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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 03, 2007
    City Vancouver, BC
    Venue Orpheum Theatre


    Act I – Santa

    • Body and Soul
    • She’s your Cocaine
    • Bug a Martini
    • You Can Bring Your Dog
    • Secret Spell
    • Raspberry Swirl


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Pancake
    • moving to Canada improv
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Winter
    • Ruby through the Looking Glass

    Band Returns

    • The Beekeeper
    • Bliss
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things


    An official bootleg of this show is available for pre-order as a digital download from Legs & Boots.


    Body and Soul (posted by colleenfff)

    Bug A Martini intro (posted by colleenfff)

    Raspberry Swirl (posted by colleenfff)

    Siren (posted by colleenfff)

    move to Canada improv (posted by colleenfff)

    Ruby Through The Looking Glass (posted by colleenfff)



    1. Frédéric says:

      Amazing show. Great setlist. Only 1 song in the encore. She played Bug a martini, Ruby through the looking glass, the beekeeper, raspberry swirl, many classics like Crucify, Winter and Cornflake Girl and did a little improv about moving to Canada! Yoav was also great!

    2. George says:

      On the heels of 6” of snow in Vancouver, Santa arrived early. Tori’s show tonight was incredible. Maybe it was the 3 days rest she desparately needed, but Tori definitely had a lot of physical energy tonight and seemed really happy to be with this audience.

      The venue was packed all the way to the last row in the balcony, and virtually nobody left early or got up to move around. Her Vancouver fans were respectful, well-behaved, but really enthusiastic, which led Tori to mention “I might have to come back here more often.” which prompted a pretty good roar back from the crowd. As an American, I wish our audiences would consistently be this great.

      Still problems with the sound mix….drums too loud, but bass was better tonight (meaning not as loud). Tori’s keyboards being drowned out by Matt continues to be a problem….why can’t we get this fixed??? Maybe it was just my location in Dress Circle.

      The set list was interesting…I don’t care that much for The Beekeeper, and we rarely hear it (debuted on this tour tonight??) but this version was really good. Highlights for me were Doughnut Song and Bliss, but the showstopper of the night was clearly a seriously heart-breaking and memorable performance of Winter during T&Bo….hard to hold back the tears…Tori gave it everything she had and nailed it.

      As far as I can tell there was a simple one song encore (Precious Things)... that was it. I think Tori sensed that the show had peaked out and better to “leave ‘em wanting more” (i.e better one song too few than one song too many).

      I hope this will be available in Legs and Boots.

    3. edicoda says:

      The soundcheck was incredible. Tears in your hand and Spark. She was concentrating and silent but we all just sat there and listened. If I could relive those 8 mins I would!! fantastic. The show was surreal. I have not seen her in 6 years. I was away the last time she was in Van and it’s one of my biggest regrets. My “posse” and I had a blast at the show. Raspberry Swirl, Doughnut holes, winter, bliss and so much more. Many Vancouverites are very pleased at this moment. I only wished she played space dog.

    4. Colleen says:

      The show was fantastic – of course! I was very pleased to hear Ruby Through the Looking Glass and Bug A Martini. Tori was very cute at the intro for ‘Martini’ going around and pouring martinis/sangria for her band members and splashing some on her self and rubbing it on her neck, etc.

      I saw the setlist after the show (thanks to the guy that let me peer over his shoulder and be a pest!) and she was supposed to play Spark in the 1st encore (it was scheduled to be played right after Precious Things) and then 2nd Encore was supposed to be Hey Jupiter. I was lucky enough to be at the sound check with the VIP stuff and hear Spark, and Hey Jupiter is not my fave…so although I would have loved to see her play for hours and hours – the addition of those last two songs would not have made my personal experience any better! [Note: the Orpheum has a pretty strict guidelines for shutting down the building so I think her people had to get out of there at either 10:30pm or 11pm…and she finished playing at pretty much exactly 10:30pm so I think that’s the reason for the quick finish].

      I personally was very very happy to see Raspberry Swirl and Siren…two of my faves that I haven’t had the opportunity to see yet. They were fantastic.

      Is it wrong that I’m a little disappointed to have seen Crucify and Cornflake girl again? They are wonderful songs but I just get the feeling her fan base would like to see some newer / different stuff? And I was surprised that she played Bliss. The last time she was in Vancouver (SW tour…she missed us for the Beekeeper tour…boo) she opened with Bliss…I just don’t understand why she would repeat it (apparently as part of her process for putting together the setlists she reviews what she’s played in that city previously). Now – I happen to really like Bliss so it was awesome to hear it…I guess I’m just greedy and want to hear different things! But no matter what – Tori rocks my socks and although I just made some borderline negative comments – she is awesome and I’d probably pay way too much money to see her even if she was only going to play the same 5 songs over and over;)

      I am in the process of uploading videos of the following to YouTube…
      1) Body and Soul (as Tori enters the stage and complete song)
      2) Intro to Bug A Martini (where she is serving martinis)
      3) Ruby Through the Looking Glass (complete)
      4) ‘Canada’ Improv (complete)
      5) Siren (complete)
      6) Raspberry Swirl (complete)

      Some of the files are huge so I’m trying to reformat them.

      Anyway, thanks to all the fans that were nice enough to fill me in on various things and to chat with me about Tori…it was nice to meet you all…and have fun at the rest of the shows you’re going to!

    5. K says:

      Does Tori normally not say very much to the audience during her shows? This was my first time seeing her, and I am pretty disappointed. I felt kind of like I was just watching a music video. Her song performance was awesome, but… I was honestly getting bored.

      I still really like Tori, but I’m not sure I would see her live again…

      And yes, I agree about the drums. I didn’t hear the piano for the whole first act.

    6. Kelly G says:

      Tonight was my silver anniversary; it marked my 25th Tori show! The setlist was unreal, especially “Ruby through the Looking Glass”, one of my all-time favorite B sides. I am so happy I got to witness the debut!

      The crowd was wonderful—very polite, yet also throwing the energy right back to the stage. Despite some technical difficulties, the performances of Tori and the band were nothing short of brilliant. What an incredible night!

    7. Angela says:

      Excellent performance – The Orpheum is a wonderful theatre and I thought it suited Tori perfectly. I was also impressed with Yoav’s performance. I hadn’t heard him before and didn’t really have any expectations, but I was quite pleased.

      Santa’s set was great, tho I thought some of her moves were a bit rehearsed. Not a bad thing, really, but kind of funny. Tori could play any setlist, and it would all be expressive and creative, moving even, but I would’ve liked to have heard Concertina, Carbon, Playboy Mommy, Voodoo and others, and none of those appeared, and only one encore!

      All in all, a perfect night – great audience, venue, really cool lighting design, and of course, Tori. I left feeling the connection of the Tori “family”, blissful, euphoric, and a little bit sad that it will be another long stretch before we see her again. hopefully not as long as the last.

    8. Raena says:

      What an incredible experience. The VIP Platinum package was so well worth the money. Everything was nicely organized by Ali. The soundcheck was a complete dream come true. I couldn’t control the tears and the emotion when gorgeous Tori came on stage – my whole body was shaking seeing Tori perform so up close. She made it clear that this was a rehearsal for sound, but she nailed both Tear in Your Hand and Spark (!!). The meet and greet was fast and went by in a blur, but I am so grateful for finally experiencing a Tori connection. I’ve heard so many EWF gush about their Tori stories, and now I have one. Tori was completely genuine and I got to say a few things to her that I’ve been wanted to tell her for 13 years. Truly, a once in a lifetime experience.

      I was in the second row and had wonderful Toriphiles around me (hello Naomi!). When Tori came out as Santa the crowd went wild and I have to say: WHAT A RESPECTFUL CROWD! It was an awesome dance show when Raspberry Swirl and Prof Widow came on – the energy from the first two rows was phenomenal! Then during T & Bo everyone was silent and totally respectful. I was proud of all the Vancouverites!! Being up so close to see Tori’s smiles and facial expressions was such a gift. She sent out such positive energy and was clearly having a blast on stage. Cornflake Girl was definitely a highlight here and I thought I would never say that due to the fact that I have overplayed/listened to the song, but wow, did she ever deliver.

      I agree with the comments above that the sound was a little off with the piano drowned out a couple times. Even though Tori played a solid 2 hour set, it still went by so fast for me and I was yearning for just one more encore. But, we got Raspberry, Siren, the debut of Rubies and the Beekeeper. The intro to Doughnut Song floored me – I almost thought we were going into Bells for Her, but Tori surprised me with the first line from Doughnut. I loved the Doughnut Hole/OK hand sign she made at the end of the song. And did anyone else catch the “And you don’t need the light on to guide you through this Northern Land” line in Siren? I swear she looked right at me at that moment and my heart just about leapt out of my chest.

      Obviously I could go on and on. The whole experience was a dream. Hopefully Tori really does come “home to Canada” and plays again soon. I WISH I could see more of her this tour, but instead it’s boot-downloading time!

    9. Missus SJ says:

      displeased. quite displease. tori, why don’t you talk? have you nothing to say? Hmm…

    10. kriszi says:

      What a high energy awsome show this was. Given that it was my first Tori show ever I couldn’t have asked for a better setlist. Every album (except SLG) was represented and I even got my favorite Siren. Husband accompanied me who is not as much into Tori as I am but really loves her earlier stuff and Winter definitely made his night.

      I thought Santa was very sexy and yes some of you said a little rehearsed but hey it’s a show, and she was FUN. It was an exhilarating ride until T & Bo.

      The improv before Siren was fantastic and I thought Crucify was just gorgeous.

      All in all I just wish I’d had seen her before. Almost got to see her twice when I still lived back in England, once I missed her in Manchester as I was “10 months” pregnant at the time. This time I flew in from Calgary to see her, if there is a next time hopefully I won’t have to travel soo far…..

      Enjoy your boot-legs boys and girls, it’s so well worth it.

    11. craig says:

      I’m normally not one to voice my opinion on these types of things as I usually regret my fanboyish panting, but I really have to say how spoiled I felt after the show. It really was an embarrassment of riches. I felt like I pulled up to a big ol’ Tori buffet and consumed enough for a small country. I was regretting not having seen a few more shows leading up to this one, but after having been, all regrets evaporated. Nothing but glee.

      Beautiful theatre, Raspberry Swirl, Siren, Winter, Santa, Tori. And Yoav was good enough to make me leave my seat and go buy his EP in the lobby between sets. I never do that. I liked his percussive guitar playing more than his lyrics, but he shows lots of promise.

      A note… I wonder if the recent strike involving the Orpheum had something to do with the night ending as abruptly as it did. Ushers were practically pushing us out the door, which hampered my ability to peruse the merch table again. Still, left satisfied.

    12. Kentology says:

      We went in the theatre at 6:15pm for the “sound check party”. Sitting in row 3, I watched Tori come on stage. She hardly said a word to us except for hello and that this is what it looks like when she rehearses. I almost freaked right out when she started playing because it was… Tear in Your Hand. The second song was Spark, another one of my favourites. I felt so lucky to hear a special performance of those two songs.

      After the two songs, she didn’t say a word. She just sat on her piano bench for a few moments adjusting something. Meanwhile, the VIPosse group got up in complete silence and began to exit the theatre. It was so weird and awkward that nobody said anything! I couldn’t stand it anymore so I said aloud “thank you” to Tori and she waved back. She gave her cute little wave that looks like she’s using her hand to teach a child how to count to 5, 10, 15… you know the wave.

      A couple hours later the show started and it was totally good. She began as Santa and sang Body and Soul and She’s Your Cocaine, then pranced around the stage with a jug of some kind of red liquid, serving it up to each band member and taking an ice cube out of the jug and sliding it around her neck and chest.

      A bit later, after a too-long “Professional Widow sans Tori” interlude, she returned to the stage as Tori and rocked my world and broke my heart as she went through Crucify, Secret Spell, Cornflake Girl, You Can Bring Your Dog, Winter (this performance was heart-breaking), Siren (stunning 2 minute improve at start of Siren), Raspberry Swirl and so many others that it’s already a bit blurry in my memory. The encore was, perfectly, Precious Things. BUT – one encore? This is my 6th Tori show and there’s ALWAYS two encores with two songs each.

      All that said, I have to admit I miss hearing cover versions, many b-sides and lots of chatting to the audience. That did not happen last night. The only extra she offered was saying that she was glad to be back in Vancouver and that we might be seeing a lot more of her in the future. With that, she launched into a charming little piano ditty with these lyrics: If things keep going like they’re going, Canada is looking good. Musta been Tori’s way of letting us know that she means business with songs like Yo George. There’s so much more to say about Tori’s show, as you well know, but I just wanted to share what’s here in my head with y’all.

      PS – I bought the “I Believe In Peace Bitch” baseball T. Lovin’ it.

      PPS – I’ve bought the Boot Leg and there just ain’t nothin’ like re-living the past over and over…

    13. Naomi says:

      This was my first ever Tori Amos show, as I have never had the means of seeing her before. Since it was my first, I took advantage of the VIP package and was very excited to meet her and attend the sound check. To hear Tear in your Hand and Spark was an added treat. She was very kind and gracious during the meet and greet, and asked me where I was from. After recovering from actually getting a picture with her, the concert started with our gal Santa.

      I was transfixed through the whole show and it really appeared that she was having a good time up there.

      Hi to Colleen and Raena who we met in the second row! I’m in awe of the sense of community Toriphiles have. I have never experienced this before for any other artist.

      Tori didn’t really talk much during the show, but the little Canada improv was cute.

      Thanks for the best first Tori experience a girl could have!

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