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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Majestic Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 26, 2007
    City San Antonio, TX
    Venue Majestic Theatre


    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • New Age
    • Mountain
    • Tombigbee
    • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • God
    • Sweet Sangria
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells for Her
    • Take to the Sky

    T & Bö

    • “I am not a jukebox” improv
    • Yes, Anastasia
    • Butterfly

    Band Returns

    • Pretty Good Year
    • Concertina
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Josephine


    This show is not slated for release as an official bootleg.


    New Age (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Yes Anastasia (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Butterfly (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Pretty Good Year (filmed by Robert Schrader)

    Mountain (filmed by xEMOxbangmehardx)

    Tombigbee (filmed by xEMOxbangmehardx)

    story/band intro (filmed by xEMOxbangmehardx)

    story/band intro (filmed by aphexamos)



    1. candy_lyz says:

      So, tonight’s show completely blew me away. Completely. Gone.

      No meet and greet today, sadly. But Tori had four interviews and must have been tired/out of time, so it’s cool. (And Ashley and I got to meet Yoav after his set, so that was neat! He’s really nice.)

      Everyone knew that it was going to be Isabel before the show started, and the girl sitting behind me confirmed it—she had seen the setlist (but she only revealed the first song).

      Isabel was HOT tonight. New Age was a complete surprise, and it was so powerful and amazing. That was definitely the highlight of her set, though In The Springtime Of His Voodoo was nice to hear live.

      Tori was in such a great mood tonight! She must really love San Antonio, judging by her attitude and the setlist. :) She was beaming and dancing the entire time, and the crowd was PHENOMENAL (I was a little worried pre-show).


      —Her post-Sweet Sangria story, where she talked about how she wrote the song as she was driving into SA, how she was out of wine and sad (she didn’t want to pull over because she didn’t want Tash to think she’s a lush), how she likes to drink wine off of Mark but he wasn’t there, how the band wasn’t either and how she’ll never do a solo tour again b/c it’s boring, and then she started talking about how Tash likes to drink, especially Guinness).

      —Cornflake Girl: a regular, but surprisingly fantastic tonight. It just sounded great, and she was really into it and interacting with the crowd

      —Take to the sky: everyone loved it! and her little improv in the middle about how she has to take it in the morning, afternoon, before tea, and at night (obviously, about sex) and about why does he keep coming back if he doesn’t like it — I definitely cried

      —Yes, Anastasia: THE ENTIRE SONG! Need I say more?

      —BUTTERFLY!: Exactly what I wanted/needed, and so amazing (sorry you missed it, Karen… :( )

      —Pretty Good Year: Beautiful and intense

      —Code Red: Really rocking

      —Josephine: Nice surprise! I was dead-center and against the stage after we “rushed” it, and we shared a smile, which was great. :)

      Amazing night. No words. Great closing experience for this tour.

    2. Skye says:

      Tonight was just fantastic!

      I requested Pretty Good Year yesterday and told her I will be at this show. I told her why the song meant so much to me. I am sure others requested it to but I am just so happy she sang it.

      Excellent show!

    3. Joey says:

      I’m absolutely stunned. To say I had a great time is a VAST understatement. The woman truly is a marvel to behold.

      Virtually everything was incredible tonight that the OMG moments left me breathless.

      New Age was a wonderful surprise and Tori really rocked it.

      Mountain is SO MUCH BETTER in person than it sounds on the boots. Trust me.

      Sweet Sangria was especially “on” tonight.

      Bells For Her is stunning this tour. She did a long intro into it tonight and it was mesmerising.

      And then T & Bo happened.

      She began playing Yes, Anastasia and I had to stop myself because I realized that I was hearing the beginning of the album version. Then she sang “I know what you want…” and the crowd lost it. Absolutely lost it. 9 minutes of HEAVEN. She NAILED every note.

      Butterfly was beautiful. She extended the chorus a bit and the effect was lovely.

      PRETTY GOOD YEAR just about killed me. Being that there was no M&G today I was unable to officially request it and even then I would have just expected it solo. Jon brought out a cello or some stand-up base and a bow and Dan was on the guitar with some great effects with Matt just sitting at the drums. Waiting. It moved me to tears. And then the bridge. MY GOD, THE BRIDGE. Matt suddenly went to town on the drums and Tori with the “HAYYYYYYYY!” – that’s right, “Hay” not “Hee” And the whole crowd LOST IT again. It was magical. I screamed myself hoarse.

      And closing the show with Josephine was incredibly special to me. That’s my favorite Venus song and of course tied to my name (Joseph) it was just really really cool.

      My first Tori show, I got my favorite doll, and I had the time of my life! 4 debuts (if you count complete Anastasia)!!!! I’m SOO SORRY that you guys won’t get to hear this on an official boot. I can probably honestly say that this was one of the best shows of the tour.

    4. Dor says:

      Four words: Best Show Of Tour

    5. Robert Schrader says:

      This was by far the best show I saw this tour (out of 19) and one of the best I’ve seen ever (out of 74). The performances were stunning, the setlist was great, and I’m pretty sure Tori was drunk and/or high, which made her in great spirits. I’ve included videos of all four of the debuts. Apologies in advance for rude audience members during “New Age,” cutting “Anastasia” (though I do have the whole thing) due to youtube’s time limits, and missing the last 45 seconds of “Butterfly” due to memory card issues. This was (more than likely) my last show of the tour. Great note to end it on!

      Here’s (in order) Anastasia, PGY, New Age, and Butterfly


      [All videos have been embedded above for your viewing pleasure! Thanks Robert!]
    6. Jeanne H. says:

      I’ve seen Tori around 12 or 13 times, and this show was definitely in the top 5. Tori’s energy was up, and although Isabel was never my fave, she is now. (I do like her clothes the best though.) Mountain, New Age, and Butterfly were all amazing. I must admit I’m over Cornflake Girl and Take To the Sky, but I always get those songs at Tori shows. Finally, I hate to be a “old lady”, but the stage rush at the end totally killed the vibe of the show for me and my husband. And I did think it odd to end with Josephine after such a rockin’ show, but it was fab. Its a supreme bummer that this show won’t be a Legs n’ Boots.

    7. Marty3215 says:

      Last night was my 9th Tori show and the best I have ever seen. Yes Anastasia was incredible. I was surprised and blown away by Butterfly. Isabel gives a great set. I was happy to see her. Bells For Her and Pretty Good Year were my other favs of the night.

    8. Robert Schrader says:

      For anyone who’s interested, I have an extremely HQ, un-clipped Yyes Anastasia on sendspace for download.

    9. stephanie says:

      this was my second tori show and i thought that it was amazing. i must admit that i was extremely sad that there was only one encore, i was waiting for the second one because i really wanted to hear hey jupiter, but other than that i thought it was great.

      take to the sky is one of my favorite songs of all time and i thought it rocked last night.

      i’m seeing her again in december in los angeles and i can’t wait.

    10. caro says:

      After all these years, I finally saw Tori live.
      I have no words to describe it. It was completely beautiful.

      Isabel is soooooooooooooo sexy. “New age” was very passionate and I’m glad she performed “Scarlet’s walk”, her voice totally wrapped me.

      At the end, Isabel tripped with the little lamp she used for her show and I thought she was going to fall! Glad she didn’t and Tori got out of stage running, hehe.

      Sweet Sangria was amazing! This is the first song I really liked when I started to listen to Tori, so this was a very special surprise for me. I loved how she described when she wrote it, it was so funny.

      No words for “Take to the sky”. I’m still in shock for it…. gosh… the sexy dancing…. I think I needed a cup for all the drool!!!

      The improv “I’m not a jukebox” was hilarious :) I can’t believe she sang “Yes, Anastasia”!!!!! That totally made my night!

      I almost cry listening to “Bells for her” and “Pretty good year”. Such precious songs. I’m so happy she sang “Concertina”. One of my favorites!!! And “Code red” is incredible live.

      Tori, I love you and thank you for one of the best nights in my life!!

    11. Heather says:

      This show was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I went to the Houston show the night prior, which was great, but I must say… Tori in San Antonio just had a whole new energy!! I was really hoping for Pip or Santa, but had a feeling that we would get Isabel, and I am not disappointed! She really surprised me!! And from the 5th Row, she was looking good too! Coming out, with smoke from her cigarette swirling around, high pink boots and sparkly shawl, she looked beautiful! And THAT VOICE! PURE POWER!

      Personal Highlights:

      (surprizingly for me)“New Age” —(great energy live with her nice line addition “You sick little Fucks!”,

      “Mountain”— always have loved this b-side, and great live!! do wish she did the end part of the song though.

      “Springtime” —Great Energy!!I’m a sucker for Pele!!!

      “God” — Nice surprise! she had a lot of fun with this one! Drums and guitars sounded great!

      post-“sweet sangria” story — after playing “sweet sangria,” she told a great story about how she wrote that song on the bus traveling through San Antonio, and drinking wine (from husbands body parts) and other funny stuff. Have it recorded, will upload on youtube!

      “Bells for Her” — beautiful, lengthy intro! moving, had me in tears!!

      “Take to the Sky” — She was rocking it and having fun! Great, full energy!! Fierce!

      “Yes, Anastasia” — OMG!!!!!!!! Ridiculously good!! The long length of this one was probably the reason we only got one encore. But it was worth it!

      “Butterfly” — beautiful! Have always loved this b-side as well, and even better live!

      “Pretty Good Year” — SHEER BLISS! AMAZING,moving, powerful. God! The way her voice shifted from “some things are melting now…” to when the drums and guitars busted in with “HEYYYYYYY, AAAAYYYYYYYY, AAAAYYYYYYY, AAAAAYYYYYY...” – RAW goodness!

      “Code Red” — intense, much more driving and powerful live than album version!!

      “Precious Things” — of course, a stunning, powerful classic!

      As you can see, Tori felt ON FIRE tonight! Am so happy I was able to experience it. The 7 hour drive was worth it!! Although there wasn’t a M&G :( I did meet some nice, fellow Tori fans! Will try to upload the vids I have asap!!

    12. Shane says:

      Last night was the third time I’ve seen Tori Amos in concert. It was my boyfriend’s first concert ever. Although Isabel isn’t our favorite doll, we couldn’t help but be thrilled when we heard the military-style drums of “Yo George” begin to play. With Isabel there was a chance that we would be able to hear my boyfriend’s favorite song — “Mountain.” And Tori did play “Mountain.” She also played “Concertina,” which was the song I was hoping for. She played many of our favorites. “Butterfly” was gorgeous. “Pretty Good Year” was intense. “Code Red” was rocking. Like others have said, this is definitely one of the best shows of the tour thus far. Tori had incredible energy. Her voice was in top form, she interacted with the audience frequently, and she really seemed to be in a fantastic mood. As for the audience, generally people were respectful. My boyfriend and I met some really nice people at the meet and greets before and after the show. Even though Tori didn’t come out, it was nice to be in the company of other fans. We had an incredible time. I’ve included the youtube links to a few videos that my boyfriend recorded.

      Big Wheel Dance
      Band Introductions

    13. Aetheopus says:

      The show last night was one of the most amazing Tori shows I have ever seen. It was fantastic hearing so many Under the Pink songs.

      I must say that the whole retard rushing of the stage was when the show took a downturn. All of the childish people that didn’t feel that their seat was good enough, had to rush the stage and ruin the show for everyone else that just wanted to enjoy the show from their seats. The saddest part of this is the fact that Tori didn’t do a second encore due to the “Rushing of the Retards”. Thanks a lot guys! You seem to ruin it every time at this theater. Maybe one day you will grow up. Tori doesn’t appreciate it and neither does anyone else!

    14. Lorraine Eakin says:

      Naturally, the best Texas show is the only one not being released officially – oh well! Those of us that were there can still treasure the experience.

      This was my last of 8 shows, and I still hadn’t seen Pip, so I was a little disappointed when I heard the opening notes of Yo George, although I KNEW she would bring Isabel to San Antonio. But, Isabel came out to prove she can hang – the one-two punch of New Age followed by Mountain made me thrilled that Pip stayed home! Highlights:

      • New Age was tight, considering it was a debut, and the crowd really reacted to the crecendo at the end (the crowd was rough and rowdy in a good way – very into everything!).
      • Mountain was great to hear – I stopped watching T halfway through the song because Matt was playing so intensely!
      • Sweet Sangria I expected, but I was happy to hear it again after a four-year break. Everyone keeps mentioning that she never talks anymore, so it was special to be there when she did. I’m sure it’s on YouTube somewhere, but her story went something like this:
        “That’s a song I wrote on a bus, when we were very near your little town. I was all alone. We had run out of wine – we never run out of wine. I thought about asking the driver to stop and get more, but I have a child, and that would make me seem like a lush. I’m very disciplined in my drinking. I like to drink it off of parts of husband’s body. He wasn’t there either. And no piano (She kind of interrupts herself to say to the band) Where the fuck were you guys, that’s what I want to know! Oh, that’s right. It was a one-woman show. Never doing that again. There’s no one to drink with! Except Tash. She likes to drink. Guinness. So, anyway, the guys came in to record this song, and I said, have I got a wine for you. So we had to play it for you tonight.”
      • Bells For Her has a beautiful introduction, very haunting. Played on both the keyboard and Bosy.
      • She started doing the play-two-instruments-at-once thing during TTTS as well – that’s new since the last tour, I think, where this was a Bosy-only song.
      • This is one of the best T & Bos I’ve seen. Before she started, she pulled out her cheat sheet and said “special request.” Then she sang her little “I am not a jukebox improv”, and proceeded to play a fierce intro, leading to “I know what you want…the magpies have come.” Everyone in the audience kind of looked at each other like, “NO WAY.” I think everyone knew that this was really special. Right before the part where she usually picks up (“Thought I’d been through this in 1919”), the audience cheered wildly, and after the song was completely over, a lot of people in my section gave her a standing ovation. I don’t think she even saw this, b/c she jumped right into Butterfly.
      • Butterfly! I was still recovering from YA when I realized that she was playing one of my favorite songs, which I’ve never seen before. She sang the last “framed and dried” really loud, and held it out for a long time.

      She could have played Rattlesnakes ten times after that for all I cared, but she instead went into Pretty Good Year, which has become a bit of a rarity, and was so beautiful. She started the “HAAYYY” very low, as she’s done in recent years, but then brought it up and up during the “What’s it gonna take” part – amazing what that woman can do with her voice on the third day of a three-day stretch!

      Josephine was wholly unexpected and a lovely way to end the show – I would trade a second encore for a complete Yes Anastasia any day!

      Goodbye Tori and Yoav – it’s been such an amazing tour!

    15. Destiny! says:

      This was the best show i have ever seen. This was right up there with the last san antone show (april 2003) and the second chicago show in 2003 (lottapianos) I haven’t cried at a show in years! Loved the show, loved the energy, loved the acoustics. Couldn’t have asked for a better one to possibly end my touring days.

    16. Chris says:

      I was an usher for this show and I was blown away with Tori’s performance. I first saw Tori at the Majestic back during her Dew Drop Inn tour.

      Before the show I got to hear and see her do her soundcheck! That was most amazing and she was without wigs and practicing holding her lantern and playing piano at the same time. I was surprised to see she had a lot of sheet music for the recent songs. I was also surprised she didn’t meet any fans afterwards, because it WAS scheduled to happen out in the back of the theater on College Street! Oh well. I guess the rushing of the stage must have changed her mind. There’s always next time, kids!

      Also: volunteer as an usher and you’ll see Tori for free next time/ witness soundcheck!

    17. Pamela says:

      It was an awesome show, this is my third, and first full band show. Songs were great, she sounded wonderful. Yet there’s always some tall person that purposely gets in front of me after I’ve been in the spot for quite some time *Standing of course because everyone flocked to the front as usual blocking me I had really good seats but ppl have to get in the way, but I felt satisfied when everyone in front of the stage was shot in the eyes with some serious lights lol I wish they wouldn’t serve alcohol, makes ppl loud and noisy. People wouldn’t shut up for the last two minutes of the concert, I was sooo trying to listen to Josephine while three other ppl had a conversation about what they were doing afterwards, couldn’t keep it for the walk out of the theater. BE KIND. DON’T TALK DURING PERFORMANCES, ITS RUDE. The only time I had quiet was in San Francisco. Only crying!!!

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