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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Chevrolet Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date October 16, 2007
    City Wallingford, CT
    Venue Chevrolet Theatre


    Act I – Isabel

    • Yo George
    • Sweet Dreams
    • Almost Rosey
    • Devils and Gods
    • Tombigbee
    • Scarlet’s Walk


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Space Dog
    • a sorta fairytale
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Doughnut Song
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Mother
    • “Little Girl” improv
    • Mary
    • Let It Be

    Band Returns

    • Lust
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Taxi Ride

    Second Encore

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Hey Jupiter


    Scarlet’s Walk (filmed by ecoiieee)

    Mother (posted by liquidice75)

    “Little Girl” improv (filmed by Peter Z)

    Let It Be (filmed by Peter Z)

    Precious Things (filmed by Peter Z)

    Photo Sets


    999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999 999


    1. Erica says:

      Excellent show!!! I’ve been going to Tori shows for about 12 years now, and this was among the best. She had a great energy, looked fabulous, and the song selection was excellent. I was very happy to hear Siren, Lust, Mother, and Taxi Ride. Some good staples, too- Cornflake Girl, God, and Big Wheel. Would have LOVED to hear the normal version of Professional Widow, but the remix with the band seemed to serve its purpose well for Tori’s costume change.

      I’m going to the next two shows in Boston, and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store! The Chevrolet Theater is a very cool venue- great setup, clean, and aside from being in the middle of freaking nowhere, an awesome place all around. Tori wasn’t super chatty tonight, but she was friendly enough and too cute for words. Big improvement over the last tour- she was dead on the whole evening. The crowd was very decent too- only a couple drunk annoying girls in our section, and they spent most of the night our of their seats (getting more drinks and using the restroom, I presume) so it wasn’t too bad. Thanks so much for an amazing night, Tori! See ya Thursday

    2. Kelly says:

      I was definitely nervous about this whole “doll” concept. I’ve been going to Tori shows since 97 and I was worried that she had gotten too kooky, even for me. I’m happy to say, she did not disappoint! In fact, this was one of the best shows I’d ever been to! I’ve been waiting NINE years to hear Siren and I was completely overtaken when she played it. She “funk“ed up a lot of her songs so even though I’d heard the staples many times before, the new arrangements were great and I was grooving along the whole time. Her voice sounded divine, so smooth and clear. When she came out smoking a cigarette I thought “Tori! What are you doing?! Your voice!!” but she was angel-tongued as always. Act 2 was definitely the highlight for me, so many of my faves. GREAT SHOW!

    3. Cliff says:

      Great show tonight. I thought it had muscle but was very laid back too. She looked incredible as Isabel. Sauntering out smoking a cigarette. Her dress was pretty wild too. A little more daring than the Isabel seen in the CD.

      It was interesting to hear ‘Yo George’ progress into an almost full blown song with all the band. I loved it. Other highlights were Tombigbee and a handful of other Scarlet tunes.

      Tori chatted about how there were many piano teachers in the audience tonight. Many of her piano teachers hated her and she liked some others. She said to respect your piano teachers (something like that).

      Tori has said in the past that she loves playing the Oakdale but where on earth were all the people last night?!? It was embarassing. Too bad but it had to be because the US is the last leg of this tour. Has a big impact on the turnout. It also doesn’t help with zero radio play (in our area). True fans in attendance. Great show!

    4. Mark says:

      Last night was another great Tori event! The venue was super clean and easy to get to (and the closest one to home that I’ll be at for this tour).

      Once again, Yoav did a great job and people were overall into the music he put forth.

      The people that were around me were a great bunch and fun to hang with. To the girl behind me who met Tori for the first time yesterday afternoon – I’m really happy for you – she’s a great person :)

      Tori’s portion of the show was no less special than any other I’ve seen. Although she has been less interactive with the audience as the years have passed, I still look forward to her conversations and although I’ve never had a piano teacher, I can relate to her speaking of them last night. I was told that Tori’s parents were in the front, but I did not see them, so maybe someone else can confirm this? (perhaps this is why Tori did “Mother”) In any event, it was a great time and I’m looking forward to Thursday in Boston – hope to see some of you there!

    5. JB says:

      Wow! Another great show and an unexpected one for us. We thought we wouldn’t make another. See my review on my blog.

    6. Chris aka Digitalghost@44 says:

      AMAZING SHOW!!! I was so happy to bring my mother along with me lastnight, and you know what… I think she really liked it!

      Isabel was BEAUTIFUL tonight. Black flower dress, no pony tale.

      • Yo George – Amazing song live with the band. I can’t wait to have a copy!
      • Sweet Dreams – Very fun song!
      • Almost Rosey – I’m kinda starting to turn around on this song. It’s much much better live.
      • Devils and Gods – I found new hope for this one.
      • Tombigbee – Always a pleasure to hear this!
      • Scarlet’s Walk – MY GOSH!!! Amazing. She held up a lattern during this song. Very intense performance.
      • Professional Widow – The guys really know how to work it. It was SO much better then the regular remixes. The crowd was dancing all over the place, it was great!!!
      • Tori looked interesting in her jumpsuit. Very Christmas looking if you ask me…
      • Big Wheel – “Don’t you forget”
      • Space Dog – Loved it. The intro was beautiful and made me question what it was.
      • A Sorta Fairytale – Not gonna lie, i cried a little bit. This song is very dear to me. I was hoping for this.
      • Cornflake Girl – Never gets boring… live anyways
      • Doughnut Song – The arrangement on this track was amazing. Totally brought it to the next level.
      • Siren – Always wanted to hear this live. Amazing.
      • Mother – I was so happy to hear this. I was thinking to myself, i wonder…since i am bringing my Mother, i would love for her to hear this. And she did.
      • “Little Girl” improv – Sounds like a new song she maybe working on. It didn’t seem like she was searching for the words to this song.
      • Mary – Love it without the band.
      • Let It Be – Loved it. I remember her playing Imagine at the Oakdale years ago. I kinda had a feeling we were going to recieve a cover tonight.
      • Lust – BEAUTIFUL! I have been learning this on the piano, and hearing it live again made me want to finish the learning process.
      • God – I can’t really stand the song in general. Sorry T.
      • Code Red – Great live.
      • Precious Things – I liked it, but i think the Plugged tour version was way way better.
      • Taxi Ride – YAY!!! Some guy was screaming taxi ride all night, and finally he got it. Good for you.
      • Bouncing Off Clouds – I LOVE THIS SONG! Everyone was dancing during this.
      • Hey Jupiter – Nice version. Over it tho.

      So, Tori was fabulous but i am going to have to say, 1/2 the crowd were devoted Tori fans and the other half missed the bus to the Motley Crew concert. A lot of f*cked up people there. Drunk at a Tori show, bad. Drinking and respecting, fine. Some girl grabbed my arm and i dumped my beer out on her. That was interesting. She actually looked like she was tripping. And not in the good way.

      My mom told me a girl got kicked out of the guys rest room. Then i saw her, and she was totally trashed. Also, during Hey Jup. Tori’s bodyguard ran across the stage to stop someone from getting up on the stage. CRAZY!

      I think it may just be Connecticut. I live here, but i know not to get that way at the best show on earth.

      I have VIP platinum in Boston Thursday! I hope to meet some nice people. And best of all, i finally get to meet Miss. Amos.

    7. Rachel says:

      This was my 13th or 14th Tori show (can’t remember) and it left quite an impression on me. So many old tunes (sweet dreams and mary!) and favorites I have only heard live I think once (siren) and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when Tori sang mother. Her voice was very “ON” last night and she sounded amazing with the band. Also she seemed to be in a great mood and was very smiley. A wonderful selection of music from throughout the years. Only a few crazy people in the crowd and everyone seemed really into the show and attentive.

    8. Johan says:

      I’ve been to over 20 Tori concerts in my time, and 5 in Wallingford. Each has been special, and seems to top the next in my memories. As someone already mentioned the show was nothing short of breathtaking, however for the first time ever I’m totally embarrassed by the fans in CT; not because of their bad behavior, but because of their total lack of LIFE!

      Tori must haven given one of her best performances and not only was the venue 1/3 empty, but people were falling asleep in front of me (4th row center) and not applauding at all, until the encore of course. She must have felt as if she was performing at a funeral!

      In any event, let this be a wakening for the rest of the concert goers, Tori is not going to be touring again for a long time, she said so herself. Please make this last time around enjoyable for her, as she has made every effort to make her performances enjoyable for us.

    9. john says:

      tori was supposed to play velvet revolution but opted for Let it Be instead. Talk about trading up!

    10. Heather says:

      Tori was amazing tonight. It was my first time seeing her on the ADP tour & believe me I was really excited. Isabel looked beautiful! I was so happy about the B sides covered, Sweet Dreams, Mary & Siren. It was so nice to see the full band again, I really missed them on the Beekeeper tour. So, now I have Boston through Buffalo to look forward too!!! It’s going to be a fabulous road trip with Tori.

      I was kind of looking forward to an improv like Spank that Ass, but she’ll probably save it for when she starts as Clyde or Santa. So excited, so much more Tori to experience!!!!

    11. Joy says:

      Tori, “the girls” and the boys ROCKED last nite in Wallingford! I was lucky enough to make it to the Meet and Greet earlier on during the day. Of course, she didn’t disappoint. Kudos to the woman who said, “Hey, let’s do a number system!” at the M&G. I was relieved and excited about it because there was some organization to it all. For Beekeeper’s M&G, the EWF were a bit more disorganized and therefore some of us that weren’t so “aggressive” didn’t get to meet Tori. The only thing that really gets on my nerves at the M&G is – why do people have to spend a long time talking with Tori? I mean, I respect that people want to have a semblance of a relationship with Tori and carry on a continuous conversation (Shoot, who wouldn’t want to?), but I think it’s just a bit selfish of those people too. What about all of the other people that just want to say a quick hello & thank you? It was cute watching Tash get on and off the bus. When you think about it, it’s got to be hard for a child to be traveling all of the time but I’m sure she also has a blast!

      But the show was WONDERFUL! Tori has such a stage presence. It’s awesome to hear and see such tight musicianship between Tori and the guys. And isn’t Dan Phelps a hoot?! I loved watching him play because he seems so out there!  The Connecticut audience was a bit subdued. Like during the “MILF” section, the crowd didn’t really jump on the “Don’t you forget” part. Ah well. (I was shouting it!) The silhouette of the jumping crowd during BOC just warmed me to bits and left me smiling. Every song was blissful (all puns intended). The lighting was MAGNIFICENT! I particularly enjoyed the different specials they used. Man, what a great show.

    12. Ethereal says:

      Clearly, Isabel is a smoker. She waltzed onto the stage amidst a cloud of fog with her head held high, letting the staccato gasps of, “oh my God, is she smoking” fade away before taking another drag and climbing aboard her Bösendorfer for the evening. It was the first time since I was fourteen years old that I thought that smoking looked cool.

      Then again, Tori Amos makes anything look good. She brought a delicious blend of class and raw sensuality that ebbed and flowed throughout the evening as she played to the small venue of the Chevrolet Theatre in Wallingford, CT.

      Isabel made her political leanings known by starting off with, “Yo George” following it up with, “Scarlet’s Walk” adding to its haunting effect by holding up a lantern as she sang the chorus. “Sweet Dreams” was dessert.

      Isabel made her metamorphosis while the band played the remixed version of “Professional Widow”.

      Now clad in a glittery bodysuit circa 1985 and a flowing red wig, Tori pounded out favorites like “Cornflake Girl” and “Space Dog” and the audience was up, dancing and clapping in time.

      When it was just Tori and the piano, she transported her audience back to her debut days with an introspective and haunting rendition of, “Mother”. Almost in answer to her counterpart’s earlier political frankness, Tori touched the audience with her own interpretation of The Beatles, “Let It Be”, her only cover song of the night.

      Tori mimed and emoted to some of the deep, tribal beats her band was playing and wrapped up mother earth in her arms with an entirely improvisational song, “Little Girl”.

      When it was time for the first encore, Tori didn’t disappoint with the cult-favorite, “Precious Things.” As per tradition, the first several rows peaceably “rushed” the stage to be as close to the fire as possible.

      This concertgoer is very happy to say I was among the throng, having waited ten years to be that close to the stage. I whipped out the cell phone to take incredibly blurry footage but it was worth it just to preserve the memory of having finally made it to the stage.

      Of course, there had to be some drama. Smitty, her kind-hearted and fiercely protective bodyguard, ran across the stage to tell a girl, who, right in front of me, had decided that the right hand corner of the stage was a good place to lie down and perform slow-motion leg acrobatics.

      Isn’t it great to be young and drunk on a Tuesday night? Then again, Tori was playing, “Hey Jupiter”…

      To my surprise, there was one element that seemed to be missing last night: the EWF. It appears that Tori is drawing a slightly more subdued crowd. Gone are the boys in their dresses and the typical parade of fairy wings and glitter.

      Then again, Tori is maturing along with her music. Maybe she is drawing a different crowd or perhaps her audience has simply grown with her, trading outward extravagance for inward expression.


      On a personal note, I noticed that something had changed within me as well. I’ve begun to find a balance in my life so I feel I viewed the concert with different eyes last night. There was once a time in my life where Tori was akin to religion to me. Without being aware of it, she has helped me through the toughest times in my life.

      When I met her in person two years ago, I was twenty-five and had already begun to find my own voice and medium for artistic expression. That thirty-second exchange was a good way for me to transition from adoring fan to seeing Tori not as the “piano goddess” but as a fellow human being.

      I took my posters down off the wall the next day and became interested in fine art. Although I have to admit, Edmund Leighton’s, “The Accolade” does remind me a bit of Tori.

      Her setlist and performance were outstanding. This is the best I’ve seen from her yet. She pulled out all the stops and put movement, symmetry, passion and energy into each song performed.

      As always, I was blown away.

      Act I – Isabel
      · Yo George
      · Sweet Dreams (Awesome!)
      · Almost Rosey (One of my favorites)
      · Devils and Gods
      · Tombigbee
      · Scarlet’s Walk (Haunting as she held a lantern up through each chorus)
      · Professional Widow (Dance club time!)
      Act II – Tori
      · Big Wheel (This song has so grown on me!)
      · Space Dog
      · a sorta fairytale (I needed her to play this.)
      · Cornflake Girl (And I needed her to follow it with this. Glad to hear it!)
      · Doughnut Song (I admit, I got up to use the restroom during this one)
      · Siren (Been waiting a decade for this one!)
      T & Bö
      · Mother (The most incredible version I’ve ever heard. You could have heard a pin drop!)
      · “Little Girl” improv
      · Mary (Always glad to see Ms. Magdelene drop by.)
      · Let It Be (Precious)
      Band Returns
      · Lust (Delicious!)
      · God
      · Code Red (I loved the light show and the power behind this song.)
      First Encore
      · Precious Things (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)
      · Taxi Ride (One of my absolute favs from Scarlet’s Walk)
      Second Encore
      · Bouncing Off Clouds (Bouncy! Literally people were bouncing. I almost got stepped on!)
      · Hey Jupiter (Perfect closing song)

    13. Will says:

      Awesome show..This is my third time seeing tori here and this was by far the best..I was lucky enough to get 5th row seat on the right(section 101).

      Big wheel was high energy with the crowd..I am a M.I.L.F. don't u forget

      Space dog .. One of my favorites

      A sorta fairytale.. Very moving (Was the the song I was hoping to hear most)

      doughnut song was awesome

      God and cornflake girl.. never cared for these two too much..

      Mother.. very moving

      Code red..Really starting to love this song..the lights were very cool during this

      Taxi ride.. love almost all the songs from scarlet’s walk.. was hoping for carbon, strange, and crazy

      All in All THE best show I’ve ever seen..

      ohh and I thought it was funny to watch this one girl in front dance the entire time..I never thought songs like mary, siren , or mother were danceable heheh.

      I tried to get to the front for the stage rush but got stopped by security.

    14. MrScotti says:

      How appropriately ironic that Tori brought “Isabel” to Connecticut. Being that Isabel is the quiet ‘observer’/documenter I think the audience also did its’ fair share of observing. I’m with most of you on being a bit disappointed in the crowd(lack of turnout, enthusiasm, etc) but I think that may be more of a demographic thing. Concert promoters in this state really don’t do much at all anymore. Sad to see, but an unfortunate reality here.

      I really like what Tori is doing with the “dolls”, both in content of the album and the shows on the tour. I was fortunate enough to be very close, and I think the Oakdale/Chevy Theater is a great venue for her (and other performers). Really liking the new material, though I would have really liked to have heard Crucify or Sneeze with the full band I know that she has SO much material and she can’t play every single song at each show. I think she does a great job picking the setlists and never disappoints.

      She was in top form and her playing and singing were spot-on. Really good to hear Fairytale and Scarlets Walk in there, and even the staples had a new twist(though I wonder about Cornflake Girl with no guitar :-/) All in all an excellent show, the band was right behind her the whole way. They are all top notch musicians, though I don’t think Dan could possibly have any more footpedals in front of him! :) I will hopefully be seeing her at another stop on this tour, and maybe she’ll bring Clyde out to play (all in all my favorite doll, and my favorite songs, I think BOC stands out as one of her best).

    15. Davi says:

      Tori’s performance was amazing. I’ve seen her many times over the years, have been lucky enough to meet her, and was thrilled to have second row seats toward the center for this performance. To the person who wondered, I didn’t see her parents in the front sections at all…it looked like the front rows were entirely taken up with the “extreme fans,” who bordered on obnoxious at some points. Their efforts at coordination of dance moves and various things were distracting. Before the show even started, one of them moved one of the speakers on the forefront of the stage because it was blocking her view (from the front row!). In doing so, she not only blocked the view of others behind her, but tampered with equipment that could’ve impacted the show. When a gentleman near me mentioned that she was now blocking his and others’ views she basically laughed him off with: “Well, someone’s view is going to get blocked tonight, so…” She then proceeded to have a complete breakdown during “Mary,” which made her view completely irrelevant anyway. This may have something to do with the inebriation that was mentioned by many other posters here. Aside from people like this, all in all it was a great show from Tori; I was missing Clyde though!

    16. music is art says:

      being able to see tori amos last week at the wallingford theatre was one of those moments that made me feel again like life truly has some magical meaning. feeling like a theatrical show, watching her confidently stroll out onto the stage as a doll with a blonde wig and cigarette that sensually lingered from her lips, through her fingers as she casually smoked and played the piano with her head slightly tilted to one side.

      “isabel” the doll, grabbed my attention during the musical connection of the songs tombigbee as it intensely segued into scarlet’s walk. both from the same mystical era, dancing at first to those quick notes, she moved her hips up above her piano bench, smiling proudly upon the stage. for the second half, inbetween switching her right hand from her shiny bosendorfer piano to her left hand on the organ that sat right in back of her, isabel held a black hurricane lantern that grew so bright as she delicately screamed “leaving terra, leaving terra“. while the lights gently faded to black and only the ivory glow of the lantern came on, it hauntingly cast a silent spell over the entire crowd.

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