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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 19, 2007
    City Boston, MA
    Venue Orpheum Theatre


    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Beauty Of Speed
    • Girl Disappearing


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • Sugar
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Bells For Her
    • “he has a well, you have an ocean” improv
    • Spring Haze

    T & Bö

    • “I like my bus” improv
    • China
    • Merman

    Band Returns

    • Northern Lad
    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Parasol

    Second Encore

    • God
    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available as a digital download (mp3 and flac) from Legs & Boots.


    963 963 963 963 963 963


    1. L says:

      I attended the Boston show last night and let me begin my saying that Tori was AWESOME- she looked and sounded great!!! However, I don’t think I have ever been so annoyed with an audience -- throughout the ENTIRE show people kept getting up and leaving- blocking the stage, talking and acting like drunk fools. Honestly, if all you’re interested in is getting trashed and acting like an obnoxious jackass… DON’T COME TO TORI!!!! This isn’t Fenway Park people- it’s a Tori show- it’s deep and emotional and if you’re not there to watch it… DON’T COME - go get wasted in a bar then watch the concert on YouTube.

      When she played Merman- my heart almost stopped beating as this is one of my all time favorites and I NEVER DREAMED she would play it. I honestly didn’t appreciate the 2 girls sitting next to my friend who were trashed and talking through the entire song. One girl 2 rows in front of me kept flailing her arms in the air and jumping all over the place during EVERY song and the guy she was with who appeared somewhat normal just sat there. I wish she had been closer to the stage cause Tori would have probably told her to sit the fuck down!!!!

      The concert itself was great- I honestly think Tori sounds better now than she did 10 years ago- it’s hard to believe she is 44 years old. She played a cute improv of how she was strip searched in Germany in 1991 and how she was going to be at church the next day.

      Sorry I keep rambling on but I’m so ashamed that the Boston crowd was so disrespectful- this was such a far cry from the crowd at the B of A Pavillion 2 years ago when you could hear a pin drop the entire night. And the saddest thing of all is that in several interviews, Tori has alluded that this may be her last tour… she may never play in Boston again and the crowd couldn’t even take her show seriously. Thank you to those of you near me who managed to be adults and stay in your seats through the whole show.


    2. xavier says:

      short and sweet:

      amazing as always.

      i requested northern lad at the meet and great and she played it!!!

    3. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Overall a great show. I think the first Boston night was more high energy but it is difficult indeed to top that kind of a show. And also a Clyde show is way different than a Pip show anyway…

      Little Amsterdam, yay. Girl Disappearing…wow, what a surprise. She never seems to disappoint Bostonians. Clyde is so adorable. But there is so much hurt there…I really just wanted to go up to her and hug her after the set. But she is too shy – she would probably run away if anyone tried to reach out to her. (Sounds like my ex.)

      I will say it again because it is worth repeating – Bouncing off Clouds works so deliciously well as an opener…or as an encore number… So much energy. And wonderful trippy lights and guitar action in the beginning.

      She also told us that her niece – the one that originally called her a MILF – was in the audience because she goes to school up there. And also Wendy, I think she said her old music teacher, made it down from Maine in a wheelchair.

      Problem with her ear monitors during Bells and she signaled to the crew to kill it. But I love these long, beautiful intros she is giving for Bells.

      Speaking of intros, I will say that the improv into Spring Haze was one of the most beautiful I have ever heard.

      The “I like my bus” improv was very funny and cute. Basically asking the audience what they think she will be doing at 5 am when we all will be fast asleep in our beds (or just getting to bed after driving all night back to New York, like others…yawn). She then said she will be at the border with her pants down because every time she reaches an international border the guards seem to want to search her everywhere. Then she recounted the same tale from perhaps the most hysterical TV interview I have ever seen her do with Rosie O’Donnell back in 99 when she and her friend Amy were in Europe and were caught at the German border with pot in their boot (“Joints and Boots” anyone?). Phil Collins samplers do serve a purpose indeed…

      I really like the guitar work Dan is layering into fairytale. Well, in general, I think he is really doing an amazing job learning the songs and getting loose with them. But it is amazing how much you don’t really hear/appreciate his work at the show because Tori and piano kind of drawn him out – I guess rightly so to an extent – on pretty much everything except Code Red. You don’t really hear the full band sound until you download the boot as it is more properly mixed.

      I will say this again too: I really like how Parasol is arranged on this tour. I don’t really know what it is. More driving energy, more passion.

      I was also happy to finally hear God. That one seemed to be ever so elusive for me on this tour for some reason.

      She was into Jupiter tonight more so than usual. Lifting her hands high up into the air in the beginning and swaying her body back and forth.

      “Hi” to Kevin and Susan in the 2nd row. Glad you guys got those tickets! Looked like you had a blast. And “hi” to New Hampshire Gary and Jon and thanks for taking me out to Cheers for dinner and drinks. I know, touristy, but hey, I am a tourist!

      To all you Canadians and almost Canadians (Buffalo peeps), have fun this week! Unfortunately, I have to sit this out but will see you all in DC for what’s looking like my last show… :(

    4. Christian says:

      Absolutely outstanding show vocally and otherwise.

      Highlights were an amazing version of Sugar that the audience loved, Northern Lad, Girl Disappearing.

      Parasol with the band was REALLY good and nice surprise. Would rather her ditch Jupiter and sing this as the closer- It's that good.

      As much as Thursday’s show rocked- especially the beginning with PIP, this show was 10 times better and had a greater momentum and the audience was awesome.

      And the Caroline improv was one of Tori’s finest and most moving songs to date.

    5. May says:

      The show was amazing! Best Tori show I’ve ever seen. She was in a great mood, laughing, smiling at the crowd. She said her niece was in the audience. The improv she played before Spring Haze was absolutely beautiful. I wish it were a real song! Had lyrics about the ocean and mentioned the name Caroline (I think?) She also told a story about Amsterdam and played a funny improv before China about her tour bus and going to Canada the next day, and about how she always has trouble going through international borders and has to pull her pants down. Hilarious. She looked great and was on fire. Fabulous show!!

    6. Rich says:

      Managed to get a ticket to go along to this show whilst visiting my Stateside friends in Boston. My 16th Tori gig – and I was absolutely blown away. I had only seen one other show on this tour in Manchester, England and I have to admit that was the best ever! I got Clyde again in Boston but didn’t mind one bit. Absolutely amazing to get Girl Disappearing AND Little Amsterdam! Where did that one come from?!

      Highlights definitely for me was the (not-meant-to-be) extended version of (Tubular) Bells For Her, “He Has A Well” Improv, and what seemed a much darker version of Code Red. Sublime!

      Can’t wait for my friend to download and copy the show from Legs & Boots so I can take back to England with me.

    7. teddy says:

      okay…not surprisingly, i had a fantastic time at the show tonight…and i’ll try to make this a quick review since i already went off about thursday’s show…

      overall, i was really happy i got to see three of the dolls (as well as tori of course) strut their stuff over the past week…last night was the last show for me on this tour and clyde certainly didn’t disappoint…amsterdam and girl disappearing were outstanding!!!

      highlights for me were merman, northern lad and the improv she did right before spring haze…sent shivers and chills through me the whole time…and northern lad really got me tonight…so whoever you are Xavier, thanks for requesting it…it helped make my night that much more special than it already was…

      hope everyone else who’s continuing on with the tour enjoys themselves…although i’m sure that won’t be to hard to do ;-)

    8. Donn says:

      I agree with everything L said. Tori was incredible, she’s never looked or sounded better. At the top of her game.

      The audience, however, was shameful. Disrespect, immaturity, and drunken high school behavior has no place in a Tori Amos show.

      Tori consistently gives us her best. We owe her the same.

    9. Erica says:

      I attended both Thursday and Friday’s shows (as well as Tuesday’s show in Wallingford). I must say, Thursday’s was my favorite of the week (see my thoughts on the other shows too) but Friday’s was excellent overall.

      Thanks to Tori for playing two of my requests on Friday!! Girl Disappearing and The Beauty of Speed, which were big surprises based on the US setlists to date. It’s nice to know that she really does listen to what the fans want! (Like we had any doubt about that anyhow…) AND she played them back to back. Awesome!

      It was also nice that she opened with Bouncing Off Clouds instead of playing it as one of her encores, as she did in previous nights. Tori is never predictable, so I should have guessed she would not do the same thing three shows in a row (aside from wearing that same flashy jumpsuit, but what the hell- she looked fabulous in it every night).

      Parasol was a nice surprise too- I love that song and was very happy to hear it. The staples (Big Wheel, Cornflake Girl, Code Red, God) did not disappoint.

      I’d like to comment on the crowd- they were much better behaved than the Wallingford show (and that was a Tuesday night- go figure. Guess there isn’t much to do out there other than get wasted on weeknights… and I don’t mean that with any disrespect, just joking around, but that arena is in the middle of freaking nowhere!!). But as compared to previous shows (I’ve been going to see Tori for 12 years now), the crowd wasn’t familiar with a lot of the songs and it was kind of disappointing. Being a pianist myself, and being more than familiar with Tori’s entire catalog, I have an advantage in that I can pick out songs before a lyric is uttered. But most of the fans were not familiar with the more obscure tunes- at least the people sitting around me. I guess it makes it that much more special for the hardcore fans.

      All in all great show!! I was so impressed with this tour- much better overall than the previous tour. Her band is tight and they play together like this is what they were meant to do. Come back soon please, Tori!!!

    10. Katie says:

      Sorry if I paid my money just like you and wanted to get up and go to the bathroom, or make new friends with the stranger sitting beside me who liked my shoes. Fact is, that venue was 900 degrees…..so yeah, people are gonna get up to have something to drink or go to the bathroom. Deal with it really. If you don’t like it, then just buy the recordings on her website and stay home. The show was amazing of course, loved both of them. It’s a ROCK CONCERT tho, not a movie or a play. People around you are going to get up out of their seats when they’re sweating to death. Blame the venue for not air conditioning the place, not the people around you.

    11. jefferson says:

      This show absolutely blew me away. This is the one and only show from the tour that I was able to make, and I was thrilled. I’ve seen her many times and I don’t know if it was because I was fortunate to be really close to the stage, but it was such an immersing show that I could barely take my eyes off of Tori. The band really rocked out on everything and I was dancing in my seat the whole time.

      Clyde was impressive. She is a shy one though, huh. To those of you who have already commented on it, Bouncing off of Clouds does translate well to the stage. Every song she sang did, though. And her improv (he has a well you have an ocean) was moving.

      Unfortunately…..I had the pleasure of sitting right next to the drunk dude in the front who wouldn’t sit down at first. He was obnoxious and trashed. Kept singing the wrong words, off key, to all the older stuff. Fortunately, he fell asleep.

      To all of those who rocked along right there with me!

    12. Jameson says:

      Like many of you I also attended both of the Boston shows after much anticipation of the new tour but little investment in the new album. Thursday I was quite pleased with the opening of the show and I owe this to a certain desire on my part over the past few years to see something as aggressive in a performance as I remember from years back. I thought Tori performed as Pip very well, never smiling or showing anything but contempt, passion, and something bitter. The remainder of Thursdays show pleased me but it was during the opening of this, the Friday night show, with ‘Clyde’ that the charm truly broke for me.

      The theatrics of the performance pervaded most of the songs for me and I felt as though I was seeing some kind of Las Vegas spoof, a pastiche where nothing seemed authentic and everything fabricated (To Vegas and Back?). Tori’s Show (both as Pip/Clyde and as ‘Tori’, whom I believe, dawning a wig, is just as artificial and contrived as the other Dolls) has very carnivalesque components to it, and maybe that’s the point, but it leaves something to be desired for anyone looking for someone not afraid to go light on the makeup.

      I’d like to think that she is playing on the idea of identity and popular culture, but it also seems like she’s merely up to a few of her good older tricks and some new lesser substantive ones. The new Tori and show, I suppose, starkly contrasts to the shows that she created for past tours. It seems more time is spent on costuming, lighting affects, and striking poses than ever before. Each emotion derived from a pre-conceived idea of what’s expected. Shy of a few powerful moments, all I seem to be able to remember are pettiwigs and lots and lots and lots of lighting effects.

      Nicer moments from the two included Virginia, Jackie’s Strength, and Sugar. But like I said, overall the theatrics belied the intimacy of the venue and the songs. I do adore Tori’s music and will continue to be a fan, and admittedly a critical one.

    13. Eddie says:

      I have to agree with katie about the absurdly hot venue. I ended up having to leave before the end of the show because I was about to pass out from heat exhaustion. As a long time, and somewhat jaded, tori fan, I was truly hoping that this show would bring back the magic for me, and maybe it would have if the damn Orpheum hadn’t nearly killed me. Oh and also in line with katie’s posting: it’s a concert not an AA meeting.

    14. Jordan says:

      Okay…so this was my first Tori concert and let me just say it was even better than i imagined in my dreams!! To be honest, the only doll i didn’t want to see was Clyde, but i am SO glad she was the one that opened the show!! Girl Disappearing was amazing and can i just say Little Earthquakes was the shining gem of Clyde’s set. i was ecstatic when she started to play it!! i will also admit that every time i heard Tori sing Bouncing off Clouds live, i have been a little disappointed by the performances, but when she opened with it, it was flawless and full of an energy that made it amazing!! The crowd was way into it, and it was sooo hot that i understand that ppl had to keep getting up…its not ideal, but totally understandable at a concert where they sell alcohol…i met some great people.

      When Tori came out, i lost it!! i was in the balcony which was not ideal, but the seats were still amazing and i could still see her perfectly. Here are some of my thoughts on each song Tori performed…

      Big Wheel: Great energy! Loved when the crowd got involved in “don’t you forget!” Awesome set starter.

      Space Dog: I have never enjoyed this song until i heard it live this night!! it’s a new fave!!!

      Sugar: my fave of the whole show!! my fave song to hear live!! her emotion on this song makes we want to scream and i LOVE IT!!

      Cornflake Girl: i was just so happy during this song! i feel like this is always a crowd fave cause everyone knows it and Tori just has so much fun with it!!

      Bells for Her: also a fave of the night. the extended intro was gorgeous (even though it was due to technical in ear difficulties). it just shows how professional and prepared and amazing she is!

      improv “he has a well…”: this was it for me…i was mesmerized during this improv and wish with all my might that she will someday do a studio recording of it!! at least i have the live version from the boots and legs!!

      Spring Haze: i am so glad she played this and Juarez because i love TVAB!!

      Improv “i like my bus”: cute and hilarious…Tori in her funnest form!

      CHINA: need i say more!

      Merman: This was the absolute highlight of my night…again, mesmerized and in awe…she hit it right on the spot with this one…

      Northern Lad: Wow…i keep saying “major highlight of the night” because this setlist was so amazing! i love this song and was so happy to hear it! she hit the high notes with such ease and grace i was amazed!

      A Sorta Fairytale: This is one I have always wanted to hear live (along with Virginia and Taxi Ride; i love Scarlet's Walk!) and i got my wish! i am never disappointed when she plays something from S.W.

      Code Red: She rocked this bitch out!!!!!!

      Precious Things: Raw emotion and anger and everything i felt in high school and i about lost it during this song! i’ve waited so long to see her live and this song is one reason for this!!

      Parasol: Thanks Tori for letting a little of the Beekeeper in here! This is one of my faves from that album! loved the live version!! her B3 Hammond kicks ass!!

      God: YES!!! top 5 fave songs that night!! LOVED IT!!!

      Hey Jupiter: What a way to end the night!! High notes were ethereal. perfect in every which way!!

      Thank you Tori for a night i will NEVER forget!!

    15. Lisa071573 says:

      I enjoyed the second Boston show more than the first and was pleased when Clyde came on, since Juarez has always been one of my favorites, and Beauty of Speed is one of my faves from ADP. My sister and I had center mezzanine/balcony seats which were actually pretty good, since we got a nice full view of the stage. I always enjoy Little Amsterdam and Girl Disappearing was a nice surprise and I liked it more than the album version. I’m always glad for Space Dog, especially with the hidden “Andromeda” verse done as an intro… it really adds something to the song I think. The piano intro to Bells for Her was very long, and part way through the intro, Tori was motioning to the side-stage sound guys. I was under the impression that her in-ear monitors had come unplugged from the backbox and that she wasn’t getting sound from them, and she kept on playing the intro on both instruments while one of the guys came out to fiddle with the backbox (that rests around her waist at her back). The highlight of the evening for me was definitely the “he has a well, you have an ocean” improv. I got the feeling from the lyrics that she had read someone’s letter before the show and was responding to it. It was very intense, loud, and powerful – one of the better improvs I’ve seen her do. The “I like my bus” improv was really funny and cute, Northern Lad was also a nice suprise, and I was very happy to get Parasol with the band. A nice show, despite the heat the of Orpheum!

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