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    Gold Dust Debuts At #36 On UK Chart

    Tuesday, October 09, 2012 | 06:03 UTC | Posted by Beth | Releases

    The numbers are in, and Gold Dust debuted at #36 on this week’s BBC Top 40 Albums chart, snuggled between Bob Dylan’s Tempest and Papa Roach’s The Connection. Thanks to @iammatthewwolf for the tip!

    Peter Rauhofer Creating Clubtastic "Flavor"

    Tuesday, October 09, 2012 | 05:47 UTC | Posted by Beth | Releases

    DJ/remix artist Peter Rauhofer (formerly known as Club 69 or Size Queen) announced on Facebook that he will be remixing the Gold Dust version of “Flavor.” Rauhofer is already pretty well known for is remixes of songs such as Madonna’s “Nothing Really Matters” and “4 Minutes,” Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” Seal’s “Killer,” and Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La.”

    Happy Release Week!

    Sunday, September 30, 2012 | 21:11 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    It’s been almost a year since we first heard about a record celebrating the 20th anniversary of Little Earthquakes and four months since the official announcement about Gold Dust and now, finally, the record is here!

    Gold Dust was released in Germany and other parts of Europe on Friday and it hits the shelves in the UK and the rest of Europe on Monday, North America on Tuesday and Australia on Friday.

    The album is available in a regular and deluxe edition, with the deluxe edition including a 32-page hardcover booklet and a bonus DVD. The regular and deluxe editions are also available digitally, with iTunes and Amazon each offering a different bonus track with the digital deluxe edition — “Maybe California” at iTunes and “Snow Angel” at Amazon.

    So far, there’s no sign of a vinyl release for the record, but one never knows…

    As mentioned, the album is already out in parts of Europe and Inka, one of the fortunate people in Germany to have already picked up a copy, has sent us photographs of the deluxe edition booklet. Many thanks to her for seeding these over! Enjoy them!

    Jump the cut for the rest!


    The Amazon Gold Dust News Roundup

    Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 15:19 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    At long last, the digital deluxe edition of Gold Dust has been added to’s MP3 Store (it’s been on, and for a little while now) and, as expected, it includes “Snow Angel” as a full-album-only bonus track.

    Curiously though, while the British, French and American Amazon stores are all including “Snow Angel” with the digital deluxe edition of the album, the German digital deluxe edition does not. Not sure if this is an oversight or if it is not available there for other reasons though.

    However, as a consolation prize, the regular digital edition of Gold Dust is on sale at as part of their Neu für 5€ promotion.

    Still no sign of a vinyl release yet…

    Panning For Gold Dust

    Wednesday, September 26, 2012 | 05:49 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles,Releases

    NME’s Lucy Jones chats with Tori about Gold Dust and a host of other topics but, perhaps most interestingly, offers up a full stream of the album. It’s for those in the UK only but we’re sure an album stream will be made available to other regions before too long…

    Update: Gold Dust is now streaming via Paste magazine. Wheeee!

    Update: Earlier this afternoon, the streaming widget on Paste’s site started having problems. Fortunately, the widget we snagged earlier today and embedded below (the one on the right) still works.

    Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player

    Gold Dust Release News Round-up

    Saturday, September 22, 2012 | 17:24 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    After being in European iTunes stores for over a week, Gold Dust is now available for pre-order in both the regular and deluxe editions at the US iTunes store. As with the deluxe editions listed elsewhere, the US digital deluxe edition on iTunes includes “Maybe California” as an extra track.

    Given that, it’s looking pretty clear at this point that at least iTunes and Amazon will be offering exclusive tracks with the digital deluxe editions they are selling. has yet to list the digital editions of the album but we expect, once they do, that “Snow Angel” will be included with theirs.

    Venerable Boston-based record store Newbury Records was offering their usual special promotion for those pre-ordering the deluxe CD/DVD edition of Gold Dust: signed booklets! Unfortunately, they have sold out of the signed copies, but are still taking pre-orders for the regular and deluxe editions of the album.

    In any case, whether you prefer your music physical or digital, is running a pre-release sweepstakes to win personally signed copies of the deluxe edition of Gold Dust. To enter the drawing for a chance to win 1 of 20 of these prizes, you’ll need to pre-order Gold Dust, upload a screenshot of photo of the order confirmation and fill out the forms at that link above. Unfortuantely, the contest is only open to residents of the lower 48 United States.

    Finally, clips of Gold Dust are now available on German retailer JPC.

    Thanks to Harry, Alfred, inka and roel for the links and such.

    The Noisey Premieres Girl Disappearing

    Friday, September 21, 2012 | 13:15 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    Another day and another new song from Gold Dust surfaces to whet ones appetite for the record. This time, it’s “Girl Disappearing,” shared by the fine folks at The Noisey. Give it a listen! Digital Deluxe Edition Includes Snow Angel

    Sunday, September 16, 2012 | 15:44 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    Earlier we surmised that bonus tracks might vary from country to country. Well, it now appears they may vary from retailer to retailer as the digital deluxe edition of Gold Dust has been added to and it includes “Snow Angel” but not “Maybe California,” the extra track listed in the digital deluxe edition at the UK iTunes store.

    There is, of course, a fairly common practice in the music industry these days and there is precedent for it in Tori’s back catalog as well — remember “Miracle,” “Drive All Night,” and “Good King Wenceslas?” Still, it is a rather irritating practice for not just the completists but consumers in general and we hope that it turns out not to be the case.

    Thanks to @ToriAmosjp for the tip!

    The Curious Case Of The Gold Dust Bonus Tracks

    Friday, September 14, 2012 | 13:37 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    Earlier this week, the Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported, citing Universal Music as their source, that the digital edition of Gold Dust would contain two bonus tracks: “Maybe California” and “Snow Angel.” Taking a quick look around the Spanish Universal Music website turns up a news item stating exactly that — along with announcing that Gold Dust would be released on October 2nd in Spain.

    However, there was no indication of any bonus tracks being included in digital editions of the record until the past day or so when the deluxe edition of the album was listed on the UK iTunes store. Curiously though, there is only one additional track included: “Maybe California.”

    So, at this point, it’s not clear what is going on with bonus tracks but it does look possible that it may vary from country to country. Given that Universal Music Spain made no mention of a deluxe edition, it seems also possible that the editions of the album may vary from country to country as well.

    Time will tell…

    Gold Dust Clips Streaming on iTunes

    Sunday, September 09, 2012 | 21:52 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases

    The next step in an album’s pre-release cycle of life has arrived for Gold Dust: clips of each song are now streaming at an online retailer. This time around, the European and Australian iTunes stores have the honor of being the first retailers to do so. Here’s the webpage for the UK store. The 30 second clips should be streamable anywhere in the world — just hover your mouse or pointing device over the track and click the play button that appears to the left of the track name.

    Update: Longer 90 second clips can be heard on the listing for Gold Dust within the iTunes application, as opposed to the web page linked above. Just click the “View in iTunes” link to bring up the album’s page in iTunes — assuming you have it installed.

    Thanks to @EarWithFeet and mario for the tip!