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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Be sure to check out our other sections, Tour — where setlists and other concert-related material will be updated daily while Tori is on tour — and You. Lots of interesting stuff!

    Last Week In Tori...And The Weeks Before That Too...

    Wednesday, July 09, 2014 | 03:35 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles,TV/Radio/Web

    This time last week, South Africa, basking in the afterglow of the final show on the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour southern swing, was waving farewell to Tori as North America prepared for the tour to return to its shores and pick up again on the West Coast come mid-July. Between the pleasantries of Independence Day here in the States and the unpleasant intrusion of real life, the site has been a bit dormant so here’s a not-so-quick summary of recent happenings to get everyone — particularly ourselves — caught up.

    First, a recap of the other things that happened during the South African tour while we were focusing on the live shows themselves.

    • To prime the promotional pump, Tori reflected on her 2011 South African tour and the current tour in an interview with Rebecca Jackman for The Cape Times.
    • The first Johannesburg concert earned a rave review from Nicola Beach for What’s On In Cape Town as well as some lovely press from City Buzz’s Graeme Shackleford.
    • On June 30th, during the afternoon before the second Cape Town show, Tori visited the studios of Cape Talk 567 to talk to Pippa Hudson. The radio station kindly shared the complete audio of their excellent conversation on Soundcloud for everyone who may have missed it.
    • On the same day, Tori also chatted with News24’s Jennifer Sanasie about the tour, Tori’s daughter Natashya, and Under the Pink. Video of that interview is available from Channel24.
    • The Daily Maverick also got in the game with an article summarizing Tori’s career that appeared in that news website following the tour.

    And, from the non-South-African department…

    • “Promise” has been announced to be the second single from Unrepentant Geraldines. A video, which features both Tori and Tash, was shot for it in between the European and South African legs of the tour.
    • Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou, who opened for most of the European leg of the tour, have been announced as the opening act for the North American leg as well.
    • Back in April, while the pre-album release promo tour was in New York City, Tori spent some time record shopping with Nylon’s Jade Taylor. A couple photos surfaced on Instagram back then…but now the article, which includes a photo gallery of their visit to Generation Records, is on Nylon’s website.
    • Chris Azzopardi interviewed Tori for, touching on the new record, her career, past and present, and Tori’s relationship with the gay community.
    • Swide’s Ben Taylor spoke with about Unrepentant Geraldines, being a parent and the on-going work on The Light Princess cast recording.
    • Süddeutche Zeitung has a series of articles called “Sagen Sie jetzt nichts” (“Now say nothing”) in which personalities are asked questions and they respond wordlessly with expressions or gestures which are photographed. Tori was the subject of this series in the June 27th edition of the magazine answering questions ranging from “Where do you sing the most?” to “What is the first thing you would do if you were a man for a day?”
    • FaceCulture posted a two-part video interview with Tori that was conducted while she was passing through Holland earlier on the tour.
    • Alex Macpherson sat down with Tori for The Quietus and ended up looking back at some of the less-discussed songs from her back catalog — though they also took a close look at a couple songs from the new record as well.
    • Stereogum listed the 10 best Tori Amos songs which SoSoGay countered with the 10 best Tori Amos songs you (probably) haven’t heard. Meanwhile, PopMatters decided a better top 10 would be the 10 songs Tori Amos should cover, perhaps in response to Alex Ramon’s summary of notable covers thus far on the Unrepentant Geraldines tour which, disappointingly, only includes 9 selections! In any case, once we get enough Tori listicles, we promise to list our ten favorites!
    • Martijn Tulp interviewed Tori for the July issue of Gay & Night. The article, in which Tori revealed that she’d love to be a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, is available online via issuu.
    • Brian Ives, who fleshed out the news of The Light Princess cast recording back in May, had the rest of his interview with Tori for published back in the beginning of June. The article also includes video footage from their discussion.
    • Dan Loughry interviewed for Frontiers magazine.
    • Bitch Magazine interviewed Tori, discussing the new record and feminism.
    • Boxx also had a feature interview with Tori during which she summarized the work on The Light Princess and addressed the state of the music industry for women.
    • Finally, Pop Sugar declares Tori hasn’t changed one bit since the 90s. Mmmm hmmmm.

    Phew! Thanks to Mike Minanian, mkgtweety, Erin, Scott, choirguy, Lorna, Jennifer, and several anonymous contributors for all the links! We appreciate it!

    Happy Pride From Tori!

    Sunday, June 29, 2014 | 22:29 UTC | Posted by woj | Cherries

    Sounds The Call To Come Together

    Sunday, June 29, 2014 | 22:24 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    It’s been a bit of a rough week here at Undented but despite the lack of recaps, setlists for the three South African shows so far — two in Johannesburg on Thursday and Friday and tonight’s performance in Cape Town, the first of two — were posted in the Tour section either as the shows happened or right after they finished.

    The two Johannesburg shows were updated in real-time thanks to @andrew_ja, @LindiAtieno, @burgergc, and @RKGraeme while Cape Town was old school, with reports coming in after the show. Thanks go out to @tessann_e and @julieteidelman for posting photos of the Cape Town setlist on Twitter after the show!

    Some notable songs from the three shows include “Take Me With You,” “Real Men,” “Purple Rain,” and “Sugar” on the 26th; “Sister Janet,” “Carbon,” “Spark,” Sinead O’Connor’s “Three Babies”, and Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle,” on the 27th; and “Merman,” “The Rose,” a mash-up of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” and Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round,” “Cooling,” and Depeche Mode’s “In Your Room,” tonight. The complete sets for all three shows are in the Tour section.

    Reviews of the shows are welcome! We always love to hear about the show and not just hear what was played — though that is important too! There’s a form at the bottom of each show’s page which you can use to post your thoughts if you were there and would like to share!

    Finally, there’s just one more show, on Monday in Cape Town, South Africa to go and then there’s a break before the North American leg kicks off. We’re hoping to have real-time coverage for tomorrow on Twitter. If you’re going and would like to send us the set as it happens, please get in touch! Either @ or DM us on Twitter or you can reach us on Facebook or via the trusty Contact form here. We’d love to close out the first half of the tour with a bang!

    Waiting On Sunday To Land

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014 | 04:44 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    Last night at Istanbul’s KüçükÇiftlik Park, Tori brought the European leg of the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour to a close in significantly less rainy conditions than four nights earlier in Bucharest at the other open-air venue on the tour.

    The set featured three debuts, “Mother Revolution,” “Spring Haze,” and, during the Lizard Lounge, her version of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” played for the first time in eleven years! The set also included “Little Earthquakes,” “Forest of Glass,” “Liquid Diamonds,” “Purple People,” and a five-song encore which included “Sugar,” and “Riot Poof.” The other half of the Lizard Lounge was U2’s “Running to Stand Still.”

    Many thanks to @atagunmert for sending in the setlist while it happened via Twitter! We really appreciate it, as did those who were able to follow along all over the world! The complete set, along with several videos has been posted in the Tour section. If you were at the show and would like to send in a review, we’d certainly be happy to have it on the site — just use the form at the bottom of the Istanbul page to send on in.

    Next stop, South Africa! There will be four shows, two in Johannesburg this Thursday and Friday and two in Cape Town on Sunday and Monday! Tune in then to see what Tori does in her second trip to South Africa!

    Through The Hourglass She Saw You

    Saturday, June 21, 2014 | 04:19 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    The penultimate concert on the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour’s European leg has come and gone with a stop at Sofia’s National Palace of Culture — the first time Tori’s played in Bulgaria!

    The complete setlist has been posted in the Tour section. The show featured the tour debut of “Suede” and, during the Lizard Lounge, Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” and Depeche Mode’s “In My Room,” the latter which made its second appearance after first making an appearance in Saint Petersburg last weekend! Other notable inclusions in the set were “Cooling,” “Siren,” “Marys of the Sea,” “Etienne,” and “Secret Spell.”

    Video of several songs from the show have already been added to the show’s page but we’d love to hear what those at the show thought of it. If you would like to share, please send in a review using the form at the bottom of the show’s page.

    Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Bucharest Oh My!

    Friday, June 20, 2014 | 05:14 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    Obvs, we’re totes behind the times but we have been keeping the Tour section up-to-date more or less! Even if a meteorite struck the Earth and caused a thousand-year nuclear winter, we’d manage to find a way to keep the Tour pages updated, even if there was no updates for the rest of the site. Really!

    Anyway, setlists for the Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Bucharest shows have been posted, along with some pictures and videos. The only thing missing from each is your reviews! If you attended any of those shows and would like to share your thoughts on the performance, please send in a review using the coment format at the bottom of any one of the concert pages. We’ll get them approved as quickly as we can!

    No Meet And Greet In Moscow

    Saturday, June 14, 2014 | 13:53 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    We’ve gotten word that there will not be time for a meet and greet in Moscow on Sunday due to the timing of travel arrangements and the early show time for the concert that night.

    Kiev Concert Cancelled

    Friday, June 13, 2014 | 10:47 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    Regretfully, we’ve gotten confirmation that the concert in Kiev, Ukraine on June 17th has been cancelled by the promoter, Melnitsa Concert Agency due to the state of affairs in Ukraine. This was announced on the official Facebook page via a post visible to those in Ukraine and Russia. This does not affect the Russian shows this weekend or any of the other remaining shows on the European tour — those will go on as planned.

    Melnitsa’s announcement is as follows:

    With a heavy heart we must say that all the shows we planned in the Ukraine are now cancelled due to the current state of affairs in the country. it’s a painful moment and a difficult time for all us. We sincerely cherish a hope that a possibility for the live concerts in Ukraine will be restored soon. We are thankful for your support and understanding in such difficult times.

    Any the purchased tickets are valid to be exchanged to an equivalent to concerts in June 2014 held by Melnitsa concert agency. The full list of shows is here:

    Please follow the corresponding instructions for the ticket exchange:

    1. Refund will be carried only with prerecord by using the form on the website or by call +38 063 718 21 15 from 11:00 to 15:00 except holidays.

    2. For appointment by phone, please specify: name, number of tickets, the amount and the name of the concert.

    3. After registration on the site you will be notified by email about date and time of return, or you will be contacted by phone.

    We’re saddened to hear this news but this move is certainly for the best for the safety of all and we hope that the situation there comes to a peaceful resolution soon!

    The Last Word From

    Friday, June 13, 2014 | 02:14 UTC | Posted by woj |

    Back at the end of April, Tori visited with during the whirlwind week of promo in New York City, and their interview with her is the latest episode in their Originals series. In the clip, Tori discusses Unrepentant Geraldines, hitting the half-century mark, and her appreciation for her fanbase. Check it out below!

    She Knows Where She Is

    Friday, June 13, 2014 | 01:44 UTC | Posted by woj | Touring

    Back in the old days, when Tori used to do two shows in one night, we’d always make a point to never miss the late show. The early show was the “normal” set with all the hits while the late show was always…different. There are no late shows any more and, indeed, it seems like every show on this tour could be a late show by the old measuring stick, there are a few streaks of four consecutive shows and, perhaps, that fourth show could be today’s equivalent of the late show of yore. Tonight’s show in Warsaw was the fourth in a row and, even though it may not be different in the same way as late shows used to be, it seems to stand somewhat alone from the others, at least at this distance.

    The evening saw several firsts: the first time “Beauty Queen” was played this tour and the first time it was in its accustomed place before “Horses” since 2011, the first time Tori covered “Nights in White Satin” since 2005, and the first time “Riot Poof” was performed since 2003 — and in the encore too! The other song during the Lizard Lounge was Leonard Cohen’s “Famous Blue Raincoat” and the rest of the set featured “Here. In My Head,” “Oysters,” “Graveyard,” “Blood Roses,” and “Curtain Call.”

    The full setlist, thanks to the tweetly efforts of @hardypl, has been posted up in the Tour section. We’d love to share your review of the show with the world if you were there; you can send them in using the comment form at the bottom of the page if you’d like let everyone know what you thought of the concert.

    Note: tonight was the last night for Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou on the tour. Although originally slated to go through to the Istanbul show, logistical difficulties are preventing them from continuing. We’ve gotten confirmation that the remaining European shows will not have an opening act so be warned: Tori will be starting earlier in the evening than the previous shows on the tour!