lobby and in the theatre before and after Yoav, just chatting with the masses, which I haven’t seen him do, and I thought it was neat. GO SMITTY!

      The show didn’t start until 8, Tori came on at 9, but everyone was showing up to the venue for a 6:30-7ish start. The venue wouldn’t open doors until 7 unless you were a VIP. And were quite rude about it. I think it’s quite easy to say something like, sorry, we aren’t opening until 7, but a couple of staff were being threatening and overbearing, which is completely unnecessary. But weren’t so concerned about cameras or video, so I expect to see some great videos on the youtube!

      Yoav came on at 8, and did a fantastic set. I was actually surprised to go to the restroom directly after his set and see the lobby full of people who, I suppose, just didn’t want to see him perform. For future Tori show-goers, don’t do it, take your wine to your seat and watch this guy. He’s funny and gets the crowd involved and plays guitar very well and has a pretty voice.

      I was hoping for Santa or Pip, my husband for Clyde (based on looks alone.) I didn’t think either of my picks would show up, because of the Florida shows. I figured it would be Isabel, but she’ll probably show up later in Texas. Santa came on at 9, like was said before, dressed in a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader top, fringe and all, pom poms, capri jeans, and really sexy white heels. I brought my husband along, and he and I are pretty big Cowboy fans (you either love them or you hate them, especially when they are playing as well as they are now), so I told him that’s who she was, he thought that was pretty neat. All through the night, he kept saying how sexy she is, (he’s not much of a fan but he came for me) and me, 7 months pregnant, was thrilled to hear, but she does put off a sensuality that I haven’t seen at any of the previous shows I’ve seen.

      Body and Soul – I don’t think I was listening much because I was so involved with her look, not one of my favorites, but I’ll say it sounds much better live.

      She’s Your Cocaine – I love this song. She recently said it’s not one of her favorites, but she found that Santa can hold it well and that one of the guys enjoys playing it. My guess is Jon, because he was jamming.

      Sweet The Sting – This started out sounding like Hoochie Woman, and she was swirling around pouring her drinks. It was fun to have a debut and great sound with the band.

      Sugar – Always sounds great live. My husband recognized it. Very sexy as Santa, not so angry. (I think this is the one where she mentioned prayer instead of a regular song lyric, but I’m not 100% sure)

      Secret Spell – Again, much better live.

      Raspberry Swirl – So excited to hear, Matt and Jon really into it, and Santa swirling her hips. It was fun.

      Professional Widow

      Tori came out wearing her gold jumpsuit, was very fun and flirty with the crowd. She said ‘Hello Dallas!’ directly after Big Wheel, then jumped into Father Lucifer. Before she introduced the band, she greeted us again, saying that she was glad we could make it out of this cold and wet day. She wanted to make it feel like she was in our living rooms. Then, she got a couple of yells out of the crowd, and she wanted to hear what a girl had said. The girl kept yelling out “it’s getting hot in here.” And Tori touched herself, and said, ‘well, yes, mama, 44, getting hotter.’ And started introducing the guys. I thought it was funny that Dan bailed after Tear in Your Hand, didn’t come back until after T and Bo. I think she had loads of fun because after the set and each encore she was bouncing around with such big smiles, hugging the guys and bouncing off of the stage. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. 

      Big Wheel – better than other live versions I’ve heard. And she has fun with it.

      Father Lucifer – I was so surprised to hear this. And so happy!!! Sounded great and she did the wedding day bridge in the middle, complete with the finger, and Steve McQueen bridge at the end.

      Tear In Your Hand – So happy to hear this too!

      Cornflake Girl – This was fun. As much as I would rather hear something different, not that I dislike the song, just that she plays it every tour, almost every show, she has such a good time, the guys do, and it gets the crowd going. I don’t think anyone was still in their seats.

      Lust – Surprised to hear this too, and beautifully performed.

      Liquid Diamonds – love this song, though it sound like the keyboard was overpowering the piano when she would play simultaneously, but what do I know.

      improv – this was sad, she started out with “your mothers were here”, and “if she was a bird or a stop sign”, then tied it all together with “44 years ago, a single bullet”. I knew she’d play Jackie’s Strength next, when in Dallas, she’ll normally always play that or Black Dove/January, so it wasn’t a surprise. Really melancholy improv and worth the $10 for the download alone.

      Jackie’s Strength – beautiful, as always

      Beulah Land – Very surprised to hear this as well, I love this song and never have heard it live other than recordings. I thought it was strange she played it in Atlanta, I don’t think I’ve seen it outside of the Carolinas, but I was so happy!

      Horses – I love this song too, I thought when she played it last, sounded kinda dull, but must have been the video. It sounded great last night.

      Bliss – Someone else said this sounded flat or dull, but I disagree. I like watch Jon during this song. He’s funny.

      Code Red – So much better live, I suppose after playing it over and over, it will only get better, but I really like this song on the album, and it hasn’t lost any energy throughout the tour.

      Precious Things – This was a little different than during the Scarlet’s Walk tour, maybe because of Dan, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Still angry and powerful.

      Digital Ghost – Sounded great.

      Bouncing Off Clouds – Lots of fun, everyone bouncing up and down around the stage, like a club.

      The lighting was fantastic. My husband kept saying how nice it was. We really like the stars. She’s Your Cocaine, Sugar, Raspberry Swirl, Bliss, Code Red, Precious Things, Digital Ghost and Bouncing off Clouds – the songs are only enhanced with what they are doing with the lights this tour. On Scarlet’s Walk, the last time she toured with the band, the sound was terrible at this venue. The piano was drowned to almost nothing with the drums and bass. It was pristine last night. Everything sounded great, everything in coordination. Download the boot because surely that sound transferred over. Also, the crowd was better than any show I’ve been to at Nokia Live. Sure people were getting up and getting drinks and using the restroom, but it didn’t take away from the show. No terrible chatter, and no obnoxious singing along. I couldn’t believe that the pause in Jackie’s Strength didn’t have any woos or clapping before the last ‘I got lost on my wedding day…’ I think that Tori really captivated the crowd last night. I would only wish for another second encore song, but I am so pleased with the show.

      Sorry I’m long-winded. It’s my only show this tour, so everyone else have fun. I did last night!!!

    11. Eric says:

      Santa was on fire. The Dallas Cowboys outfit was amazing and such a hoot. The Mojitos amazing. She really put on a show!

      Unfortunately, I think I got stuck in a section of music biz people or non-fans because they all sat there like bumps on a log. Whilst I was screaming my lungs out they gave me looks of disgust. I’ve never felt so out of place at a Tori concert. It was somewhat depressing for me. Thank the gods Tori was amazing.

    12. neverher says:

      I was really hoping for Santa or Pip, but I didn’t think we’d see either of them as she already brought them out this week. I was never so happy to be wrong! She seemed really excited to be in Dallas, which is more than I can say for her other Dallas shows (sorry). I think it is our punishment for living in the state where our Commander in Chief originates….perhaps I’m speculating too much.

      Santa ruled, her set was so fun. I don’t love Secret Spell, and it didn’t change much for me live. Sugar was the cleanest, most spectacular version I have heard in a long time. Her voice is PHENOMENAL! My friends and I couldn’t get over it. She took the high notes where she sometimes takes the octave (as of late), and didn’t miss a thing.

      It might be Tori-Blasphemy to say this, but Jackie’s Strength is not one of my favorites…..but last night it completely changed for me. I have never heard it performed so beautifully. Lust was a highlight, and I do have to say that she can still keep Cornflake Girl interesting even after playing it constantly. I wish there had been a never-been-heard-before debut, she has been so generous with them lately, but alas, no Walk to Dublin.

      The guys were so awesome, and Precious Things was almost a song just for Matt….he was throwing out some crazy mixes and fills and WOW!!!! The stage was filled with extremely talented people. I saw a million cameras and video cameras. I hope to see them here. I am definitely buying the Legs and Boots for this show. I must remember the clarity of the vocals and sharpness of the Bosey.

      Thanks for bringing a smile to Dallas…..its been a long time.

    13. cocaine says:

      Tori was amazing last night. Everybody else has already said everything I was going to say. The improv was fantastic and the new intro to Jackie was moving. She makes me cry everytime.

      Love you dallas fans!! Everyone was so friendly and awesome. My daughter went and had a fabulous time. My husband is a closet fan…and he was speechless.

      Tori was in good spirits! Santa rocked my socks!

    14. Tony B says:

      What can I say about the show but…WOW! This was absolutely the best concert I’ve attended. Tori was in top form both vocally, mentally, AND physically. It was a very uplifting show. First, I was happy to have met Jason, Gloria, Regan, Craig, Erica and (Nick? Erica’s husband). Again, that’s what is awesome about Tori concerts; meeting and making new friends with interesting and diverse people.

      For the Dallas show, I was really thinking she was going to open as Isabel because she JUST opened with Santa at the previous show and Isabel hadn’t come out in awhile. (For those of you who don’t know who “Santa” or “Isabel” are, they are characters that Tori is performing as as the “American Doll Posse”.) BOY was I surprised when I heard the opening rhythm to “Body and Soul”. She strutted out there in Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit complete with pom-poms. I felt that was very unique and so cute.

      Of course, “She’s Your Cocaine” was rocking. Before “Sweet the Sting”, a tour debut, she strutted around to the side curtain and came back out with what looked like tea. She then walked around and served the band members some tea before getting on the Hammond organ for the song. Again, Tori was VERY animated tonight and full of uplifting and happy energy. I was so happy to FINALLY get “Raspberry Swirl”! It definitely is something to see live.

      Before “Big Wheel” she danced and clapped for quite awhile before going into the song. And the awesome set just kept coming and coming. She must have been reading my mind of what I wanted to hear tonight. Next was “Father Lucifer”, complete with the Steve McQueen outro. I yelled “Thank you” to her. Now, I wish she had replaced “Tear In Your Hand” with “Crucify” BUT, it was already an awesome show and “Tear In Your Hand” isn’t a bad song either. What was really awesome though was to hear “Lust” and “Bliss” which I was going to request because those are mine and my boyfriend’s two favorite songs together so it was just…....amazing to hear them like she KNEW I wanted to hear them. It was special to hear them as my boyfriend couldn’t make it because he’s on deployment.

      Highlights for me: the heavy rotation of Choirgirl songs, the stage lights (especially the twinkling stars), the way the back curtains were draped, “Jackie’s Strength” AND it’s b-side “Beulah Land” for the solo set.

      So there you go. I hope you enjoyed my review. I got some pretty good video with my camera but for some reason it was taking sh***y photos. I’ll post the videos up as soon as I can. NEXT tour I’m really going to try my hardest to get the VIP package. From what Jason showed me they are very well worth it.

    15. ToriFan13 says:

      At first I was disappointed to see Santa, because I had already seen her at opening show in Rome, and I was only going the Rome and Dallas shows. As soon as I saw the cowboy uniform, I knew Santa was the right character for it. Sugar has always been one of my favorite songs to hear live, and it sounded better than ever. It always makes me cry. Tori shows are always an emotional experience for me. It is my therapy. My husband is battling cancer right now, and he knew this show would relieve some of my stress and emotion. When she played Horses, I lost it. My first show back in 1996 opened with Blood Roses & Horses. Bouncing off Clouds was my highlight. I have been hoping to hear that song live. Thanks Tori for one of the best shows I have ever been to. I needed that.

      I just wanted to add something about the legs & boots recordings. I am listening to mine right now and it is amazing! I wish they had done this for the European tour because she played Siren! My other musical passion, Depeche Mode, did this on the second leg of their 2005/2006 tour. The show I went to on the second leg was canceled early due to the singer being sick. Therefore, they did not release that show and I was devastated. Needless to say, I was a little nervous until I had successfully purchased, downloaded and listened to last night’s show! Everyone must buy these recordings! Amazing!

    16. Johnny Righton says:

      Such a great show. The sound was amazing. Lighting was awesome, though right in my eyes several times. The set was fantastic. Tori was more energized than I’d ever seen her. Unfortunately I have bad Tori-concert-karma. I’m always in the back. This time I was in a box in the back, which was alright, but the people in the next box over were talking all the damned way through it and were on their phones and stuff. After the show was over, someone who was sitting in front of them turned around and told them that they had ruined the concert for him. That set one of them off like a bomb. She started screaming at him, calling him a faggot, and telling him he had Justin Timberlake hair before she threw her drink at him as he was walking away. That’s what I’m going to remember about this show. Sorry to throw a downer out there, but that was just really awful, like a safe place had been invaded.

    17. LostRose says:

      Tori was great! No sign of road weariness or fatigue at all. If only I could have said the same for myself. I’d never been to that venue before, and I wish luck had landed me in a more energetic and less stoic area of the crowd, but at least towards the end, it had loosed up some! This only my second ever concert with Tori; it’d be nice some day if I could see her with a crowd and at a venue that was loose, intimate and dancey. Oh, well. Cheers

    18. Sage Brushfire says:

      This was my first Tori Concert Ever and it was AMAZING!

      We got pretty good seats and just being that close to her was surreal. Someone had, wrongfully, leaked that Isabel would be playing that night so I prepared myself for that (I was really hoping for Pip or Santa) and when I heard the hard-hitting bass strums for Body And Soul I knew that it wasn’t going to be Isabel, I was extremely happy.

      The highlights were Sugar, Father Lucifer, Bliss and Jackie’s Strength. None of the songs were bad and her voice was amazing that night; much better than some of the previous shows.

      Santa was exciting and wonderful, the setlist was awesome although my friend was sort of hoping for Take To The Sky, it would have been nice for this show.

      The lighting was really good but during Code Red they kept shining really bright red lights in our eyes and it kind of ruined that song.

    19. Alfred (gendernectar) says:

      So Saturday’s show was amazing. My boyfriend and I had Platinum tickets and the experience was unforgettable. I am a little late here as many have given the details of the festivities, but I am happy that I got my custom poster signed and that Tori liked the doll we had made of her for her. I requested Lust and I must say she did a beautiful job. I have a clip from my third row center seat, which I will be sharing. I also got several pictures that I hope you all will enjoy. I was not at all surprised to see Santa. I had told others before the show that I was expecting Santa or Pip and I am glad Santa came out. I am a little sad that this will be my only show, but it was a wonderful experience that will live on in my heart forever. The setlist was very me and this is the best Tori show I have seen thus far. I must say she really made the tears come down that night. I am just glad I did not let them out during soundcheck or the M&G. That would have just been embarrassing.

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