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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Cobb Energy Performance Arts Center

    Unrepentant Geraldines Tour

    Date August 19, 2014
    City Atlanta, GA
    Venue Cobb Energy Performance Arts Center


    Thanks to @dpatterson8674, @marlatiara, @haloeighteen and his cell phone feeder for tonight’s setlist!

    • Parasol
    • Way Down
    • Little Amsterdam
    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Pandora’s Aquarium
    • Father Lucifer
    • Baker Baker
    • Suede
    • Apollo’s Frock
    • Twinkle

    Lizard Lounge

    • Out Here On My Own [Irene Cara]
    • Rocket Man [Elton John]

    • Your Cloud
    • Floating City
    • Invisible Boy
    • The Beekeeper
    • Scarlet’s Walk
    • Cornflake Girl


    • Precious Things
    • 16 Shades of Blue
    • Riot Poof
    • Winter


    1. Lorraine Eakin says:

      EPIC evening. I should just end my review there…

      Not only was it a spectacular setlist (duuude…) but every song was played to its fullest – fiercely, softly, whatever was called for. This was a 100% commitment show.

      This is the best Little Amsterdam I’ve ever seen, following a great rarity Way Down that she totally nailed. And Pandora! Oh Pandora. Such piano playing…it was overwhelmingly awesome. Baker Baker was teary. Suede was hard. Apollo’s Frock, on piano and keyboard, flipped from delicate to angry and back. Then the unexpected addition of a full, lush Twinkle.

      Before Floating City, she said something like “I’ve done this before…but like once in 30 years…I need lip gloss!” Invisible Boy was touching and soft. The Beekeeper and Scarlet’s Walk were creepy and intensely played, but together may have been a lot to ask from casual fans. Beekeeper is more effective now than in its 2005 incarnation, with sections played on the Bosey to give us a rest from the intensity of the organ.

      Which made the backing track to Cornflake Girl quite welcome. I know it’s not super popular – heck, I complained about how loud the backing track was way back in May. But after TBK and Scarlet, we needed to groove.

      Precious was huge – it probably ate a couple of the other songs for breakfast today. Riot Poof was another groove we needed, and then we all cooled down to the blue lights of Winter.

      This crowd was rough and rowdy, and I won’t be surprised to read other reviews complaining about that. Which will be warranted, but that rowdiness translated into energy that T just fed off of.

      I pointed out in DC that she covered every major album in the setlist. Well, tonight she completely ignored her output from 2007-2013 and, until the encore, had played nothing from LE, which has been the real centerpiece of the tour. You just don’t know what to expect on this damn tour, do you??

    2. Jennifer says:

      Well the day started out rather shitty. This was the first time I showed up early for a M&G. There was no clear line formed, in the past in pictures I have seen ropes, tape, or barricades set up.

      Me and my husband were accosted by a woman who was rather rude. She explained that there was a line and we were somehow cutting it. She suggested we find a place in said line, and the super fans who have been there since 8am will be getting in first. She also rudely explained how they police the line.
      Needless to say I was very offended, no doubt these super fans have already met Tori 20 plus times.

      I was fortunate enough to meet some really awesome people in line. We kept getting word that Tori would try to meet all the fans, but needed to do soundcheck. When we had just about given up hope, her management came out to say Tori only had time left for group photos. We got giddy with excitement. Tori was so gracious, she shook all our hands, asked our names, gave out hugs, even though she was running into her soundcheck time. The group photo came out great.

      Just a word to the super fans, please don’t treat first timers like shit. It should not be a hostile environment. We are all there to see Tori and love her.

      Highlights of the show for me were: Pandora’s Aquarium, The Beekeeper, and my wedding song “Your Cloud”

    3. George Walker. says:

      Jennifer. I agree. Those crazy mega fans ruin it for everyone else. I was at the near back of that meet and greet line you write of. My boyfriend was amazing for standing through if with me and then taking one of those group pics for everyone. Tori was flat out gorgeous. And I have no doubt that she told the security, “bring them all in….”. She was gracious and so wonderful to meet. But those crazy fans need to start realizing that it’s them…who ruins it all for the rest of us with their snobbery!

    4. Clay says:

      A truly beautiful performance by Tori with a few surprises thrown into the mix that were a delight to hear. Unfortunately, most of my review is being used to comment on a few negative aspects that were observed as well. First, I will say that I have followed Tori’s body of work for many years and had the honor of attending 12 concerts now to date. By no means does that make me a “super fan” by super fan’s standards, but I have a deep respect for the manner in which Tori has carved her career path and the decisions she has made as a professional artist along the way. Hands down, she plays a piano like no other on this planet, and the impact of her messages deeply emblazoned into her songs transcends all space and time. Last night was rather bittersweet for me because I had already determined this was probably going to be my last concert, where I took advantage of “presale” tickets and with the luck of the draw on ticketmaster, ended up on the 4th row, center. Having attended Tori’s concerts at different venues through the years, I have always, ALWAYS, given my full attention to the opening act, and even if I didn’t personally enjoy their performance, I was always respectful and showed my appreciation for them. Last night when the opening act started, the first three rows were virtually empty, and I felt extremely sad for Trevor Moss and Hannah-Lou. I found their music very interesting, they were very engaging, and this was my thought….. “Tori thinks highly enough of them to invite them along to be her opening act for her tour. She respects their artistry enough to want to expose her fan base to their music”. After intermission and before Tori came out to play, the rows in front of me were filling up with those aforementioned “superfans”, who clearly couldn’t find it in their hearts to “have to listen to this duo from England yet another time”, since they obviously structure their lives to attend multiple shows in a row, have the privilege of being given free front row tickets by Tori’s crew and management, and yet show so much disrespect in this manner. In my opinion, it’s insulting to the very person you are there to worship and idolize. I found it rather fitting Tori ended with Winter… because “things are gonna change so fast” is so valid. Word of advice – I agree with what Jennifer said above – don’t treat first timers like shit, but furthermore, stop acting like obnoxious, entitled little pricks. You guys are better than the energy you are putting out and you should be ashamed. Now, to finish my review, my personal highlights were: Pandora’s Aquarium, Baker Baker, Apollo’s Frock, and Invisible Boy.

    5. Nathan says:

      I started the day off pretty early making my way to the venue. I went to where I assumed the meet & greet would take place and it was awesome because 6 other people showed up at the EXACT same time of around 8am. I was extremely lucky to be first in line. Part of the reason as to why I have attended M&Gs in the past was because I was able to talk to fellow fans and this time was probably the very best. These “super fans” who some keep referring to are some of the kindest and sweetest people I have met over the years. Some attend more shows, some don’t. Some “police” the front because they have to…otherwise, it would be chaos. I observed plenty of people trying to jump the line and they were respectfully told of where the line began.

      I tried to take as little time as I could so that others would get a shot (line seemed to be somewhere between 150 and 200 folks). Tori & I talked about gay marriage and activism in Georgia and how it wasn’t coming fast enough. She is always the sweetest and it was amazing to have that conversation with her.

      The show was amazing! Tori was “ON”. I kept hearing whispers about how good she sounded and those whispers were dead on! I have been fortunate to see Tori quite a few times in Atlanta over the years since 1996 and this was one of the best. “Floating City” alone was worth the price of admission. I had long said that it was my dream song for her to perform but, that she probably never would. I simply couldn’t believe it when she began! I was over the moon!

      Highlights for me were of course “Floating City”, “Your Cloud”, “Twinkle” and “Riot Poof” (which gave me a smile considering our prior conversation).

    6. Tim says:

      I have been listening to T now since 1996 and only seen her in Atlanta maybe 3 times this being the 4th and absolute best. Best songs of the night were Invisible Boy, Baker Baker and 16 Shades of Blue. I think I zoned out a lil on Riot Poof but was amazed she played that and Floating City! Sometimes you just never know what to expect from our girl and I always loved being surprised I think that’s what kept me interested these 17 years. Oh and let me not forget the Irene Cara song which sounded amazing.

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