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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Wells Fargo Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 28, 2007
    City Denver, CO
    Venue Wells Fargo Theatre


    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s Your Cocaine
    • Hoochie Woman
    • Sugar
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Pancake
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Your Cloud
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Silent All These Years
    • Cooling

    Band Returns

    • Putting the Damage On
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Sweet Sangria

    Second Encore

    • Not David Bowie
    • Tear in Your Hand


    This show is not available as an official bootleg.


    She’s Your Cocaine (posted by wmwr33175)

    Big Wheel (posted by wmwr33175)

    Hoochie Woman (filmed by jameskernan)

    Pancake (filmed by jameskernan)

    Your Cloud (filmed by jameskernan)

    Cooling (filmed by jameskernan)

    Sweet Sangria (filmed by jameskernan)

    Not David Bowie (filmed by jameskernan)

    Mommy, what’s a bisexual? (posted by cassielengel00)



    1. Roxanne says:

      What an amazing night. The Wells Fargo Theatre is a fairly new venue for Denver, and I had never seen a show there before this one. The sound in that venue is perfect, very well designed, and every note and every nuance in Tori’s voice and playing was just crystal clear.

      Santa opened the show in a snazzy red dress with a leopard-print overcoat. She was fun and sexy, and her set just rocked with Body & Soul, She’s Your Cocaine, Secret Spell, and You Can Bring Your Dog.

      Tori’s set was also amazing. She loves Denver, and told us it was one of her all-time favorite cities. Before the intro of the band she told us a very funny story about Tash that happened that morning (Tash wanted to know what a bisexual was, and Tori replied something to the effect that a bisexual was like someone who couldn’t decide between being a vegetarian and a meat eater. And Tash said, “well, maybe they are just really hungry!”). The story had everyone rolling on the floor. Listen for it on the boot; it was really funny.

      I can’t remember the whole setlist, but Tori played an amazing version of Silent All These Years (during T & Bo). It was very emotional, and I think she was wiping tears away at the end. Cooling was also played, and that was fantastic.

      One of the Encores was Not David Bowie, which really rocked; although, she forgot the first 2 lines of the song :).

      It was an amazing night to see Tori, and I will definitely be downloading this from Legs & Boots.

      Oh, as a VIP Gold ticket holder, I got to see 2 songs of the soundcheck. She checked Past the Mission and Spark.

    2. Abe says:

      Tori was AMAZING! Sugar, Cooling, Hotel, and my biggest surprise Siren. She was just great.

    3. elle says:

      Santa was FUN. She sashayed out wearing a leather print coat and dropped it onto the floor to reveal her red dress before hopping onto the piano platform. She did her little drink pouring routine as well.

      “Sugar” was so smooth. I adored it. Her voice in the loud SUGAR lyrics was so strong. (I think she left out a stanza…if that is what you call it?! ha).

      I thought “Space Dog” was OUTSTANDING. Her bouncing from the high tempo to the low tempo parts was so fluid. From what I remember, she really growled through a lot of the drum parts and just beautifully sang through the piano-only parts.

      Her bisexual explanation was hilarious.

      “Code Red” isn’t my fave off of the new album. Although I have been hearing that the live version is much more energetic than the album version, I was skeptical that I would like it as much as others. I am NO longer. I don’t know if it’ll make it my fave off of ADP, but I would not be disappointed if I heard it live again. It really was a gem.

      “Silent All These Years” was absolutely amazing…everyone in the section around me was in awe. I did a little glance at ‘my group’ at one point, and I think everyone was as emotional about it as I was :). It was the highlight of my concert experience…oldie but goodie.

      “Not David Bowie” was also a beaut. For the first few lines of the song, her mic was not on. She kept singing through it, and once she heard the mic engage, she gave a little sneer to the crowd. Pretty funny.

      I called to see if they’d let me take my camera to the WF theatre; it was a negative. No one checked my bag; should have taken it! (I have a big camera so couldn’t hide it). If you have pix and/or video, please post them. Thnx.

      I finally got close seats for a Tori concert (been going to concerts since ’94). I was in the pit and loved being able to see her expressions (not just through a youtuber). She seemed giddy; throwing a lot of smirks and satisfied looks to the band.

      I could go on and on about the show. I thought it was fantastic. How the hell do you people who fly all over the country afford to do it?! I’ll only see this one show from this tour and am jealous of you groupies who are hitting several.

      oh, one thing – from what i’ve heard from other shows, the ‘professional widow’ costume change includes tori’s taped lyrics while the band plays. last night, there weren’t any lyrics being sung during it. think it was just a glitch?

    4. MelindaLu says:

      This was my first of 7 Tori shows. I have been waiting for this moment since ADP came out in May, and Ms. Amos did not disappoint. Saucy Santa saunters out in a leopard print coat and struts her stuff while the band is grooving. Then she throws off the coat to reveal a lovely red dress and begins the show with Body and Soul. I knew Denver would either be Santa or Clyde. The Wells Fargo was probably only filled to ¾ capacity, but no matter since we were (supposedly in row 3…but since they filled the pit area with 5 rows of seating) we were really in the 8th row, dead center…we had a fantastic view. I can’t remember the whole set list, but the highlights for me with Santa were Sugar (so powerful…thank you Santa~~I actually sing part of that song to my cat, Qaalee~~”You’re just a pussy, you sweet boy, bring me sugar!”) Hoochie Woman (complete with the pouring of the drinks and Santa rubbing some of the drink on her own body) and You Can Bring Your Dog. Since I have been following set lists faithfully, there were no big surprises.

      Then the boys go into the PW Interlude while Tori changes…and all that was entertaining. OK, so like 3 minutes later Tori emerges from behind the curtain and the highlights there were Tori attempting to get us to clap in time to Big Wheel, and everyone screaming the “Don’t You Forget” after the countdown…that was way fun. She was wearing a black, opalescent, one sleeved jumpsuit with yellow silk heels. The red Tori wig looks amazing under the lights, and it was the most elaborate light show I have ever seen (this was my 40th show…been into her since LE), Thrilling to hear Siren, Pancake and then the biggest highlight for me (actually there are 2, but I’ll get to the next one at the end of this) was hearing SATY and Cooling during the T&Bo section. I cried.

      Loved when Jon got out the upright bass twice (and even used a bow!) but dang it….Your Cloud was the WORST because the blue bass he plays overwhelms the vocals and the piano, and I don’t feel that is acceptable, but I have heard this comment time and time again…Mark! Do something!!!! We come from all over the country (I came from Seattle) to hear Tori sing, not a way too “hot” sounding bass that blasts our ears and ruins songs. Please try to correct this issue!

      Tori told a hilarious story about Tash (who was supposed to be watching Nickeloden) asking her mom this morning “Mom, what’s a bisexual?” Tori said “I haven’t even had my tea yet, ask your father” and Tash stubbornly refused saying “No, you are Tori Amos, YOU answer my question!” So Tori says “OK. You know how on the tour we have vegetarians who refuse to eat meat?” Tash answers “Yes, I know who they are”. Tori says “And you know how there are meat eaters on tour with us?” and Tash says “Yes, I know who they are.” Tori says “Well, bisexuals like to be vegetarians and eat meat, both”. And
      Tash says “Well, maybe bisexuals are just really hungry”. LOL!!!!!!!!! The audience loved that story. So we got a story instead of an Improv, but that’s cool. It was a very funny story.

      So my only other complaint besides the overwhelming sound of the bass was that 2 songs without the band are not enough. And Hotel, which can be so powerful in concert was a bit flaccid for me. The ending of it was very good, though.

      However, we were treated to not 2 or 3 but 4 encore songs. And YAY!!! She didn’t end with Hey Jupiter…I’m sorry, but I am just bored with it. I’ve probably seen her end a concert with HJ 20 times. She did 2 encores: Precious Things…and Sweet Sangria. Then she came back out and did Not David Bowie (her mic was not switched on for the first coule lines of the song) and ended with a beautiful rendition of Tear in Your Hand. She played for a full 2 hours and it rocked. I am seeing her next in Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, Santa Barbara and LA.

      Thank you, Tori and her extremely devoted staff, for making my 40th concert so memorable. Pip…come out, come out where ever you are. I love all the dolls, but am praying for Pip…..I believe in Peace, fellow Tori lovers!

    5. CoolingBliss says:

      She was singing the first two lines of Not David Bowie, but her mic wasn’t on.

      Tori was at the top of her game and was obviously in very high spirits. I was disappointed at how a lot of people in the audience didn’t seem too into it. And I thought it was weird that many people left early.

      In any case, it was a wonderful concert— we were treated to Sugar, Cooling, and Sweet Sangria all in one night. T and the boys rocked Denver again.

    6. Pele-Boy18 says:

      This was my first show in 10 years. I have to first start off saying that my boyfriend and I were one of the lucky few who got to meet her at the meet and greet. It was VERY cold and we were standing outside the theater early in the afternoon when her security guard let us in, put up a velvet rope, and brought her out.

      Everyone was DEAD silent, it was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. Everyone was very respectful and let everyone have a long intimate turn speaking with her.

      We were also seated in the second row right behind her daughter (Tash). Tash was asleep most of the night and had her head on her nannies lap so Tori kept looking over her head and smiling directly at me. It was extremely powerful during the more intimate songs.

      When we all rushed the stage the security guards tried to stop us and tell us to go sit down. Her security guard (the one who let us in earlier) came out and told him to back off of us. They actually hassled us a lot during the show about taking video and even taking non flash photography.

      I did get a video of her bisexual story about Tash before the security guards came and almost threw us out for recording it. I will have to share it with you all soon.

      Siren was absolutely amazing. Not one of my favorites but she extended it out for almost 8 minuets with this piano interlude I’ve never heard before (it really would have been the price of the boot.)

      So, I probably had the best experience imaginable. Thank you Tori and thank you to the wonderful people I met, last night still just seems like a dream.

    7. Court says:

      Last night’s set was awesome! I was thrilled to hear “Sugar” again, though Tori made a mistake: After the first verse then the line, “Sugar, Bring me sugar,” where she was supposed to go into the second verse, she continued the chorus while the band played the verse. They covered it up nicely though.

      “Professional Widow” is a song I never cared much for, but the interlude was awesome. I was a little worried when I heard the “slag pit stag shit…star fucker” vocals, but the band rocked it out. I was waiting for the “Honey bring it close to my lips” vocals like in the remix version. But after the vocals at the beginning, they didn’t return.

      “Big Wheel” had SO much energy!

      Overall, I was surprised how little she touched “American Doll Posse”.

      It was a great show and I can’t wait until she comes around again. I was really hoping for “My Posse Can Do” but we weren’t so lucky.

      “She’s Your Cocaine” and “Hootchie Woman” were real treats for me. The audience was obviously having a great time.

    8. Nancy says:

      I enjoyed the Denver show, but it was definitely not my favorite Tori show of all time. The sound mix had problems for the first half of the show. Muddy bass and the other instruments were not balanced with Tori. I was really disappointed with the guitar player. John and Matt are such wonderful,professional musicians I thought she would bring a guitar player that would be on the same level and kick ass.

      There were some incredible moments. Tori was in excellent voice and Matt rocked on. Siren was fantastic and Code Red was a powerful and intense climax for the evening.

    9. tara says:

      I’ve seen Tori about a dozen times in L.A., but when I moved to Hawaii a few years ago, I had to kind of give up on seeing her shows (apparently Hawaii is one of the few places on earth where Tori doesn’t play – NOOOOOO!). So when the ADP tour was announced, I campaigned my mainland family to go in my stead.

      Last night it was my Boulder-dwelling sister and cousin’s turn (Mom is going to the sold out Oakland show, which I believe is being filmed for DVD release – WOOT!). My sister brilliantly thought to phone me up from the show, and I got to hear everything from Cornflake Girl to half way thru Code Red before her battery died.

      It wasn’t always easy to identify the songs, thanks to spotty reception, (didn’t get Siren til half way thru), but T & Bo sounded great and Silent All These Years came thru crystal clear from the first note, a spectacular sounding rendition! Hotel and Damage were big treats also, representing my two favorite albums.

      Thanks to my obsessive perusal of set lists and youtube videos, it was damn close to feeling like I was there. I just wish the show was on Legs & Boots… MAHALO to Robyn and Jill for allowing me to experience the show vicariously thru you! I feel (almost) satisfied.

    10. Court says:

      Here’s some video from the Denver Show (my boyfriend filmed these):

      She’s Your Cocaine

      Big Wheel

      [Both videos have been embedded above -- thanks Court!]
    11. mycloud says:

      I have been a fan for 4 years and this show is my first ever live Tori show. I was in row 24 on the left in an aisle seat. I also had a small pair of binocs so I could see Tori and Santa up close. Santa was so much fun and lively and started with Body and Soul, loved it. She rocked out on She’s Your Cocaine and Hoochie Woman. OMG she did Sugar in full, I have many old boots of this song live but to be in the same room as Tori( Santa) sings it was just the best.

      Secret Spell and Bring Your Dog, great done live.

      Tori came on lookin HOT. We all loved the old CFG dance but now it’s the Big Wheel dance. She got the place clapping in time to the countdowwn, it was great.Then I was floored by my all time faves, Space Dog, Pancake, CFG, OMG she gave me MY song “Your Cloud” where my name comes from, and the beautiful Siren. I had to keep cleaning my glasses as they fogged up (yes I had tears).

      T&Bo Tori solo gave us SATY and the beautiful Cooling, here we go again, time to clean glasses.

      “Glue stuck to my shoe…” PTDO I love this song and have not heard it live, Awesome!!

      Hotel as not being a fave was still great to hear live. She closed the show with my most repeated song, Code Red, great live.

      Precious and Sweet Sangria are great live for the first Encore, but we were treated to Not David Bowie and Tear In Your Hand for the second Encore. Tori live in front of me was beyond any of my dreams.

      Before the show, I went to the merch. stand to get a program and met Tori’s truck driver and we talked on my cameo I have on my hat. A black cameo with white horses from “Winter” and clouds for my name. I had these made a few years ago for trading for music.

      I told him I wanted to give one to Tori but could not make M&G in time. He said he would give it to Tori later that night with other notes and things fans wanted to give her. She now has one of my cameos and that makes me very happy.

      This is a great time to thank a few people for sending me Tori’s music over the years. A special thank you goes out to Lynn, Amanda and Lori. You are always here in my head, thanks again.

    12. Jimmy Ferrin says:

      check out the videos (hoochie woman, pancake, your cloud, cooling, not david bowie). [Embedded above -- thanks!]

      and the blog.

    13. gary says:

      I heard everything clearly. Almost a week ago and my thoughts are still with this show.

      I have never heard Silent All These Years & Cooling done so emotionally and beautifully!

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