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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Paramount Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date December 05, 2007
    City Seattle, WA
    Venue Paramount Theatre


    Thanks to Brian Smith for sending the setlist in tonight!

    Soundcheck included “Big Wheel,” “Sweet Sangria,” “Sugar,” “I’m A Believer,” “Heart of Gold,” “Smokey Joe,” “Suede,” “Digital Ghost,” “Black Dove,” “Rattlesnakes,” and “Virginia.”

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Heart of Gold
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Sugar
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Putting The Damage On
    • Liquid Diamonds

    T & Bö

    • “change your pack” improv
    • Seaside
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Virginia
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • I’m A Believer

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Tear In Your Hand


    This show is not slated for release as an official bootleg.


    Cruel (posted by knightize)

    Heart of Gold (posted by knightize)

    change your pack improv (posted by goldtoof77)

    Smells Like Teen Spirit (posted by goldtoof77)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by goldtoof77)

    I’m A Believer (posted by goldtoof77)


    1. Bill K says:

      Not a great concert tonight. Sound problems (some were the bad acoustics of the hall), but there was crackling in one of the main speakers for much of the concert. Tori’s pack failed at some point, and she did a cute improv about it.

      I’ve seen Tori four times now starting back in Detroit at St. Andrews right after Little Earthquakes came out. I don’t know if it was three days in a row or nearing the end of a very long tour, but she barely said a word, seemed like she was going through the motions, and her voice sounded tired and overworn, especially during the first half where she stayed in her lower range.

      “I’m a Believer” was a treat and I think a first. Not sure who she dedicated it to or why, though. Again, no chit chat. T&Bo was the best section.

      Better next time.

    2. Ryan says:

      Well, This performance was “Fine.”

      It wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t her best. The sound wasn’t very loud – I was hoping my rib cage would rattle a lil’ but no…

      The show felt predictable if not mechanical.
      Officially I have to say the lighting was very lackluster for this tour – Professional Widow was the best.. and then that was it.

      We had an uncharacteristically low-energy Pip… The Seattle crowd was a bit ice-y…. You could tell, that Tori could tell she was sorta losing us early on and so she’s throw a swear in spots every now and then to induce a “woooo” from the crowd.

      Speaking of the crowd – my seats were perfect and juuust far enough away from the psycho-fans who make ruining shows an art-form. There were only maybe a handful of people who would get up to sporadically dance (and it was gross…actually. Like, don’t shake things that aren’t pretty at least.) – I think one girl was cracked out of her mind and “feeling the music”...at least, that’s what it smelled like.

      But thank-you to the peeps who finally yelled at her to sit the F*ck down!!

      T & Bo was the best part.

      Cornflake Girl & Heart of Gold – Ick. The bass was super muddy on C.G. As for Heart’ – meh, it just was never a fav of mine.

      Liquid Diamonds was beautiful. Some sound issue arose on one tune a bit – but the whole concert was kinda ignorable enough I can’t remember which song. Code Red?

      I think I made it in-frame a few times for filming as I was sitting near the Phelps’ clan.

      The show wasn’t a bomb – it just felt forced. It got a bit hot inside the theater too…

      Yoav was fine. (If you’re fascinated by loop pedals.)

      I’ve skipped a lot of tours in recent years – Because the “fans” (excuse me, E.W.F.) just get on my nerves too much (not all, but more than few.) – And this marked a return-to-Tori-live for me and essentially I felt like my Parents did when they saw Judy Collins.

      Tori can do no wrong really, but it was strange to look around and see we’re all the same people still…but with receding hair lines entering our 30’s.


    3. Brian Smith says:


      I flew from Boise to Portland to the show. Loved that one. I had VIP tickets to Seattle and a hotel reserved… and low and behold! Amtrak was cancelled. I had to buy a new ticket, this time on Horizon to get to the show.

      Guess who was on my flight?

      Yoav and Matt Chamberlain. Yoav seems very, very shy in person. Told him his set in Portland was great and was looking forward to seeing him in Seattle. He shyly smiled and said thank you.

      So… here I go on a little tangent or two.

      I must preface everything I am about to say with the fact that I have been a fan of Tori’s for almost 15 years and have been going to shows for that long. Aside from the Scarlet’s Walk shows I have attended, this Portland and Seattle show couple were amazing.

      Now, sour grapes. I had a gold VIP ticket. Of course I would have loved to have gotten a Platinum since I have NEVER met Tori to even say “Whaddup” but was content with Gold. Understood I would be receiving an ‘exclusive Tori giftbag.’

      I received a cheaply made bag with a program (the same program everyone who attends a show can pay for.)

      I was pretty disappointed. I assumed there would be something that was made and set up only for the VIP members… since we paid $125+ for a ticket. I doubt any of this has much to do with Tori herself – probably the label or something trying to up money. But I must say I was VERY disappointed and most of the people I talked to were as well.

      After waiting in the freezing cold for almost 20 minutes past five, Ali (who was quite nice) let us in and gave us a little secret. Because there had been two added rows to the pit, everyone was being moved up. I had a seat in O and was moved to F. BIG improvement. That was almost worth the ticket price.

      Tori’s soundcheck that we were able to view included Digital Ghost and Black Dove. However, she played the following in total:

      Big Wheel
      Sweet Sangria
      I’m a Believer
      Heart of Gold
      Smokey Joe

      She was very cute at the soundcheck. She was in a black one skirt and uhm… not sure if she knew or not, but during Black Dove… she totally flashed her panties at us. Oh well.

      Now.. Gold’s were escorted out and were told we had to wait in the doorway to get our tickets scanned to get in.

      Here is my rant.

      I know people are crazy for Tori. I know they travel to each of the shows. How do they do this? Do they have jobs? Endless amounts of money? I guess it doesn’t matter, but I would really like it if the Tori show experience could lose some of the insane crazy people at the shows. I'm sure you guys out there know the type I am talking about. Certain individuals who hang out at the Meet and Greets each time so that NOBODY else can get a chance to meet her. Who monopolize her time. Who steal any open seat and begrudgingly give it up when the person who paid for it shows up. Who stand up and dance like a stoned hippy during the show so that people behind cant see and are forced to scream to sit down.

      Im sure you guys know who you are. Do everyone a favor and calm down and let others enjoy it.

      OK… that being said..

      Glad i flew back to my hometown to go to this show. Dan Phelps brother was spotlighted during the encore and “Im A Believer” was dedicated for him. Very cute.

      Show was great. Tori had good energy, though maybe a bit more tired than Portland. Definitely miss her talking to the audience and story time. Wonder why she has given this up.

      This was my third of three shows on the tour. Hope everyone enjoys the rest.

    4. Nelle says:

      I agree with the other reviewers exactly. In one work: MUZAK. The show was mechanical and metered. I felt I was listening to the radio! I was disappointed to get Pip because she is so “dark”. I was hoping for something more fun. And the fans – I just wanted an autograph, not to tell Tori my life story and pretend she is my best friend. After waiting at least 30 mins in the 2nd row at the M & G she finally gets back to my section. As she talks to a guy to my left he mentions he wants a picture. She stands to the side and then he hands ME his camera! I couldn’t take the picture because his camera was set wrong. I am not a photographer! OK, I know I’ll get over this but I guess its still fresh. The one time I get to say something to Tori and this dumb guy makes me look like an idiot. Then her body guard was saying “hurry up” to me. Grrr! I don’t think I’ll be doing another M & G. She did seem a little out of spirits – I was not suprised to see Pip later at the show. I have decided that her “band” shows are not near as good as her “piano bar” shows. I’m glad her tour is almost over. She needs a rest!

    5. Jason says:

      The show was great and the sound was amazing. Tori was right on with everything. It’s amazing with how fast she plays the piano, I NEVER hear a mistake with her notes, just with her lyrics sometimes, but not at this concert. I loved the improv about changing her audio pack on her back. Wish she was a little more interactive with her audience… she hardly said anything except, “how’s everybody doing?” and introducing her band plus her bit doing the improv.

      I was hoping for Clyde, but Pip rocked. After “Waitress”, she flipped everybody off and walked off the stage like she was ready to kick some ass. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was haunting. I actually went to Kurt’s old house on Lake Washington Blvd. Several days because I’ve never seen the much talked about place where he committed suicide.

    6. Aaron says:

      Fine? Not a great concert? Not her best? MUZAK? Going through the motions? Pretty disappointed?

      Wow. I think you’re all insane. I have to say I completely disagree with your negative reviews of the show last night which, from where I sat, sounded great!

      The improv, Seaside and Smells Like Teen Spirit made for a gorgeous T & Bo. The band didn’t totally drown her out - thank God. I could actually hear the piano. The improv and “I’m a Believer” were lots of fun. I really enjoyed the set list.

      I’m not the kind of fan that believes T-Dawg can do no wrong. I have not yet forgotten “Ireland” or “Goodbye Pisces”. And I was a bit disappointed with the Portland show, for example, where I could barely hear her, literally could not hear the piano and every song sounded the exact same as a result. Not to mention the P-town set list was ALL water: from clouds descending to the blackest ocean to Your Cloud, waiting to drown, to 1,000 Oceans… I felt like a wet blanket by the end of it.

      But. I digress.

      Seattle was a very good, very strong show for me. I felt she was very present, very much into the show, and very engaged with the audience.

      Guys. Come on. I think some of you might consider lowering your expectations of Tori providing you with a transcendental revelation night after night after night, and maybe even recognize that what you came to the concert with (like ginormous expectations) directly impacted what you got out of it.

      THANK YOU TORI AMOS. This was my last of four shows of this tour, and my favorite by far. It was very special for me that this show happened in my home town. You did us right in Seattle.

    7. Dana says:

      I was on the main floor and in the back. The crowd to me was strangely subdued. I kind of liked it though; I hate the shows when everyone is screaming while she is playing. I thought the show was actually really good, but was disappointed a bit with the song selection (would have liked older stuff). I wish she would have talked to us more as well but she was really cute when her battery pack went out. She also was very gracious introducing the band…I wish Caton was still with her!! I loved her costumes, for PIP she was wearing some black shiny thing and when she changed into herself she was wearing this really cool sparkly blue dress. I was really happy to hear Rattlesnakes and Putting The Damage On, and Virginia. Of course there were the showy “girls” who usually show up at her concerts- Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, and Big Wheel. I thought she had a lot of power and energy on The Waitress. When she played Putting The Damage On I wanted to cry~! The whole I’m A Believer thing was interesting, but I would have preferred hearing more some of her music or a more interesting cover rather than a tired oldies song….was that song on the Monkeys? Smells like Team Spirit was haunting, seems like she always plays that in Seattle. Last time I saw her at Benaroya Hall she closed with Tear in Your Hand too..Coincidence? I think not. 

      I have been a Tori EWF since 1996, and the first time I saw her play was at the Paramount so it was really great to see her again. It’s funny how most EWF are getting so much older, should be funny when we are still going to her concerts at 40 and 50 …60? I hope Tori tours until she is 90 years old!! Towards the end of the show I went up closer and took some empty seats- I could swear she looked at me!! I wish I could’ve gone to more shows this tour!

    8. alissa says:

      This was a great concert. I had the best seats I have ever had at a Tori concert, which was fun, and the energy was crazy. The crowd was awesome and having a lot of fun with her. I think that it is clear by the fact that she did two, two song encores at this show and it was a third night in a row for her to play that she was having a good time with us. She was in a great mood at the meet and greet and in a great mood on stage. The sound did crackle a little bit for a few songs, but I couldn’t hear it for long.

      I saw her in Portland and felt that the energy was way better tonight. I took my little sister to her first Tori show in Portland and took her again last night and she loved the show in Seattle way better, so I know this isn’t just me.

    9. Kari says:

      I bought tickets months ago for the Vancouver show and was actually pretty disappointed with that performance. Only one encore? Also, my car got towed during the show (argh), so I felt like I needed to exorcise that demon and see if maybe Monday was just an off night. I bought a last-minute single ticket for the Seattle show, in the fourth to last row.

      And oh, wow, I am so happy that I did. I did notice some crackling in the sound system toward the end, but maybe I was so far back I didn’t notice some of the other stuff you guys are talking about.

      Pip probably would have been my last choice, but she rocked it, I thought. I always skip over Heart of Gold on that CD, but I enjoyed it last night.

      Rattlesnakes is one of my favorite covers, so is Teen Spirit. I’m a Believer was a hoot and Tear in Your Hand was magic.

      She put her hands over her heart as she took her final bow. I felt the love, all the way in Mezz Row W!

    10. Noelle says:

      Going through the motions?! The only thing I would count as that are the classic crotch grabbing in Precious Things and the “rrrrrrr” of Cornflake Girl. After meeting her at the M&G earlier, I was surprised she mustered up the energy for Pip — it apparently took the tour group 10 hours to get to Seattle from Portland due to the horrid flooding and taking back roads. To see her come out and take on the persona of the violent Pip was awesome! That was probably the best run of “Cruel” I’ve ever heard.

      Seaside from T&Bo was haunting (more so than SLTS to me, personally). Liquid Diamonds felt a little funkier, which I loved.

      Tori dedicated I’m a Believer to Gary Phelps, and it was awesome! We had heard it during soundcheck — high energy! She kinda jumped up and down before she left the stage, and had flashed the BIGGEST smile Gary’s way during the song, it was really cute. :)

      I made a comment elsewhere — I had asked her if we’d ever see Datura when I met her, she said the “flowers” (aka background vocals) are in Cornwall still, and that essentially they are having a hard time getting someone over to find them — mostly because the person would have no idea what to look for.

    11. Todd M. says:

      First off I must say, I’ve been waiting 14 years to finally meet Tori. Because m & g’s have always been a mob and fans who have already met with her refuse to move and let others in I’ve never had the chance. So getting VIP tickets was great and to meet Tori for the first time is something I’ll never forget. I cannot believe how much Tori enjoys meeting fans and after being extremely nervous, she puts you at ease immediately.

      With that said, Tori was amazing last night. It was the icy Seattle audience who didn’t have the energy, not Tori. Calling it MUZAK is offensive. Most of the crowd didn’t even at least dance during the Professional Widow remix, even most of the VIPs. I think anyone who had a bad experience had it because of their own lack of enthusiasm.

      Pip blew me away, it was Tori rocking at her finest. Being two of the band members call Seattle home, the crowd could have been more receptive.

      Tori you absolutely blew Seattle away, sorry some fans are too judgmental and expect too much. To those who actually feel Tori and the music…amen!

    12. mattie says:

      So, last night my boyfriend and I had VIP tickets to the Seattle show. It was such a wonderful experience. Ali (Jon Evans’ wife) was directing the event. She was so sweet and had a wonderful sense of humor. She told my boyfriend and I that the Tori camp had to endure a 10 HOUR BUS RIDE from Portland due to one of the buses breaking down. She said they were literally on top of a mountain when it happened, and that her first thought was of the movie ‘Alive’ and ‘who am i going to have to eat?’ The three of us laughed. Naturally, things were a little behind schedule.

      Tori soundchecked for about an hour. I was really surprised because with the exception of ‘Big Wheel,’ none of the songs had been played the night before in Portland, so I knew we were in for a completely different show. She soundchecked ‘Suede’ and ‘Black-Dove (January)’ but they didn’t come to the show.

      Soundcheck party was cool. Tori explained to the small audience what they were trying to do, which was ‘tweak her sound.’ She made a joke that since what the audience hears is a mix of everything coming off stage, she can piss her husband off and it won’t effect her night, but she has to be nice to ‘these guys’ and she motions stage right to her sound guys. She said that we the audience should avoid pissing her husband off though hehe. She went on to play ‘Digital Ghost’ and ‘Black-Dove (January)’. It was interesting to me how different it was from a true live performance. They repeated parts of songs and it definitely felt more like rehearsal. Still fascinating to watch her though.

      Moments later the platinum VIPs were escorted to the hall on the right of the theatre and once in line we were told this was the line we’d be meeting Tori in. It was a whirlwind. Of course, they were trying to move the line along, so meeting her was very brief. But Tori was very kind and inviting. She asked me what my name was and where I was from. When I mentioned that I am a Maryland native, her eyes lit up. And when I clarified that I have lived in Seattle for a few years now, she said ‘It’s groovy, isn’t it?’ I giggled and agreed. Of course I wanted to tell her how much her music has meant to me in my life, but I know everyone else in line needed to have their chance, and I was also so nervous I could hardly speak or think, so I just said thank you. I also requested ‘Cooling’, but I wasn’t optimistic since she seemed to have her setlist more or less figured out.

      The show was fantastic. I had my reservations about the ‘doll posse’ concept being integrated into the live shows, but it far exceeded my expectations. The performance art element was truly powerful. She blew me away in Portland with Isabel, and Pip made my jaw drop several times with her f-bombs. It was f-ing awesome hehe.

      She dedicated ‘I’m a Believer’ to Greg Phelps? So no doubt a family member of Dan’s. It turned into a fun little sing along. Also, as with Portland, there was a guy with a video camera capturing footage, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for an ADP DVD release.

    13. Shannon says:

      First Tori Show ever…. I have been listening to Tori for about 10 years and had never had the opportunity to attend a show. I must be the luckiest first timer ever. We couldnt afford the VIP Platinum, but we wanted the good seats so we forked over the extra dough and went Gold. We were bumped from row 16 (P) to row 10 (J), much appreciated. While waiting outside to go in for the soundcheck, we peeked around the corner and saw Tori by her bus, and only a crowd of about 20 people around her. We took the opportunity to walk over, and my girlfriend (long time Tori fan) finally had the opportunity to meet her and hold her hand. It was the most amazing experience to date… she is so small and has such an unassuming personality about her. Her smile was infectious, and I grinned like a fool the whole 30 seconds of our encounter. My girlfriend and I asked about the drive up, and told her my girlfriend shares her birthday with Tori’s daughter Natasha. Her eyes sparkled and lit up with each word. We didn’t come with a camera, but just meeting her was enough.

      Once inside, we were told to wait for the soundcheck. Personally, Tori’s assistant was rude, and frazzled. I’ve worked Productions in the Seattle area as a stage manager/entertainment coordinator, and I’ve never come in contact with someone’s handler who was this bitchy. She really ruined the vibe for me before we were able to get into the theater. The whole corralling of people outside in the lobby was unorganized and should have gone a lot smoother considering there were only about 50 VIPs. I do have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the “gift bag”. But ya know, the seats made up for it. The soundcheck was awesome, and I enjoyed it.

      Once we went back in for the actual show, we decided to skip Yoav, he wasn't that exciting, and opted instead for the bar.

      This being my first Tori show I didn’t quite know how I’d react. We’ll I cried all the way through Cruel (first song) and half way through Heart of Gold. She is just an amazing vocalist and pianist. I was in complete awe of her. There are no words to describe it. It was like weights on my chest, and then the weights lifting. The Waitress absolutely blew me away, and was the perfect song to break at.

      I never in a million years thought I would see her perform Smells Like Teen Spirit. I’ve watched videos of it on youtube for years, and it was crazy to see her play it live.

      I'm a huge sucker for anything off Venus… and I'm so glad I got to see her perform the songs that originally drew me to her, and her music.

      She is so powerful on stage its like the music is coming directly out of her, as opposed to the sound system. She is unbelievable. And I’m so fortunate I got to see her, and meet her. Best night EVER.

    14. Lisa says:

      I thought the show was great. I liked the Benaroya show better, but I really enjoyed this one too. I definitely don’t think Tori seemed mechanical or going through the motions. Also, I barely noticed the sound problems—I don’t think it was a big deal.

      I also don’t think the Seattle crowd is icy—unless you define icy as people who don’t scream at the top of their lungs during her slower songs, then yeah, I guess we’re icy and proud of it! I want to hear Tori, not the people next to me screaming in the middle of her songs. I have a lot of love for Tori, and it seemed like everyone around me did too.

      Pip was definitely entertaining—Cruel was a great start. Putting the Damage On was AMAZING—definitely the highlight of the show for me. I also loved hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit. The second encore was great—the perfect ending.

      Tori has never disappointed me at a show—I hope she comes to Seattle again next year!

    15. Kelly G says:

      Just now getting the chance to review the show last night. This was my 3rd (should have been 4th—thanks mother nature!) and last show of the tour. Had to reenter the real world today. Ugh. What a letdown after a few days in Toriland!

      I thought the concert last night was great. Pip is my favorite doll, and I absolutely loved her crazy dark energy. A couple of her songs aren’t my favorite on the albums, but she effing rocked every one of them live. Brilliant.

      In Tori’s set, Big Wheel was fun, but a little lackluster compared to other performances. Rattlesnakes was beautiful. T and Bo was obviously awesome. I gave her a homemade project with “there at the seaside, fifth of December” on one side and “jangle and circle again” on the other, and I was happy to hear Seaside incorporated into the show. I really love Virginia, and hadn’t heard it live before. And all the encore songs were great!

      Overall strong show. There were a few technical glitches, but nothing too obnoxious or that lasted too long. Plus, we got a killer improv out of it.

      The meet and greet, on the other hand, was a complete snafu. I know there were a lot of people there, but if we were all quick and to the point, she could have talked to everybody. I laughed while reading a few of the above postings. Seriously, they should BAN digital cameras at meet and greets, because it seems like nobody has their camera ready, then hands it over to a complete stranger to figure out. This happened to me TWICE last night, and it is flustering when you know this is eating up precious Tori time!

      Also: the EWF who think that Tori is their friend were especially chatty. For the love of God, people, I know she means a lot to you, but she IS NOT your friend. If you kept it quick and simple, meet and greets would be a better experience for everyone, Tori included, I’m sure. If you have a story you’d like to tell her, WRITE IT DOWN and give it to her. Do not ramble on and on. I wish it was like the Oscars, where the band cues up when acceptance speeches are too long!

      Otherwise good peeps at this show. I met some great people at the m&g today; and the audience was overall very polite yet energetic.

      We’ll miss you, Tori. Jangle and circle again…

    16. CaptLCalico says:

      I enjoyed the show a lot! Pip was electrifying and the show had wonderful energy. Seaside was beautiful, but Smells Like Teen Spirit seems to get played a lot in Seattle (and I’m not a fan of Nirvana so that’s my sleepytime). Putting the Damage On was beautiful and I thought her voice was very strong and mesmerizing throughout the show.

      Some of the lighting would be right in my eyes so I couldn’t see the stage. But it wasn’t that way through the whole show thankfully!

    17. Meg says:

      I can see where the bad reviews are coming from, I did notice some speaker problems but I only heard them during one song, not “the whole show” as somebody mentioned. I really loved Pip and her rock-chick energy, Tori is extremely sexy with black hair and an attitude. So I really enjoyed the first part of the show.

      I was glad to hear the return of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” ... she used to play it every time she came to Seattle, but it has been quite awhile and I love her version.

      I also agree that some of the fans that go to every single show need to get over it and move on. I see Tori once every time she tours, and that is enough for me. In 10 years, I’ve never met her. I don’t bother trying anymore because other fans make it impossible for me to enjoy the experience. I once stood outside a venue for 7 hours, and was in the front ready to meet her, but when she finally came out, the crowd was so rude and pushed me and my friend out of the way. Since then I just don’t bother. I admire her from afar, and I didn’t feel that paying a bunch of money to see her seemed right. She does free M&G with people, but she meets the same rude people every time. I wish for once she’d say “Hey, I see you every night. How about that girl in the back that I’ve never seen comes up here so I can say hello?” :P

      But I digress. The show was really great overall, I’m not a fan of her “Tori” costume, I guess I’m missing the concept on that one, but I prefer her natural hair. I do admit the Pip costume is hot, so I can’t complain — I’m just glad we got Pip cuz I don’t really like the others much. Heh. :)

      The Paramount is a gorgeous venue aesthetically, but acoustically I think it’s probably not the best. I liked the solo stuff much better because we could hear the piano more.

      Overall a good show, but not my favorite. I wish they were doing an official bootleg for it, Seattle always gets the shaft on stuff like that. :P Oh well.

    18. MelindaLu says:

      Ahhhhh….Yessssss…..I thought I would see a dark wig and I was right. Again, my complete devastation that they show will not be released…but the moment that they started having sound problems during Virginia, I knew it was not going to be released. But…if someone has the show, or any part of it, please share it -- I would be forever grateful.

      I have not had a chance to read the other comments yet, but I saw a couple that said “not the best show”. Not from my vantage point! It rocked! People, she played a Monkeys song! She played Smells Like Teen Spirit (which made me relieve that awful, horrible day in Seattle and I cried for a long time~~I was simply overcome) which I have not heard live since LE tour. Somebody please post it! She played Seaside! Magical!!!! I love that song. She did a great little improv about needing to have her electronic pack changed (my seat partner~~Hey Katie!~~who loves women said “I’d like to change her pack! LOL!)

      Pip was everything I dreamed she would be. We got the bird as she stomped off stage. It was so much fun to finally hear Teenage Hustling and Bouncing off Clouds (at the end) I have 4 more shows to go…so I’m not quite on the downhill side yet. I leave for PHX on the 11th.

      Highlights for me (besides what I already said above) were Heart of Gold, Fat Slut, Sugar (so powerful..one of my all-time favorites) Rattlesnakes, Putting the Damage On (the audience went dead for that…her vocals were pristine), Liquid Diamonds is so beautiful…I could hear that song every day and not be tired of it, Digital Ghost (one of my favorites from ADP~~but come to think of it, there isn’t one single misstep on ADP...I wanna hear Programmable Soda, but I’m letting go of it). Again, Code Red brought the house down…then Precious Things (which I love to act out)...and then a Monkeys song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she had never performed it before, never practiced it…Tori is such a risk taker and that another reason why I adore her!) (or is it Monkees? Who cares?) Tori was so into the show. She was radiant. She is having so much fun with her music…she is in love with every song and it shows. She rolls each one out with pleasure and makes love to it on stage. I got to meet two cute little “Tori Virgins” I got to meet Raven, a woman who does nothing except follow Tori everywhere she goes, I got to upgrade my seats thanks to Peggy and got to pay it back by giving my two seats to some friends who were in the 27th row. So then they traded with some other guy and one of them got front row. It was so crazy great…. Fantastic.

      The fake rent-a-cop at the Paramount was a jerk. The Portland staff was so accommodating. What a difference a day makes. Dude, you can make a point w/o being an ass. We saw Smitty again staring at the people, watching over Tori like the guardian angel he is. Smitty…I want your job! I want some other things from you, too, but husband wouldn’t like it hehehehe. I thought Tori was at the top of her game…she just gets better and better. See you in a few days….and I’ll blog some more. A shout out to Jen and Z. Rock on. Please…..make this an official boot…sign whatever papers you have to sign, give the Monkeys some money and MAKE THIS INTO HARD COPY SO WE CAN BUY IT! (Yes, I am begging!) And, hey! No talkers around me! YAY! Thanks, Seattle! Thank you Tori. See you soon! Yes, I’m a believer, I wouldn’t leave her, even if I tried. (I felt like a mop-top for a moment, there)

    19. K.D. says:

      A fan for 15 years, I finally got my chance to meet Tori as a Platinum VIP. Look, I’m 31-years-old and I wasted too much time being civil at M&Gs and NEVER getting a chance to meet/talk — much less even SEE her because of the rudeness.

      Part of my adult behavior is also displayed during the performance. To the annoying Tori concert-goer (described exceptionally well in previous posts) it would appear as if I’m icy, not a “true fan,” or just not “into” the show. Quite the contrary. I’m focused like a laser. I want to remember and experience every second like it’s the last time I will see her. I don’t want distractions from other people screaming, bumping me, pushing me, singing along, keeping bad time when they beat on the stage, or blocking my view. Additionally, I don’t sing along (because my concert mates are there to hear Tori) and I don’t dance — all because I don’t want to distract myself! I’m there to watch the show. Any of those other things I can do at home to the tune of my CDs. But, believe me, I’m having an awesome and unforgettable time.

      As for the show, it was powerful and energetic. After Pip, I worried that the rest of the show would be mellow because she’d be exhausted. I was glad to hear songs I hadn’t heard live and she really seemed to enjoy I’m a Believer. She smiled from ear-to-ear during and after its performance.

      I relished every moment of the VIP experience (and Ally was so NOT rude — and this also comes from an experienced Seattle production manager and PR film rep). Tori chatted with me about how she manages to make a creative statement, make meaningful music, and still keep her privacy. Priceless.

    20. marsman says:

      Hey . . . to all the terrific gals who coached me throught the M&G . . . THANK YOU . . . it was somewhat apparent Mrs Hawley was out-of-sorts, but, she gave me her time, her hand, and her smile- and the moment will remain forever a burst of light and color in my little black heart. Afterward, I didn’t even need the show, but, of course I attended . . .

      Living in BFE Alaska and being a fan is a logistical nightmare. Our ’05 trip to Woodinville ruined our credit and this one pretty-much sealed our fate as being whores to the banks for eternity, but, do I care? After the M&G, were I not 41 w/ a vasectomy, I’d sell my newborn to repeat the experience.

      Without Tori Amos and her ‘girls’ I’d be a souless monster. I credit her as the catharsis for my humanity.

      As far as I’m concerned, if the show were her and Matt playing Scrabble for three hours, it would still rank as being one of the most sublime and healing experiences in my lifetime. Yeah, there were some sound faux-pa’s toward the end. Yeah, some fans didn’t behave in such a manner as to please everyone around (and behind) them. Yeah, some songs were left unplayed, but . . . to read folks dissecting the show so clinically makes me wonder why they are there in the first place.

      Also, as far as I’m concerned, there were only three people in that beautiful theater December 5, 2007- Myself, Tori Amos, and my wife, who had to stay in Alaska due to a job situation. I held her w/ me nonetheless.

      I cannot wait to see the pics that were snapped by two of those ‘terrific gals I mentioned. Didn’t think to pack the camera until I was on the plane ‘cuz I’m a flaky tuliphead . . . again, THANK YOU.

      and that’s all I have to say about that-

    21. Sarah says:

      God, does no one remember her last show in Seattle? At the winery? With the winos? Who talked and gabbed through the entire thing because to them, she was just background entertainment while they sipped their wine? Anyone remember the train that came through ever 30 minutes? Or how she didn’t hardly talk to us at all, did no improvs, and jumped off the stage as fast as she could?

      Really, after that, I was thrilled with this concert. It’s my fifth Tori concert, but my first to hear her with the band. Not so sure about that… too much “rock” for my poor ears, and like someone said above, you really couldn’t hear the piano much. T&Bo was lovely.

      The sound problems I only heard in one song, and yes it was annoying, but geez, it’s not like Tori had anything to do with it. I just concentrated harder on her and the band. And the pack problem was a blessing, since we got an improv song out of it.

      Really, she could have gone up there and sung ten songs and left and I would have been happy. Wanted to see her in Houston, but my friends bailed on me. Had tickets to see her in Portland, but couldn’t get there with the flooding.

      I’m not so sure about the dolls… especially with Pip… I kept wondering where the hell Tori was and why this angry woman kept yelling her songs at me. And then the Tori doll came out and I still wasn’t buying it. The dolls just seem so removed to me, a bit alienating. I want the real Tori next time!

      And what was up with the strange modern dancing/performance art stuff? Does she do that when she’s with the band, since she’s not tied to the piano? Her robot dance sucked.

      I loved that she did I’m a Believer, for the first concert I ever saw was the Monkees. I was nine. Very cool. I wish she’d made it more hers, but it was still enjoyable.

      Aside from Putting the Damage On, she didn’t really play any of my favorites. And she played more than one song that seems flat and dull to me. The Waitress was a blast, and definitely up Pip’s alley. I woke up this morning with “hang ten, baby” repeating in my head over and over again. Precious Things was cool with the breathing song playing for at least a full minute over the speakers while we waited for Tori to return from backstage. We were very hyped when she finally came out to sing it. And my friend was beyond thrilled that she did indeed play Bouncing Off Clouds as that is his new favorite song and he was getting worried that she wouldn’t do it.

      So, all in all, I think it was a good concert. Not quite my favorite (which was Portland during the Beekeeper tour, mainly because there was so much interaction between her and us. And an awesome improv song about Oregon. And her asking us to help her sing Baker Baker because she kept forgetting the words.) But it certainly wasn’t as bad as the last Seattle concert. And for that I’m grateful.

    22. JW says:

      Great show. Got to meet her outside before the show, her eyes sparkled with every word. She is such a kind soul to take the time to meet us EWF. The drive took them 10 hours from Portland. I thought it was a fantastic show, love the costumes. I thought Ally was rude as well, flustered, was rude when I asked her questions. A girl from Georgia who came with her friend from Seattle said they were treated rude as well. I guess not everyone can be as professional as Tori. :)

    23. Doug B. says:

      I thought Tori’s show was fantastic. I noticed some of the audience members were a little too chilled out but then again I was also sitting in front of 2 guys who wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Tori’s energy was just fine and I disagree with the reviewers who think she “didn’t talk enough” or “Pip wasn’t energetic enough”. These are all aspects that come along with concert going, people. It’s hit or miss. You should just be happy to be contributing to the energy and be grateful for the experience.

      I loved the “5th of December”, Seaside reference. I thought that was cute. That cover of I’m a Believer she did for Dan’s bro was also super sweet. I was just happy to get a Tori connection. I wish it never would have ended.

    24. MV says:

      Wow. What show were a lot of the early reviewers at? I’ve been to lots of Tori shows over the last decade, and this show was probably one of my top 2. There were a few technical glitches during the show, but Tori sounded AMAZING! The energy was so fantastic that I even enjoyed songs that normally annoy me (Teenage Hustling, for instance). Her voice was so powerful, and she seemed very passionate about all of the songs that she sang (unlike Portland, where I thought she sounded technically perfect but less into the songs of the evening). Her improv, “I’m A Believer” dedication, and cute little hops offstage at the end of the night were adorable. To me it seemed that she talked to the audience a lot more than in other recent shows. Also, it seemed that she and Matt Chamberlain were enjoying playing off of each other.

      We were lucky enough to purchase platinum VIP tickets. While I agree that the initial experience was disappointing (rude staff, lots of waiting, cheap/cheesy bags and hats), the latter part of the evening more than made up for it. The soundcheck was fascinating, and Tori’s voice sounded beautiful. We sat through 2 songs officially, but heard 11 songs total (waiting in the lobby, officially soundcheck, waiting to meet Tori). I was very impressed that few of the songs we heard during soundcheck were repeated during the show later in the evening. Our brief encounter with Tori was wonderful; she was very warm and friendly to everyone (and her bodyguard was nice). I’ve never gone to a public meet and greet for the reasons mentioned above, so this chance to meet her was awesome. Also, our seats were upgraded to orchestra pit as a surprise.. only 1 foot from the stage! Couldn’t have asked for a better night. Thank you, Tori and team!!

    25. Jennifer says:

      I must have been at a different Seattle show than those early reviewers, because this show was amazing. Yes, technical glitches happened. And now, think of being on stage, with a pack going out, so that you cannot hear yourself sing or play and imagine how the heck you would pull it off? Anyone ever think that those times when she seemed somewhat mechanical was so that she could make it through a song with no sound? Hmmmmmm. I saw that a couple of times. All that being said and out of the way…DANG that girl can play piano and sing and shift her energy into a Pip I would never ever want to piss off! For the first time ever, I didn’t want to hear any old Tori. I just wanted from Choirgirl onward. Love the band (especially Matt!) and I love being in the back row so I could dance and not block the view of the thoughtful Tori goers. I would NEVER want someone dancing in my line of sight. I pay to see Tori, not someones back keep bad time. lol! I never understand people who follow Tori around and then complain. Loved Tori, loved the energy. Hope I can rock like that in my 40’s.

      Funny little side story. I saw two misplaced looking couples leave shocked and horrified during Teenage Hustling. If I didn’t know Tori, I would’ve run too. Pip is fierce. I think they must have won tickets and thought they were going to Judy Collins. lol!

    26. goldtoof77 says:

      How did my videos end up on this page. haha. Awesome!

      This was my favorite so far of the 12 shows I am going to. This was the most fierce and powerful Cruel she has EVER done. For a moment I thought I was in the depths of hell.
      Heart of Gold was FABULOUS!!!
      Seaside was cool seeing as it was the 5th of December.
      I’m a believer was such a treat.

      I have more videos coming of the last 8 shows still so stay tuned!! and feel free to post those as well.

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