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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    E Center

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date November 29, 2007
    City Salt Lake City, UT
    Venue E Center


    Thanks to Riotpoof1120 for sending us the setlist!

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Heart Of Gold
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Amber Waves
    • Caught a Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • Mother
    • Merman

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Father Lucifer
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Pretty Good Year

    Second Encore

    • Hey Jupiter


    Merman (posted by darcey55)

    Mother (posted by darcey55)

    Pretty Good Year (posted by darcey55)

    Merman (posted by elphie1013)



    1. Little Andy says:

      Wow…Wow. I just got home literally two minutes ago, and I wanted to write just a quick note. This was the best show I’ve been to, and the whole day was just great. Freezing for two hours outside the venue before being told that there would be no meet and greet kind of blew, but we did get hooked up with front row tickets, and that was pretty sweet. Plus, the people waiting with me were amazing, so all in all: terrific experience. I don’t know if someone’s already given the set, but Pip opened (I heard Almost Rosey, Leather, and Little Drummer Boy playing as we lined up to get in, but someone said she was just recording three songs?) and rocked Cruel, Heart of Gold, Fat Slut, Smokey Joe, Teenage Hustling, and Waitress, as usual. The main set was pretty standard thoroughfare except MERMAN (yea Kevin!) and Pretty Good Year were surprises. I got a copy of the official set, and she didn’t vary at all from it. Big Wheel, Crucify, Bouncing Off Clouds, Cornflake Girl, Amber Waves, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Mother, Merman, Digital Ghost, Father Lucifer, Code Red, Precious Things, Pretty Good Year, and Hey Jupiter to close. Absolutely wonderful! And again to all of you who stood out and froze with me, it was great to meet you and rock out with you on the front row.

    2. Ben says:

      Always have to do my lil’ thoughts about the shows! What a wonderful show this was! Tori is so, well to put in her words, Magical! I had a wonderful time, the crowd was so well behaved and polite! Tori was so beautiful, she had so much energy and commanded the stage as usual.

      Pip opened, and it was such an experience to witness her! Cruel was so blasting, and she was so involved with it, and so different then when Tori does it. She continually said “you think you can fuck her….” ad lib during Cruel. Pip’s set list was awesome, powerful, angry, and she flipped us off as she took off.

      Tori came out wearing a gold, almost cheetah looking outfit, waving and acting so bubbly! She did a cute little dance before big wheel. She welcomed us, and stated “we love coming here, we had a wonderful day here, and I just want you people to know that you are…you are magical and it is such a pleasure and privilege to play for you tonight” It was so thoughtful!

      T & Bo was so beautiful, and I never would have guessed we’d get Merman, it was great, she was powerful and played amazingly as always.

      My highlight was Pretty Good Year, I loved all of the songs, but Pretty Good Year just really hit home with me and my sister, we always go to the shows together, and I had a wonderful time with her, its always so great to share our love and admiration for Tori! Her favorite song is PGY and it made her so happy!

      The night was beautiful and wonderful, the most polite audience I’ve ever seen! Tori was happy and energetic. I just wanted to thank everyone who went for being so sweet and nice and making it a great show. I am so happy Tori was pleased to be in Salt Lake City, we love you Tori, thank you for a wonderful evening!

    3. Mitch says:

      This was an awesome show. I’m so glad we got Pip! (My friends and I were having a bet on who it would be. I expected Clyde but was hoping for Pip!) She was on fire during Cruel saying something like “You think you can fuck her, you think you can shame her, and you think the Goddess is okay with this.” Wow. I was secretly hoping for the new Me & a Gun, but I wasn’t too surprised that we didn’t get it. During the intro to Smokey Joe, she was literally on the floor. Sprawled face down doing some kind of traumatized pushup. Then she got up and started the piano intro on her knees. I couldn’t help but peek at the security guys and wonder what they made of all this. LOL

      Mother during T & Bo was just beautiful. I’ve never heard that song live before. And Merman! What a surprise! My friend and I got a little weepy during Crucify. It was so appropriate for Utah. Pretty Good Year was also unexpected and so good.

      Now just a reminder to Tori fans. Please don’t be obnoxious. I was sitting house right above the ground level and three LOUD girls were up behind me. Singing along to the songs, screaming all the way through Tori’s ONE speech to the audience, screaming all the way through Mother and talking loudly all the way through Merman. You guys, come on. When seven or eight people in your area are shouting the words “Shut the fuck up!” just know that they could very well be talking to you. You really can have a good time and express your excitement without acting like a stupid drunk.

    4. Zero Point says:

      Wow. What an AMAZING show! Pip totally rocked the house last night. Tori was awesome as usual. I met her for the first time last night after getting to see a private performance of Almost Rosey, Leather and The Little Drummer Boy. They were all 3 fantastic. When I met Tori I was so nervous and she was calm and cool and made the experience absolutely wonderful. I told her that I had been in the bidding for the piano lesson and lost and she gave me a hug and asked Smitty to give my sister and I 2 front row center tickets. We had the BEST seats in the house and I have the wonderful T to thank for that. I have never had a better day than yesterday….WOW!

      The ONLY negative for the show: a girl in the front row brings her girlfriend’s sick and dying sister/daughter, whomever to her front row seat so she can see T up close. The she proceeds to dance with her girlfriend IN FRONT OF her sick and dying sister. The poor kid maybe saw Tori for about 2 minutes. SHAME ON YOU.

    5. keavsirc says:

      Pip ROCKED the house and Teenage Hustling was great. I was excited to hear Heart of Gold and Pretty Good Year. Tori had great energy when she came back out and Big Wheel was pretty amazing. I was VERY happy with the performance as I’d been afraid to see her perform with the band. She did get drowned out a lot by the other musicians but with the ADP songs it seemed just right. Mother was… Intense and such a treat.

      My only negative was the girl who was directly blocking my view (and at least 5 other people behind me and her) and when asked to sit down (the only person standing in our area) got very upset. I don’t think she realizes that those of us sitting behind her could see everything on stage EXCEPT Tori. The people behind me started throwing loose change at her and she FINALLY sat down but we missed seeing Tori for 3 songs. =( This was the first Tori show since ’96 that I’ve actually sat more than stood so I can understand her confusion. I just can’t understand her lack of courtesy. =/

    6. Becki says:

      Holy. Moly. What an amazing performance. Pip completely blew me away and Tori’s gut-wrenching performance during the first few songs made me absolutely ache for her. She looked absolutely fantastic in green and the black rubber boots/tights. Wasn’t completely sold on the gold lame, cheetah pantsuit…but we can forgive her for that. Loved her playfulness when she came back out as Tori before Big Wheel and I love that she flipped us off after singing, “girls who never gain weight” during Father Lucifer.

      By far the most magical part of the night for me was Merman. I was fortunate enough to go to the radio station Meet & Greet before the concert and was floored at how genuine and sweet she was with each person. She didn’t make you feel rushed or like an inconvenience at all. She sweetly listened to me, held my hand and let me cry for a minute with her, and hugged me when I left. She asked if there was anything special I wanted to hear that night. I told her that I love Merman, but never thinking in a million years she would play it at such short notice. It was the most surreal moment when she started playing it. She will never know what that meant to me and how special she made me feel for those few moments. What a thoughtful, genuine, down-to-earth person she is. Thank you Tori for such an unforgettable night – it will forever be ingrained in my heart.

    7. WillowK says:

      I knew that Pip would be opening because of the sound check but I guessed as much because she’s the doll that hasn’t been out for a while. Since this wasn’t a Ticketmaster venue, there were no VIP tickets, but the radio station did a giveaway for basically the same thing. We got to listen to 3 songs and then have her sign one item and then group photos, no personal photos, which was rather disappointing. For the actual sound check before we were let back I heard Big Wheel, Smokey Joe, Heart of Gold, Hey Jupiter, Digital Ghost and I swear I heard Concertina, which made me excited since I love that song, but she didn’t come out for the show.

      For the fan “sound check” she played Almost Rosey with the band and then a solo Leather. After we clapped she thanked us and told us basically that this was a practice and she needed to see how her monitors sounded with and without the band and these girls may or may not come out to play during the show. She pulled out a piece of paper and from what I could see from the reflections on the Bosey they were lyrics, I was super excited. We got to hear Little Drummer Boy. It was truly a great start for our holiday season. We were walked off behind the stage and told to stand in a line and be quiet because they were going to be recording a few songs. From the backstage area we heard Little Drummer Boy again and also Leather, so maybe this will be on a new holiday CD? We all got to spend a few minutes with Tori and it was amazing to me that once again she was so personable and really friendly. She was wearing a gorgeous black beaded blouse and a pencil black skirt with knee high black boots and she looked great and it made me sad that she would change into the sequined jumpsuit later. I spoke with her and was a blithering idiot, but that lady, she’s nice to everyone.

      On to the actual show!

      Pip opened and the raw energy from her was palpable. So aggressive and a wonderful way to start the show. We got to start out in full throttle. Standing and singing for most of her delivery of Cruel. She was in her green dress with her rubber leggings and looked amazing. I don’t know how, but those dolls all look about 25, so Tori must be eating her greens. Kneeling for Fat Slut and then she did some push ups? It was kind of awesome but weird, but that Pip I guess. Teenage Hustling was spot on and the Waitress. I adore the “hang ten honey” bridge more than the rest of the song, so getting to hear it live again was a dream come true.

      Costume change and the boys jammed. A lot of people were up and dancing and grooving and it was a lot of fun. I was a bit nervous about it, since I’m not a fan of the Professional remix, but it was good. It was time to get out all the wiggles for those of us who can’t sit still too long.

      She came back out in the gold jumpsuit, that we’re all getting used to, but I miss the really flowy or fun things she used to wear. Big Wheel of course, but it was lovely, better than the album and fun for the audience too! I think some people weren’t aware of the “don’t you forget” sing along but they picked it right up from those that knew the drill.

      Caught a Lite Sneeze is a personal favorite so that was a highlight for me, but I miss the harpsichord and the switching keyboards for the bridge, but we can’t have it all (but I’m pretty sure one of those fancy keyboards could sound like a harpsichord, I’m just sayin) It was fun seeing when people started to recognize Crucify and the friend I brought was in heaven when she played this.

      She didn’t talk much, just once before introducing the band. She said she had a wonderful day and that she was so happy that she could play for us. That we were “magical” people. I think this is probably in reference to the auctioned off piano lesson that helped needy children in Utah. The generous person who won donated the lesson to one of these under-privileged kids. How un-selfish can you be considering the final price was $9,000! She played Mother and it was stunning. I wish I could have better concentrated as the loud drunk girls were in my section and between them and the people yelling at them to shut up, it was hard to enjoy, but I managed. Then the lovely Merman. So heartbreakingly beautiful and very emotional, which once again was almost perfect due to the screaming. I’m trying to be all Zen and think that everyone has the right to enjoy the concert in their own way, but it was annoying. Sorry. I was a little sad about not getting an improv, since I’ve been hearing such good things about the improvs but oh well.

      Digital Ghost was very sweet and it’s really so much better live, even though I do like the album version. She played Amber Waves which was a disappointment for me, it’s the once track on Scarlet that I don’t listen to. It is better live, but not enough to redeem it. Father Lucifer was something I was hoping for. In Utah we usually get this song and God (for some reason, I don’t get it) but I still love it and the Steve McQueen ending is probably my favorite part of any song ever. It’s up there for me.

      I was hoping that hearing Code Red live would help me like it since everyone says that hearing it live is such a treat. Meh, I could do without it, but it is fairly rocking and I could wiggle to it. She started Pretty Good Year and I actually squealed like a little girl. I wasn’t expecting that and I love the song. I also love that my friend jumped when she got to the “hey what’s it gonna take” part because she wasn’t expecting it to start rocking. She sang the “pretty she is” line, she probably always does now, but I love hearing it. Hey Jupiter to close, and while I was sad to see tori go, it was time. The concert was amazing, it was everything that I could have hoped, Tori was full of energy and was very playful, although she did seem to stay more to her lower register while singing, but she just could have been in a growly mood. She didn’t really play too much stuff from the new album which is fine, I love hearing the back catalog, but I was hoping for more off of Scarlet, and Beekeeper album was noticeably absent, but that’s not a bad thing. But really with so much from Earthquakes and Pink and even one Pele song, I am definitely happy. Well worth the price of admission.

    8. Don says:

      I loved the show. The performance was exceptional. That said, I wish the sound was more like the albums. Meaning: a back-beat that was noticeable. I normally have to turn down the bass when I have a Tori song come on when playing randomly from my ipod. A prime example is ‘Smokey Joe’. It has a thundering bass drum. It was not apparent at all Thursday night at the E center. The bass guitar, likewise, was wimpy compared to the disks. I was hoping that the show would be a bootleg so that I could adjust the sound to my taste. No such luck. So I bought the Boise flac but I haven’t listened to it yet. I would prefer to have the show I attended as I loved the band and Tori’s performance. I can hope it will eventually be available as the sound guy said it was recorded.

    9. Genevieve says:

      This show was just okay for me, but I think that’s only because I had been to a few shows already, so not a lot of it was new for me. That’s okay though – I wasn’t even supposed to be at this show, so it was a nice bonus! It was kind of scary to be in the front row right near Pip though…I wouldn’t want her angry at me! :-) One cute thing I did catch was Tori patting the piano on the side as she got up after the first encore – kinda like, “Thanks girl, good job.”

      Also…love the Steve McQueen bridge on Father Lucifer. Does anyone know the current words to that? They seem to be different than what’s posted out there on the web. Something about “Steve McQueen plays, it takes him back…pictures of, pictures of, pictures of how things were then.” Something like that, I’m probably remember it somewhat wrong.

      WillowK is right, I heard her soundcheck Concertina too…too bad she didn’t come out for the show. :-(

      The best part by far was all the nice people I met. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words. It was truly a pleasure!

      I don’t have much to add to what others have mentioned here, other than that I am equally as appalled at the girl in the front row who wanted to fit 3 people in one seat. She was right next to me, and I’m glad someone said something to her, as I was somewhat speechless. The worst part was that she got her ticket because the people at the radio station meet-and-greet were trying to be nice and asked if I would give her my extra. I can’t believe how people will take advantage of other people’s kindness – can’t you just be happy you’re in the front row and be respectful to others? I’m sorry to all the people who missed seeing some songs because of that!

      The 3 songs we heard at the fan soundcheck were sent to the radio station that did the piano lesson auction and they played them on Friday. I’m not sure if that’s why she was recording them again after we went backstage or if there’s another reason.

    10. Kevin says:

      Dear Tori, Thank you for your graciousness (is that a word?) It has been such a hard year and I waited so long to come to this show. I wanted to tell you thank you for the Posse. They are behind me and are with me now, so things are not so hard. I would have waited out in the cold forever until I died, if for just one glimpse of your beautiful everything. Thank you Smitty for the upgrade to front row! Tori thank you so much for playing Merman you don’t know what that meant to me. It was such an amazing expirence on Thursday Nov. 29th I feel like so much bad blood that took over my soul for so long was left on the floor at the E center to die forever! Tori, you gave me the strength to go on and be successful in Las Vegas. Thank you so much for staying true through the years…And to Pip: Nice fucking ass bitch!

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