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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 04, 2007
    City Portland, OR
    Venue Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall


    Thanks to Brian Smith for the setlist!

    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Tubular Bells
    • Almost Rosey
    • Mountain
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Tear In Your Hand
    • Concertina
    • “if you really wanna get there” improv
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Your Cloud
    • “you said you had faith” improv > Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • I’m On Fire
    • Beulah Land
    • Carbon

    Band Returns

    • 1000 Oceans
    • Hotel
    • Code Red


    • Precious Things
    • Hey Jupiter


    This show is not slated for release via Legs & Boots.


    improv/Band intros (posted by revboi)

    I’m On Fire (posted by batsuze)

    Beulah Land (posted by batsuze)

    Precious Things (posted by carbonmade658)


    1. Jason says:

      Oh man, the show was incredible! This was my first show (of seven) for this tour and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Almost Rosey into Mountain into Tombigbee into Scarlet’s Walk, Beulah Land, Spring Haze, Hotel, Code Red, Big Wheel…so many highlights for me.

      I’ll let somebody else give a proper review, I’ll just say this show was surprisingly exciting. By surprisingly, I mean I expected Isabel’s set to be only so-so but it turned out to be a fantastic performance with a few surprises (for me, at least).

      PS – Thanks to Whitney for being a great seatmate and putting up with my constant gasps and such. ;)

    2. Chelsea says:

      Wow. Powerful show. She gave Portland a lot more than I was expecting. Isabel took control, coming on stage puffing away. She played a lot of things I wasn’t expecting and it was awesome: Mountain, Tombigbee rocked! During T & Bo she played I’m On Fire, Beulah Land, and Carbon, that was really special. And what power she commanded for the encore with Precious Things and Hey Jupiter! Superb show. So glad I was there.

    3. Carmine Eville says:

      This show was truly amazing, this being my second time seeing her “the first To Dallas and Back tour” She is a truly amazing performer…and she sounded beautiful…giving a performance that only Tori could give full of beauty and gorgeous music all through the show. This woman steals my heart…God how I wish this show was up on the bootlegs page….I am really sad about that one…...I love you Tori!!!!

    4. Nathan Buck says:

      I’ve seen Tori 17 times now — the Portland show being the 17th — and this definitely makes the cut for one of the best. Hearing Tear in Your Hand — both in the sound check and at the show — broke my heart and healed it, as always. I’d never heard Mountain before, so that was a highlight for me, and who doesn’t love Precious Things? Amazing! I don’t know if she’s done this at other shows, but I loved her lead in to Almost Rosey with Tubular Bells (the Exorcist theme). Haunting and powerful. Tori looked beautiful, strong, and warrior-like — exactly how I expected. I’ve been crossing my fingers for years that I’d get to hear Merman in concert, but it’s taken on this mythological thing in my mind, so I’m okay with it:) I’ll end with saying that I was surprised — and delighted — to hear Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire, one of my favorite songs, both his version and her version. Also, I heard her performance in the Kink FM lounge at 3:30pm. She played Silent All These Years, Little Drummer Boy, and Almost Rosey. All in all, I feel like my life is complete! (And I sure can’t wait to wear my “I Believe in Peace Bitch” shirt all around PDX. Thank you to Stephanie for saying, yes, I should “definitely get that one.”)

    5. raven says:

      Thanks for Beulah Land tori, I saw that you had graveyard on the setlist, the 2 I always ask for together. I’m not worried I know you’re play it for me. Wow I loved Isabel’s dress and yo george is one of my fav. Love code red and I’m on fire. Thanks for 1000 oceans, my G’pa passed away last week and that song reminded me of him. Xoxoxoxoxoxo

    6. Rebekah Steele says:

      WOW and Wow! When Isabel came out with that ciggy and was puffing on it with such command…wow! She looked beautiful and strong. Her voice was in top shape and might I add, so are her arms! I was really glad to hear Jupiter and the new spin she put on it!! Does anyone know who the guitar player is?? He was pretty good and was able to keep up with her fairly successfully, even when she flubbed on Hotel- which was so cute! All in all it was a pretty Awesome show.

      PDX hearts Tori!!!

      [The guitarist is Dan Phelps.]

    7. Jen Moore says:

      This was my first Tori in Portland show. I’ve seen her in the Bay Area many, many times. From the moment she came out as Isabel smoking her cigarette she commanded the stage. Highlights include the “indians were here first” set of songs which opened the show. Tear In Your Hand was delicate and beautiful. And she was adorable when she messed up Hotel twice by saying, “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”. She locked eyes with Matt and he brought her back to the place in the song but then she messed up again! She was cute and we gave her lots of love. She plays Cornflake Girl a lot and I thought this show was one of the best. She really seemed to enjoy singing it. She laughed and had a big grin on her face. And she also seemed to really enjoy Big Wheel. I was so blessed to have 5th row seats and it made for an amazing evening.

    8. Sarah Higgins says:

      Oh my the show was amazing now that I have seen Isabel see is my favorite I love the whole show there wasn’t one thing I would have wanted to change. I recently saw her in Clearwater but this show was better by far. They all put so much energy into the show it was amazing. I was so happy to hear her sing Mountain and I'm On Fire I have always wanted to hear those songs live. Then she had a mess up on Hotel and the mess up was absolutely adorable I love what see does with the mess up’s and the band just did an amazing job. The whole night was just perfection. She did everything she could to come to Portland and they gave it there all I was so happy to be apart of the whole thing…

    9. mattie says:

      sighs What a journey. My bf and I have successfully returned home from Portland to Seattle. Yesterday was kinda scary/stressful getting down to the show, but Tori made it very much worth the while. Her “if you wanna get there” improv was very appropriate for the day we had. I hope everyone else had safe trips.

      I think everyone else did a good job summing up the show, so I won’t rehash my pleasant memories. However, I wanted to mention the cameraman/men I noticed. There was at least one guy going around with a hand-held camera getting footage from a couple of different perspectives (behind Tori under that drape thing, and then from stage right & left behind/beside her speakers). I’m bummed this show won’t be on Legs and Boots, but a live DVD would sure help heal my broken heart :)

    10. Corey Christiansen says:

      It was my first show, and I was completely blown away! Tori was amazing! Next time I’ll pay extra to not be so high up, although the sound at the Schnitz was great!

    11. Dainster says:

      Tori and Isabel are the Schnitz! They rocked that Schnitz! We wuz eatin’ that Schnitz up! Sorry, while we waited we entertained ourselves making Schnitz puns. My first and only show for this tour, fifth for this life. I expected Isabel, but I didn’t expect her to be so damn good! I hear that there was no meet and greet before the show because of the seven hour detour to Portland. We didn’t stick around after because she had to take the detour again to get to Seattle. I wanted to request Almost Rosey at the M&G, she must have gotten my vibes because she played it at the KINK radio show and the Schnitz! I sensed a theme of clouds and Native Americans. She passed the Yakima indian reservation and was near the Umatilla reservation because of the detour. Maybe that stirred something up in Isabel. This was my 11 year old son’s first concert and he was impressed. DJ Suspension, Tara, Colin, and I loved it. Good show! Lotsa surprises for us. I hoped she would change her mind and put it on Legs and Boots, but with the Hotel oops, I don’t think so. She seemed really peeved about it. I love when she messes up, WAY better than lip syncing. I will be looking for “independent” legs and boots;) Yoav was awsome! We’re getting his cd asap! He surprised the Schnitz out of us. I have discovered some of my favorites through Tori: Ben Folds, The Ditty Bops, and Yoav. Well worth risking our lives on the trek across Oregon through the torential downpour to see this show. Hey, since we did risk our lives we really should get a Legs and Boots! OK I’m babbeling myself Schnitzless.

    12. zephyrsmom says:

      Portland was my first show of 9 this tour. I was impressed by Isabel’s stage presence. The show explored both political and physical obstacles, demonstrated by reference to mountains and inclement weather.

      Three Neil songs were performed.

    13. Beth says:

      What a magical night. I am seriously bummed this won’t be on Legs & Boots, but I noticed the cameramen as well and a live DVD would make may year!

      The venue was perfect, and I was thrilled when I found out she’d be playing at the Schnitz. This was my fifth Tori show, only the second with the band, and I was wary since I generally prefer her solo (last time I saw her with the band, they drowned her out terribly) but I really enjoyed her with the band this time. I bawled like a baby at 1000 Oceans, and the setlist was wonderful. I was thrilled that Scarlet’s Walk had such a great showing, since that’s one of my favorite albums. And Isabel! Was so hot! She really commanded the stage when she walked out puffing.

      I loved her “Hotel” flub, I actually enjoy her fuck-ups, they’re raw and endearing. And I love “Hotel” so I was very glad she played it.

      Also, it was the most beautiful weather we’ve had in weeks here in Portland. No rain, not cold, no bitter winter wind. Tonight it’s raining again, so I’m convinced Tori brought the good weather with her, then took it back when she left, LOL.

    14. MelindaLu says:

      First of all, I wish to express my complete and total devastation that this show will not be available for legs and boots. This was my 42nd Tori show, and I have never witnessed a finer show in my life (one teeny complaint that I will get to in a moment). Truly a historical show. Tori has never looked or sounded better. Also, finally got there in time to hear Yoav sing, what an incredible talent. The dude kisses and hums into his guitar and then presses a bunch of pedals with his toes (he was bare-foot) and played back all these amazing effects. He also drums on his guitar and so the music also has a beat. Aside from Ben Folds, he is the best opener I have ever seen with Tori. Haunting, entertaining, mesmerizing. Go Yoav!

      But first, a hello to Lissa who was a wonderful seat partner, and a boo and a hiss to the idiots sitting next to me who talked their way through most of T&Bo. Like anything you would say would be as important as what was happening on stage. Tori gave the performance of her life. The least you can do is shut the fuck up or go away. Finally, when she started playing Carbon I shushed them. At least it lasted through the most important song, for me, of the evening. I have been waiting to hear Carbon again…I cried. It was so beautiful. This was my 42nd Tori show, the second of my 7 shows on ADP. OK…now get this! I ran into the most beautiful and wonderful Smitty and I stopped him and asked him about the Chicago show at the Vic…He would not admit to me who’s gun that was. Then, my dream came true…He asked me where I was from (Seattle) and if I had a good seat (it was average) and he comp’ed me to front row, center. When they were breaking down the stage, I got a chance to thank him again. Smitty, your kindness meant so very much to me…you made this Raisin Girl’s dream come true.

      Now to Tori. Izzy come out to the slow beat of the chords of Yo George. She languidly smokes on an herbal ciggy, and even plays the first song with it burning in her hand. Yo George was so powerful and moving…I nearly cried. Her passion for America and righting the terrible wrongs from this administration mean everything to Tori. Izzy was wearing a flowy see-through black print dress with a black body stocking underneath and black knee-high boots. Stunning.

      Sweet Dreams was so much fun. Love that song. Tubular Bells was so moving and beautiful and I was very surprised when she went into Almost Rosey instead of Devils and Gods. AR was beautiful. Almost Rosey…perfect, and I more understand the song after seeing it live. Then…TOMBIGEE! Luv me some Tombigee…What a fantastic rendition. Mountain was in there some where…am not that familiar with that song, but it was powerful and fit into the set so perfectly. Then, out comes the lamp I have been hearing so much about. She sang Scarlet’s Walk, moved back and forth from piano to keys and swung the lamp during the choruses. So astoundingly beautiful…So honest.

      During the costumer change, Smitty appears and watched the audience for the rest of the show and just as the vocal loop was saying “You gotta be big” I caught Smitty’s eye. Damn, that man is so fantastic. I was totally grooving on him. He does such an important job. I acknowledge him for what he does.

      Tori comes out and plays Big Wheel, does the dance and we got to scream “Don’t you forget!”. Fun! Tear in your Hand is always a treat. The improv was about how hard it was to get to the venue after record rainfall and 20 miles of washed out freeways that sent the tour bus and 18-wheelers nearly 300 miles out of their way. She said “You know how if you invite someone to come to your dinner party and they don’t show? Well, they just didn’t want to come that bad. We REALLY wanted to come to Portland” We cheered.

      I have my own Tori check/dream set list, and was able to check off Spring Haze. Love that song and Tori was making love to the song on her bench. Then again with the Your Cloud bass issues. Too damn loud! Jon…turn it down! (this is my complaint), then Tori led into Concertina (another song I got to check off) and a very fun version of Cornflake Girl. During the “Rabbit, where’d you put the keys?” Part, she hopped like a bunny several times in her seat. It was adorable.

      Onto T&Bo: and the fucking peeps next to me started having a conversation. She played I’m On Fire, I was patient. They got a dirty glance from me (the only time I took my eyes off Tori) during Beulah Land…but during the first 2 seconds of Carbon (one of my all-time favorite songs) I actually shushed them and scared them into being quiet. How many more times will I have to complain about people talking? Like I said before: Go the fuck outside or shut up and be respectful. It’s a Tori show, and you are in the front row. Where is Tony Soprano when I need him?!?

      Boys come back and they play a lovely rendition of 1,000 Oceans. Then….another highlight!!!!HOTEL!!!! But here is why I see Tori 42 times: I love her humanity. I thought the song was going along just perfectly and then suddenly she was lost. I mean, it’s one thing to record that song, another thing to perform it live. All those crazy time changes, it’s very complicated…and near the end she started chanting “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, and then “Matty!!! Count me back in!” I saw their eyes connect. And they slowed down and I watched him count her back in…it was so beautifully executed. We cheered. I didn’t hear the mistake, but they recovered so gracefully. It was exquisite. Then Code Red….Don’t even know what to say here…so powerful…my favorite song on ADP. AND when I walked through the Seattle airport, they had a nice big sign that said “Today’s terror alert is Code Orange” and Code Red is about Bush just using fear to control us.

      The stage is rushed and I am squished against the stage. No room to move one millimeter in any direction. Then the breathing from Precious Things start, which pretty much matched my breathing rate at that point. It was so fun to hear that song. She didn’t play it on Beekeeper tour, so I’m glad it’s back. Then, just one more song…Hey Jupiter…and during it someone said something to Smitty and he was laughing so hard that even with my face pressed up against a speaker I could hear his sonorous belly laugh over the song. What a great way to end the evening.

      Hi to Lissa. What a wonderful seat partner. I have a feeling a dark wig is coming out in Seattle. See you then. I believe in peace, friends.

    15. Jess says:

      Oh my word. What a concert…Yoav was a great opener!

      My mom and I went, it was our first time seeing her and we were just AMAZED. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time, Mom got the tickets back in August and we had fantastic seats, 11 rows back from the stage.

      I totally started bawling when she played “Your Cloud”, that’s my favorite song of hers, and the “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” on “Hotel” cracked us up! She’s got such a sense of humor and it really showed in her performance.

      Definitely can’t wait to see her again.

    16. RobertT says:

      Great show. Isabel was a perfect match for Portland society. And indeed a great show. Tubular Bells was the best treat in the bag.

    17. Andy says:

      This was my first time seeing Tori. I have loved her for a long time but waited until I felt a calling to go see her. This was the calling! For sure! This night was more magical and blissful than anything I have seen before. I have seen fans say that out of 100 shows…Portland was the best on this tour!

      I am blown away. I was second row center. So close to her. She was gorgeous. I wanted Clybe badly- But I found my new fave doll now! isabel was intense. Stylish. And above all she had this shy glare at all times and her set was almost golden. I got that vibe….Just golden. Scarlets walk is when I had to thank her! So I yelled out TORI I LOVE YOU!!!! And I saw her grin- It was melting!!! I wanted VIRGINIA to be sung so badly—-but she made up for it by singing Im On Fire and 1000 oceans. At the encore…I ran up to the stage and felt her engergy- 100+ fans were packed into that front stage and picking up some intense power!!! This show was as good as it gets…The best! The #1- I cant believe there is no LEGS & BOOTS release for this show! I am shocked! Its so sad. I cried when I found out! It was bad news for sure- I saw a few Camera men taking footage- It looked like small cameras and it didnt seem like they were recording a DVD- But if that is somehow what they were doing…I need it! I hope and pray that this show gets released on Bootleg or DVD or anything…becuase why let the brightest flame die….? Out of a thousand candles….why the brightest?
    18. KV says:

      After reading the other flashbacks, I’m kind of sad that Portland didn’t get a second encore. Then again, the synth-rich version of “Hey Jupiter” was a huge treat for me, and Tori’s account of all the elements battled just to make it to town sure felt convincing. I loved the Springsteen cover and her funny expletive-laden rant on “Hotel.” To be honest, I haven’t connected with the new album in quite the way I have with some of Tori’s previous work, maybe in part because of the size. But the straightforward opening ode to our, ahem, fearless leader and the enthusiasm shown in “Big Wheel” and “Code Red” made me reassess. Oh Tori, I love you and all the dolls.

    19. raven says:

      I’m baaaaack to say this was my favourite show out of the 10 I seen.

      Thank you tori for this wonderful show. Loved the day, the venue, the vibe, first show being back on the piano trail.

      I loved this show, Seattle, Santa Barbara, San Deigo and Anaheim. I just wished Tori would interact w/ us like she use to.

      Love love love Oregon!
      Now who has the boot? Haha

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