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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Orpheum Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 18, 2007
    City Boston, MA
    Venue Orpheum Theatre


    During soundcheck, “Seaside”, “Putting The Damage On”, “Take To The Sky”, “Concertina”, and “Almost Rosey”. (Thank you Brambles and yessaid!)

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Teenage Hustling
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Crucify
    • Concertina
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Putting The Damage On
    • Take To The Sky

    T & Bö

    • Donald Trump improv
    • Jackie’s Strength
    • Etienne

    Band Returns

    • Virginia
    • Hotel
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Digital Ghost

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter


    This concert is available as a digital download (mp3 and flac) from Legs & Boots.


    Cruel (posted by diggrd)

    Bliss (posted by diggrd)

    Smokey Joe (posted by diggrd)

    Teenage Hustling (posted by diggrd)

    The Waitress (posted by diggrd)

    Big Wheel (posted by diggrd)

    Crucify (posted by diggrd)

    Concertina (posted by diggrd)

    Cornflake Girl (posted by diggrd)

    Putting The Damage On (posted by diggrd)

    Take To The Sky (posted by diggrd)

    Donald Trump improv (posted by diggrd)

    Jackie’s Strength (posted by diggrd)

    Etienne (posted by diggrd)

    Virginia (posted by diggrd)

    Hotel (posted by diggrd)

    Code Red (posted by diggrd)

    Precious Things (posted by diggrd)


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    1. Megan says:

      The show was magical tonight. Pip was hot, confident, angry. Tori was a sharp contrast without compromising any of the energy she had before. Really just a fantastic show.

      Miss Massachusetts was there tonight and Tori not only had her stand up and wave but did a really great improv song about her (asking if she had to pick between Tori and Donald Trump “who would you choose”?)


    2. Michael Heiker says:

      Sometimes you appreciate a concert like this tonight even more, after going through some personal problems I now feel like a phoenix that has risen up from the ashes. The feeling of the stage, the clapping of my hands on the stage during “Precious Things”..I missed it. Boston tonight was magical and full of energy.

    3. Justin says:

      This was my first Tori show, and it was absolutely brilliant. Words cannot even describe what I am feeling right now. I was actually shaking when I got home. It was truly a moving and powerful, even surreal experience. Pip was so angry and passionate and full of energy, even sexy at times. It was so cute when she was talking about how the Orpheum is nice, but you have to watch out for the rats. The improv about Miss Massachusetts was also very funny! The highlights for me were The Waitress, Big Wheel, Putting the Damage On, Take to the Sky, Code Red, Bouncing off Clouds, and of course Hey Jupiter. I thought Hey Jupiter was especially emotional tonight. It’s always been one of my favorite songs, and I actually teared up a little bit. Thanks for making my first concert amazing, Tori!

    4. Aaron L says:

      Pip ROCKED the house! Very intimate show. Tori talked a lot with the audience. Could not have been a better show…. I have tons of pics and videos, I will post them Friday….

    5. Adrienne says:

      So tonight was a very special night for me, it was my very first Tori show!! I also was incredibly lucky…I showed up around 8 and started walking to my seat in the balcony…not the best seat in the house when I’m stopped by someone working on the tour, he asked me if I was alone and I said yes, he then asked if I was sitting back there (motioning towards my seat) and I said yes. And then he says no, you’re sitting in the front row, and hands me a ticket for front row center. Honestly this changed my life, I could not have had a better first time. Pip was rocking and I was in heaven when she played Take to the Sky and Etienne.

      Highlight of the night, during Jackie’s Strength an audience member shouts out I’m gonna get backstage after Tori sings “virgins always get backstage” and then she stops the song, looks at the girl and says honey, you are not a fucking virgin!” Amazing

    6. Jeffrey Anne says:

      Oh my effing GOD. Pip was on FIRE tonight. I didn’t think it was possible but she was so much stronger than the Pip of the first New York show. She is channeling these characters full force now. It was the cruelest Cruel I have ever seen live. And Teenage Hustling was “You better know, you better know, you better FUCKIN’ know!!!” toward the end. Wow. Even more crazy tiger crouching and lunging and rolling around on the floor in the beginning of Smokey.

      I used to think of Cornflake Girl as a lowlight but it seems like they are having fun with it. Making it funkier and funkier and it totally rocks.

      Putting the Damage made me cry and Take to the Sky rocked with a new improv at the end of where “I Feel The Earth” used to be. Now it’s “you take it in the evening, you take it before tea time, you take it before my show, boy, etc.” Very suggestive, very sexy, very rockin’.

      Loved the Miss Massachusetts/Donald Trump improv. Miss Mass was a rockstar tonight.

      Loved the royalty thread through the improv and Jackie’s and Etienne and Virginia. During Jackie’s, some girl in the front row screamed “I’ll get backstage!!!” during the “only virgins get backstage” lyric. Tori stopped the song and without missing a beat said something like, “C’mon, you’re no virgin, honey”. Crowd goes wild! Can’t wait to download the boot!

      Code Red effing rocks live. I am liking it more and more after experiencing it in concert. Her and the band just tear that shit up.

      I also felt some tears during Digital Ghost. Hmm, I always imagined it would be a Clyde show that would get me all emo…never expected it from a crazy Pip show.

      Bouncing off Clouds never ceases to amaze me. The lights, the energy, the clapping. It all just perfectly comes together for the last encore.

      Can’t wait for tomorrow night…I am sure the setlist will be completely different!!

    7. Laura T. says:

      Although I’ve been a huge Tori fan for a long time, tonight was my first show, and Ms. Amos did not disappoint! Her improv was brilliant, and the scope of the songs she played really shows just how much she’s capable of. Loved her outfits, too; I must ask Pip where she bought those boots!

    8. teddy says:

      Okay…so only one word comes to mind after last night…WOW!!! I don’t know what it is about Boston, but over the last 11 years or so that I’ve been going to shows, Tori always seems to have this amazing energy in Boston. I mean the show at Harborlights for The Beekeeper tour still ranks as one of my top 5…and last night’s show might be pushing itself into one of those elite positions as well…

      PIP!!! She was so intense…my friend and I got there halfway through Cruel (don’t ask :-P) and we ran to our seats and I was sooooo excited to see her…after seeing Santa in NYC, I was hoping to get a chance to see Pip in action…Waitress and Teenage Hustling were amazing!!! And I loved the fact that she flipped us the bird as she stomped off stage…loved it!!!

      Then it was time for Tori…and she did not hold back tonight at all!!! Jackie’s Strength, Hotel, Crucify, Take to the Sky and Digital Ghost were all treats for me!!! The little improv she sang in the middle of Sky was so cute…“you’ll take it in the morning, you’ll take it in the morning again…you’ll take it before my show”...something along those lines. Oh, I almost forgot about Putting the Damage On…I had one of those moments before the show listening to some cd’s and was like “she’s gonna play this tonight”...heeheehee…

      Anyways, I’m starting to ramble on as usual when talking about Tori…but overall, the show was utterly amazing tonight…the energy was off the Richter scale…and the song selection was all that I could have asked for and more…CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT!!!

    9. Chris aka Digitalghost@44 says:

      I’m still shaking form meeting her last night. The show was amazing. I really can’t do a review, the set really speaks for itself. I suggest downloading the boot, WITH NO QUESTION.

      I also met this girl named Rebecca. She had drove all the way from Albany for the show. She was very awesome and i know she checks this website. I just wanted her to know i tried looking for her to say bye, but couldn’t find… I hope you had a great time. ;-)

    10. Heather says:

      I was elated when I saw that it was Pip opening the show. Her sexuality was automatically mesmerizing!!!! I loved her energy and the way the Boston crowd reacted to her gyrating, passion and foul language! She was a total change from Isabel, who I experience on Tuesday.

      Her set list was beautiful. I got more excited as it went on, especially hearing Concertina and Take to the Sky!!!!

      All and all, another wonderful evening with Tori. 3 more to go…til then!!!

    11. Mark says:

      Without a doubt, this is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to – definitely in my top two! Pip came out strong and it was exactly what I was looking for. The intensity she showed was awesome! I also feel honored that both songs that I had asked for were played (Cruel & Waitress) – Thanks Tori! She was also more interactive with the audience this evening, which was a real treat :) The conversation & song with Ms. Massachusetts were great and it was awesome when Tori called out the girl in the front row who was “No F@ing virgin”.

      Pre-show was nice too as I got to meet Matt Chamberlain. It was brief, but he was super nice :) Thanks Matt!

      John Evan’s wife Ali was also about, snapping photos here & there – great to see you again Ali :)

      Yoav was okay this evening, not as strong a performance as previous shows, but the audience still dug his music.

    12. Michael M says:

      This was my first Tori concert ever!

      It was so magical and intense. The lighting was great. It went so smoothly with all her songs. The setlist was perfect. Her voice was so beautiful and right on key. Even when she was singing her power songs, such as “Teenage Hustling”, her voice couldn't have sounded any better! She is better in live concert than on any of her CD albums! I went with the Love of my life, Christopher “Topher”! He was in his bliss along side of me and I was right there with him! Fantastic, heartfelt, and emotional! We both were feeling it! I hope there are more Tori Virgins out there that will go see her show and know what I’m talking about! Great Great Great Show!

      P.S. “Pip” did a better-than-great job!

    13. Kelly G. says:

      OK, so I’m a long time Tori fan (more than 10 years) but this was my first show. I had some adverse circumstances (102 degree fever and attending with a person I broke up with on Sunday) but I was NOT going to miss it. I had total nosebleed seats…up on the right side of the balcony but everyone in my section was being bossy about keeping people seated—which was great because I don’t think I could have stood the whole show and the visual was not to be missed. She played some totally amazing stuff, and the improv “If you had to choose between me and the Don, who would you choose, Miss Massachusetts?” was p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s. oh especially the part before where she asked Miss MA whether upon shaking the Don’s hand it had been wet. Oh man oh man. I’ve been out of the loop on her newer stuff (the last album or two) so there were about four songs that I didn’t recognize, but she still managed to keep us old school kids entertained. And her closing Hey Jupiter was jaw dropping. Oh love.

    14. Tony says:

      Best show I’ve seen in years, perhaps my life. Tori’s energy was seemingly from another planet. Pip channeled emotion that I’ve never seen before, nearly convulsing with anger and drama through multiple songs. Her opening with Cruel let everyone in the audience know that the entire set would be intense. When Tori came on, the drama continued, though in a distinctly different form. She managed to truly separate two personalities without losing anything in the exchange. At the same time, Pip managed to seem like a distinct personality that was not forced or artificial in any way. Most of the songs have been covered above, but ending the set with Hey Jupiter was perfect. Her closing ‘howls’ left me with chills. All I can say is everyone should download the bootleg if they can afford it, there will be no disappointment!

    15. Athena says:

      The show tonight was amazing! Pip erupted on stage for us and set the audience on fire! Tori’s set had similar energy to the Strange Little Tour performance she did at the Wang a few years back, honoring the old world magic of the city while not ignoring the chaos, dirt and rats!

      Unfortunately, I was distracted quite a bit by the antics of one girl and her friends in the front row throughout the night. My seats were much further back but they were so disruptive it was hard not to notice. Apparently, they had been in the balcony and due to broken seats were given front row tickets. During the show, they decided to stand up and dance and when asked by the folks behind them to sit, they moved into the aisle (now blocking the view of the people to their right). They were asked by those folks to sit and gave major attitude, cursing and threatening them. I saw the hatefulness mostly from the tall girl (who was also the non-virgin Tori called out after she interrupted Jackie’s Strength).

      It is very unfortunate that some people think they are the only ones there to have a good time and enjoy Tori’s music. After the show, these girls bragged about their antics (including threats of violence toward the people who had rightfully asked them to sit down) while we waited in line for the bathroom. I know that their behavior is not typical of Tori’s fan base and would encourage folks who see this kind of behavior to shut it down peacefully. I was glad that Tori gave the tall girl a verbal smack for the rest of us!

      I also would like to point out that while I understand that everyone experiences music differently, it is incredibly rude of people to stand up in a seated venue to dance. There is a time for standing and dancing that Tori provides every night during her 4-song encore. If people simply can’t enjoy the show without dancing, they should go to an area where they are not blocking anyone’s view. Many people do not have the luxury of seeing multiple Tori shows and may have had to travel a long way to see her as well. It is very sad to see others being so selfish and ignoring the rest of the people behind them.

      I’m sorry to post negatives when all in all it was an amazing night but I do feel that things like this go on all the time at shows and it’s up to us to protect the rights of all to peacefully enjoy shows.

    16. Erica says:

      This was my third and favorite show of the tour- absolutely amazing!! First I would like to thank Tori for playing my request Digital Ghost- it was my fiance’s and my anniversary that night and I had been dragging him to Tori shows all week. (He was by no stretch dragged there kicking and screaming- Tori’s hot!!) Digital Ghost is his favorite song on the new album and I asked Tori to play it- and she did! Many thanks for that.

      Second I would like to say that the person who wrote that Boston Globe review was probably NOT a die-hard Tori fan, and I completely disagree with what they wrote. Typically we see these reviews from people who do not understand what Tori is all about (similar to radio stations refusing to play Big Wheel because of the MILF component- anyone ever hear of tongue-in-cheek???)

      Pip was FABULOUS. Very commanding up there in the rubber pants. LOVED Cruel, Teenage Hustling and The Waitress- these were my favorites from her act. Especially Teenage Hustling- great song!

      In terms of Tori’s sets, LOVED Putting the Damage On, Crucify, and Hotel. Loved loved loved them. Also thought the Donald Trump improv was so adorable.

      Tori never disappoints- I’ve been seeing her for years and years and she is just so impressive. That Boston Globe review said some crap about her not having the same energy and providing the same vibe (not a direct quote, just my interpretation), and I seriously think that writer was at another show altogether. Pip’s set was angry and full of passion, and Tori’s sets were full of another type of passion.

      Definitely my favorite show of the tour- even given the fact that the Orpheum was a billion degrees (and we were in the mezz) and is NOT my favorite place to see show, by far. My heart goes out to the balcony folks, they must have been overheating up there. (I nearly passed out seeing another show there).

      Thanks for everything, Tori!! Please come back soon, Boston loves you (especially me). Thanks for a memorable week, and some of the best performances I have ever seen. And for the record, I’d choose you over The Donald ANY TIME. ;-)

    17. Bethaney/Katydid says:

      This was my first Boston show. I moved from Oklahoma recently, so I had only seen her at Tulsa shows/Midwest shows previously.

      I had forgotten how powerful her shows are. I was in the balcony and was just so happy to see her (even though it was one million degrees up there). I saw the show with a Tori concert newbie and it was such an experience. I had seen Waitress, Cornflake Girl, and take to the sky, but hearing her excitement and energy about them made it new for me too. I feel like this show was the best I’ve seen since Dew Drop Inn. The energy and fire of Tori was amazing. Plus she took more time with the audience which was refreshing. When she played Virginia I nearly fainted. I had hoped she would play it, but I thought it was not a fiery or important enough of a song to get a chance. Thanks, Tori! And sorry to the boyfriend sitting behind me that dared talk during it. I am not certain if I’ve ever given the evil eye so sharply. I’m usually nicer! But not when someone’s chatting during a Tori concert even if we are in the balcony!

    18. Lisa071573 says:

      This was my first Tori show of the tour, in the venue where I first saw Tori back in 94. It was great to get Pip for my first ADP show and Cruel was mesmerizing, even though it took a listen to the bootleg to figure out most of what she’d been saying! Pip rolled around on the floor in front of the piano bench for a bit and was really on fire, flipping us off before strutting off the stage. It was definitely like watching a completely different person and it was a bit unnerving when Tori came out, smiling as her usual self, as if Pip and Tori were two separate entities. The Miss Massachusetts improv was hilarious, and my sister and I had seen Miss Mass chatting and being photographed before Tori came on stage, which made it seem funnier. It was really funny when Tori told her she could sit back down before she went into the song :) Etienne was really a wonderful surprise, as I’ve only gotten it live one other time and I love it. Crucify and Take to the Sky in the same show has always seemed a bit much (two 10-minute songs!) but overall, I enjoyed the show.

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