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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Jesse H. Jones Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 25, 2007
    City Houston, TX
    Venue Jesse H. Jones Hall


    Thanks to raspberryspark and SisterErnestine for the setlist!

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Mary
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Beauty of Speed


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Pancake
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Glory of the 80s

    T & Bö

    • I’ll be burning improv
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Peeping Tommi

    Band Returns

    • Virginia
    • Black Dove (January)
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Not David Bowie

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is available as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Not David Bowie (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (filmed by satellitespinning)

    Little Amsterdam (filmed by satellitespinning)

    Hey Jupiter (filmed by satellitespinning)



    1. toritattoo says:

      I’m not sure who was more excited – her or us! She was absolutely on fire. Clyde is my favorite doll, and she was ready for action with her “guns” blazing (she pointed her fingers a couple of times). She was wearing the fabulous phoenix gold necklace of Tori’s, I’m not sure how many of you are aware of it, but I recognized it right away. Tori must have let her borrow it for the evening. ;) I can’t remember before which song, but she said that her good friend from high school was there so I knew that really put her in a good mood as well. She was wearing her American flag jumpsuit and I swear that thing gives her extra energy in and of itself. It must be stitched into the fabric. What can I say, every song was my favorite and not one failed to disappoint.

      Guns – Texas – commander still – wasn’t my bullet – Phoenix necklace – Phoenix the city meet me (who I don’t know, can’t remember – you’ll hear in the boot improv) ... so sure those girls… now are in the Navy, those bombs our friends, American flag… That Tori, how she weaves her magic… It’s still churning in my mind.

    2. RobTX says:

      I just got back from the Houston concert, and it was amazing. I’ve seen Tori three times previously, but all were solo shows. Hearing her with the band is a completely different experience — less intimate, but more powerful. Matt Chamberlain is a fantastic drummer; his playing really added a lot.

      I loved the set list, especially the breakfast foods theme in the middle, where she played “Pancake,” “Cornflake Girl” and “Doughnut Song.”

      Tori’s singing and playing was superb, as usual, but I would’ve liked it better if she was a little louder in the mix. Sometimes the other instruments covered her up.

      The black dress that Clyde wore in the opening was elegant and sexy, but I have to say that the American Flag jumpsuit that Tori wore for the rest of the show was not exactly flattering.

      Overall, I loved the concert and I’ll definitely go again next time she comes to Houston.

    3. Robert Schrader says:

      First of all, since this is what most people care about, here’s the link to my video of “Not David Bowie”.

      Tonight’s show was AMAZING. I got asked to do Platinum VIP at last minute since my friend’s guest backed out, and I took the opportunity to (a) remind Tori that she’d promised me “Tommi” back in Europe, (b) request Bowie and c) suggest Pip for San Antonio. So far, Tori’s granted two of my three requests. Very gracious! Everything at this show was just very well performed. It kind of sucked getting Clyde, but it allowed Tori to have more energy during her set, so I’m down.

      Enjoy the video, and the boot when it’s up. Great, great, great show. Definitely “A” quality.


    4. Sonia says:

      I attended last night’s show in Houston. The word that comes to mind is Wow! Tori was in a playful, mood. She did some movements that were downright sassy. As Clyde, she practically skipped from the stage.

      The sound was fabulous. Tori and the guys all sounded great.

      As Clyde, she wore a black dress with tights and white shoes. Tori wore the patriotic jumpsuit. The lights were so bright at the beginning of Bouncing off of Clouds. For a moment, I thought she opened the show as Tori. Then as the light shifted, I realized Clyde was the opener.

      I had gone hoping to hear Sweet the Sting, Honey, and Digital Ghost. I didn’t hear any of those. But, what I did hear was perfect. I had a big grin on my face as they started playing Mary. I love that song!

      I thought it was funny that she played two TVAB tracks that aren’t my favorites (Juarez and Glory of the 80s). After hearing them live, I think I need to give them both a second chance.

      Tori didn’t talk much, but she did mention that her best friend from high school was in the audience.

      Initially, I was worried about my seat. I was in row W. But the venue was small. I ended up with a pretty decent seat.

    5. Sarah says:

      Tori was FIERCE tonight. She rocked Little Amsterdam and Pancake. The improv was really intense. Overall an amazing show.

    6. Freeman says:

      I attended the Houston show last night and all I can say as usual I was impressed as always. I see her every time she comes. I had 8th row. She was in such a playful mood and her voice was superb. I cannot wait to see what she does next.

    7. Karen! says:

      Yesterday was one of the best days of my LIFE. I have loved Tori since 1995, seen her only 3 times and to finally meet her…it’s weird to meet someone you know so much about and who means so much to you but is a stranger…let’s start at the beginning.

      We got to the venue in the freezing cold (odd, for Houston) around 1 pm and only had to wait about 2 ½ hours for Tori to come out. The Meet and Greet was small and everyone was delightful (hello Liz, Ashley, Anthony and everyone else!). I really could NOT believe Tori was right in front of me! People have said this before, but it certainly bears repeating: she was so gracious and kind to everyone there, taking her time with everyone and talking to each of us like we were the only people in the world. She looked gorgeous in a black jacket with a fur hood and her tori wig. I gave her a book for Tash (after hearing the Toronto Indigo Books improv—I gave her Tamsin by Peter S. Beagle) and she was so kind. I wish I could know what she and Tash think of it! I also asked for Butterfly and Pretty Good Year and she wrote them on her hand but it didn’t seem like Butterfly was coming. Another EWF, Liz, asked for Cooling and she wrote it down also. I have pics from that coming your way, Undented. Ps- Anthony, email me because I have a video of you and Tori talking and hugging!

      She then left and we went off to await the show. Yoav came out around 8 and was really great—I was impressed with the way he looped drumming and such on his guitar to create some great songs. He cited The Cure and a few other bands as influences and thanked Tori for bringing him on tour with her.

      I was hoping for Izzy (I like her repertoire best) or Pip (prob. getting her in San Antonio) but Clyde came out holding a cloth over her eyes and looking beautiful in a black dress with her white phoenix necklace, black tights and gorgeous silver heels.

      Bouncing Off Clouds—great, high energy, sounded good

      Little Earthquakes- well done, passionate and intense

      Juarez- she seemed to have fun with this one, made a lot of shooting gun motions with her hands

      Mary- Tour Debut! She played this one with the same intensity as the last 4 songs—it sounded very similar to the studio version; she didn’t change it up much

      Little Amsterdam- amazing!

      Beauty of Speed- my fav. track on the ADP. She forgot the 2nd verse and instead of singing, “even still I was built to tolerate your temp-erature” went straight into “I tried to strike a deal with the universe, smacked upside of the head.” The lights on “see the colors changing” were fantastic

      Professional Widow- the band was jamming! Go Matt! He was on fire tonight, as was Jon

      Tori came out in her stars and stripes jumpsuit (I KNEW there had to be some political something somewhere) and danced for a while before Big Wheel. She was radiant!

      Big Wheel- standard version, full of energy. Dan seemed to leave right about now and didn’t return until after t&bo

      Space dog- I love the intro to this. I recognized it b/c of previous legs and boots and it was electrifying.

      Pancake- well done, relatively standard

      She then said her “very good friend” from high school was in the audience tonight, and that “means a lot.” I wonder who it was? Does Beenie live in Houston? We can only hope…

      Introduced the band, and a very jammy Cornflake Girl.

      Doughnut Song- long intro to this, I had no idea what it was but I wasn’t surprised b/c of the “come in Houston” line (we all cheered). Very powerful choruses and bridges with the band

      Glory of the 80s- standard, not very exciting but still well done

      I’ll be Burning—GORGEOUS improv, very passionate. Something like “I’ve been breaking since Lawrence, Caroline, like a phoenix rises from the ashes, I’ll be burning till then, till Phoenix” very interesting. Hope everything’s okay with her. Breaking?

      Cloud on my Tongue- now that I have more of an idea of her tattoo, Borneo, and the genesis of this song, it was even more meaningful. She sang “the girl’s in circles and circles” over and over in the low register.

      Peeping Tommi- thank you Robert. This was gorgeous

      Virgina- powerful, she was in full voice

      Black Dove (January)- also figured this one, b/c of the “but I have to get to Texas” line, and she sang that so loudly. She and the band have a very tight take on this song. They played these staccato notes in the beginning all together and you could tell Tori loved it.

      Code Red- Good lord this just gets better and better. The instruments totally drowned out Tori and her piano though.

      Yay everyone rushed the stage!

      Precious things- she did the grrrrrrl hands up her legs but didn’t growl so much on the vocals. So great from right in front of the stage!

      Not David Bowie—good lord this was AMAZING! Matt, Jon, Dan and Tori were grooving so hard it was magic to watch. She had Spark on the set list but played this instead.

      Hey Jupiter- lovely, and she sang the Dakota Version lines all the way through. A great ending to the show.

      And I was lucky enough to get Dan’s setlist!

      This show was even better than the Dew Drop Inn Tour in College Station in 97, and that’s been my number one concert thus far. The audience was respectful, no loud singing, talking, or getting up from their seats—everyone was quite reserved and you could hear a pin drop most of the time. It was incredible and I wish SO MUCH I could see another show—I’ll have to settle for downloading the boots!

      ps, my email is karenesmyth@yahoo.com for those of you who wants pics of the meet and greet, etc.

    8. candy_lyz says:

      So, yesterday was amazing! I must say, I think I have bronchitis from waiting in the freezing cold rain/weather for the M&G, but it was totally worth it. I met some amazing people (Hi Karen! Hi Anthony! Hi Juan and Greg!), and I think we were all really in the same place (Karen wanted the exact same songs I’d been considering asking for — Butterfly and Zero Point), but I ended up asking for Cooling, which she said she might play at the San Antonio show tonight. It was great talking her though, even though I feel like I might die from pneumonia now. :)

      The show was ridiculous. I was praying for Pip, but Clyde really fit the bill last night. Juarez and Little Earthquakes were probably my favorites from her set.

      Tori ROCKED. She was so energetic, and the little dance she did before Big Wheel was so cute yet appropriate for her outfit (it basically was signaling her disgust with America). I’ve never seen her so involved, and she seemed like she was having a blast. Of course, the crowd was really lively last night, so that was great, too.

      The intro into Doughnut Song was amazing, and that probably made that song a highlight of her set. Although the “I’ll be burning”/“Call Rowling for me” improv was unbelievable, as well.

      At the end, when everyone rushed the stage, I was RIGHT THERE. We were all dancing during Not David Bowie, and that was great for an encore song.

      Of course, having my best friend Ashley there with me didn’t hurt. :)

      Can’t wait to see her tonight! I’m still praying for Pip, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be Miss Isabel.

    9. Pele1989 says:

      HEY LYZ, KAREN, & ASHLEY. The concert was fantastically Torgasmic. Little Earthquakes was cleansingly fierce and gracious.

      Little Earthquakes
      MARY-omg I almost died; great performance. I could feel the feminine mystique swirling around us.
      Doughnut Song-ASTONISHING
      Glory of the 80’s- I love this song and the performance was intense and mystical, far from dull
      NOT DAVID BOWIE- so thrilled this was played, this is a song I felt I’d never hear live, amazing.
      Hey Jupiter- exceptionally beautiful tonight.

    10. Daena says:

      The Houston show was my first Tori concert, after being a fan of hers for about 10 years. Needless to say, I was excited! I managed to get Gold VIP tickets and had seats in the 6th row.

      VIP ticket holders were in for a treat, with Yoav coming down into the lobby and performing 3 songs for us while we waited to go into Tori’s soundcheck. I was impressed with him and bought his EP, which he graciously signed.

      The soundcheck was incredible. She played “Concertina” and “1,000 Oceans” and with so few people in the seats, it felt personal and intimate — it’s something I’ll never forget.

      The concert itself was brilliant — so energetic and rousing. The highlight of Clyde’s set for me was “Little Amsterdam” which was stunning. Her delivery was amazing — sensual and intense. I was also glad to hear “Beauty of Speed,” one of my favorites from ADP.

      Tori’s sets were full of energy — with lots of dancing, gesturing and smiles. I think she played standing as often as she did seated! It was a full-on “rock show” and injected new life into old favorites like “Space Dog.” My favorite part of Tori’s set was “Virginia” which was absolutely haunting.

      The T & Bo set was lovely as well and I think gave fans a taste of “quiet, sensitive Tori.” The “Burn Until Then” improv was stunning and I am so glad it was recorded for the bootleg. It was beautiful. I’d love to see this released as an official song, it was that good.

      The first encore was incredible and so energetic — I keep coming back to that word because it really describes the show best, in my opinion. The whole show was electric and intense. Tori’s voice was flawless — hitting every note and injecting every song with emotion.

      The second encore was lovely and while “Hey Jupiter” is not one of my favorites, hearing it live was wonderful.

      I also wanted to say that the M&G before the show was amazing. I met some really wonderful people and hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did! If we hung out at the M&G (blue-haired girl here), I’d love to see your pics of the show and the M&G!

      I ended up taking about 150 pictures during the show so I’d be glad to share. I’ll be slowly putting the best ones up on my MySpace.

      Malcontent on toriamos.com forums

    11. satellitespinning says:

      Hi…new to this place. Was looking for people who might appreciate viewing the below I just posted to youtube. There’s a bit of noise at the beginning of each for some inexplicable reason, but you get the idea. Wish I had gotten “I’ll Be Burning” as it was so beautiful.

      Bouncing Off Clouds

      Little Amsterdam

      Hey Jupiter

      [Thanks muchly! These have been embedded above as well!]

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