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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Civic Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 18, 2007
    City Newcastle
    Venue Civic Theatre


    Tonight’s setlist is from Tracey who texted it in to the fine folks at FeelTheWord. “Sister Janet” was on the printed setlist, but was not performed.

    Act I – Santa (white cocktail dress and red stilettos)

    • Body and Soul
    • Sugar
    • Dragon
    • Secret Spell
    • You Can Bring Your Dog


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori (red jumpsuit)

    • Big Wheel
    • Black Dove
    • Parasol
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Honey
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T & Bö

    • Long Improv (Lullaby for a real Indian princess) – very subdued
    • Yes Anastasia
    • Winter

    Band Returns

    • Northern Lad
    • God
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Tear In Your Hand

    Second Encore

    • A Sorta Fairytale
    • Hotel

    Photo Sets



    1. Will says:

      Yes Tori did seem a little quieter than usual, but not in a hostile way. I did notice a HUGE grin on her face when she played Tear In Your Hand.

      Santa was sexy, and played Sugar where she usually plays God. It was good to hear it both from Santa and Tori (at the second Sydney show). When Santa sang the lyrics “YOU bring me sugar” she pointed over the piano to the side of the stage, assumedly someone special was there.

      The improv at the start of T & Bö was stunning. I would argue that she may have been working on it for a while because the lyrics were intense and complex. It lasted for at least 3 to 4 minutes. She sang of a girl that she had held as a baby and whom she called “Cakes” or “Keg”, I’m not sure with her intonation. Tori sang that this baby was a real Indian girl, and her grand daddy taught her the sundance. Then that she’d got a call the other day to say her mother had tried to kill herself. It had me tearing up towards the end. Absolutely beautiful. I think it should be named “Sundance” because that line was sort of a chorus.

      The biggest surprise, though, was at the end of the second encore. I had intended to request Hotel at the meet and greet but had, of course, only been able to manage a goofy grin and a string of thank yous. So I did not expect Hotel to be played at all. I was waiting for Hey Jupiter (I never tire of it, but had hoped something else might jump up). Then when Matty started on the drums and Tori jumped in with “Met him in a Hotel” I nearly jumped out of my seat. It blew me away. It was nice to end on “I’m still alive”. Absolutely awesome.

    2. Michael says:

      Agreed with the previous post, Tori was less ferocious tonight than she can be, though by all means anything but subdued. Calm, I would call it. Assuredly so. I had a feeling Santa would be the only appropriate doll to bring out in Newcastle. And I say this with love: we are a town of laid-back, cheeky demeanour. And Tori’s performance absolutely echoed this. She radiated an almost startling confidence throughout the entire show.

      Yes, Anastasia was a pleasure, and possibly the best example of the confidence with which Tori commanded the stage. Gone was the standard live rendition we’ve grown used to, replaced instead with a drawn out beginning and extended mid-section. Didn’t hurt that it was preceded by the haunting improv Will spoke of [I agree, lets name it “Sundance”]. It seems clear there is a history with this song, and I for one wouldn’t be surprised to see this improv following in Cooling’s footsteps and really coming into its own and rearing its head live in a different form in the future.

      It was nice to see Sugar show up in Santa’s set, and God thrown toward the end. Seems to me Tori is really becoming enthralled in the doll concept, and only just beginning to define exactly where this tour may head.

      Hotel was undoubtedly the shock of the night, and evidence that after such a strong set, Tori has to be building toward something spectacular. “I’m still alive” definitely took on a whole new meaning, one that will likely echo as a reminder an unforgettable year.

    3. Patricia says:

      I have to agree that “subdued” is completely the wrong word to describe the atmosphere at the show. That’s three straight votes against the word.

      Newcastle’s Civic Theatre is a very beautiful venue. Of the shows I have seen, this turned out to be the most intimate.

      The earlier parts of the set rocked out, and were very sensual, but the highlights of the night were a glorious version of “Yes Anastasia” and the nascent “Sundance” song.

    4. beetlejuice84 says:

      As mentioned here, Tori may have been somewhat subdued in Newcastle, but as usual, I was transfixed regardless. She definitely wasn’t chatty, just intro’d the boys. But I noticed she quite enjoyed Tear In Your Hand as well. Santa was a little playful and did a good version of Sugar. Nice to see the girls are mixing it up a bit. Needless to say (this is my fourth stop on this tour), I’m continually amazed how many different girls Tori brings out every night.

      I thoroughly enjoyed Act II last night that was heavy on Choirgirl starting with Black Dove. I couldn’t believe how LOUD the organ was on Parasol. It took on a whole new kind of angry life with the band, it was awesome, and almost the highlight of the night for me.

      The improv about an Indian princess did sound like a proper song, there was definitely some structure there. Quite long, too, at about 4 minutes.

      Hotel as a closer came out of nowhere! I was expecting the stock Jupiter. Easily the best part of the night and a crowd pleaser. Thanks Tori.

    5. mahlie says:

      tori seemed fine after the show… blowing kisses and chatting to us as she was loaded into her tarago. she was quite pleased with herself actually :)

      fabulous. i have tori’s setlist scanned here.

      its now safe in its frame :)

    6. Adam says:

      OMG! OMG! OMG!

      I had been excited about seeing Tori Amos for the second time live since I got my tickets a few months back. I was so excited all day yesterday and sat through the concert not believing it was actually happening. Here is my run down of the show.

      As soon as the band came on and the blue lights lit the stage, my heart was in my throat. Just from the bass and drums, I was pretty confident that Tori was going to perform Body and Soul as the opening song. I had checked the set lists from Tori’s past few Australian shows and my money was that Tori would open the show as Santa. Sure enough, out she came with her short white blonde wig on. The audience went crazy.

      • BODY & SOUL- was an amazing performance. It was very bassy and I loved it. I love the way down bass notes of the piano and Tori performed it perfectly. I couldn’t help it but the upper part of my body was dancing.
      • SUGAR- as soon as I heard the first few notes, I knew what song it was. It sounded almost the perfect version from the live Venus disc. I love this song and never imaged it’d get played. Definitely one of my favourite performances from this show! Thanks for playing it Tori!
      • DRAGON- I have to say, while I like this song, it definitely isn’t one of my favourite songs from American Doll Posse, but the live version was very good. I think a lot of the audience, especially the non die hard fans, had no idea what song it was. Ofcourse anyone who had ADP knew.
      • SECRET SPELL- Loved it! Brillant! It was 10 times better than the album version and that’s saying something because I love the song on the record. Very bassy and hard not to dance in your seat to.
      • YOU CAN BRING YOUR DOG- The ooh hoo part was pre recorded and tori sung over top of that part in places. Musically it kicked arse. I really loved what she did with it. Very true to the record’s version and another highlight from the show! I was hoping for Santa or Isabel and couldn’t have been happier with how they sounded. Amazing!
      • PROFESSIONAL WIDOW (remix)- Tori rushed off stage and the band and a pre recorded vocal was played with a cool arse light show! It seemed to go on and on and on, but Tori had to change clothes and wigs! She came out at the very end of the show, ended the song and revved up the audience
      • BIG WHEEL- Despite seeing it and hearing it a lot on her TV appearance, without question it was THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! She started the song by clapping and getting the audience involved. She then started the piano. She kept getting up, taking her hands off the keys without missing a beat! Her hand movements rocked. She same MILF then got us in the audience to sing “don’t you forget”. I loved it. I have been banging Big Wheel over and over and over again since!
      • BLACK-DOVE (January)- I love, love, love this song, yet I wasn’t all that fussed on how it was done. Don’t get me wrong, it rocked, but I guess because i love the song so much as the recorded version, I think I have incredibly HIGH hopes for it as a live song. I don’t think it quite met those. Still amazing performance, just not my favourite.
      • PARASOL- She performed this when I saw her in 2005 at the Opera House. I would have to say this version was a lot better! I think the difference was, that she was backed by the boys in the band, whereas in 2005 she was solo. I loved the way she played the organ and piano together.
      • CORNFLAKE GIRL- Great song but I guess because it’s her biggest hit here in Australia, I tend to overlook it. I wish Mark had came with me because he loves this song and would have enjoyed the performance. It definitely got one of the best and biggest reactions from the audience. It was great. She banged that piano and made it sound so flawless. It really reminded me of the version she did on the Welcome to Sunny Florida DVD. AWESOME!
      • HONEY- A very good b side, I wished it had been included on Under The Pink. Tori did a great job of it.
      • CAUGHT A LITE SNEEZE- Never been a fan of this song. I knew what it was immediately. Good performance of it, but I’m not the biggest fan of Pele, and probably would have rathered Hey Jupiter, Father Lucifer or Tulula, but it was an enjoyable performance.
      • YES, ANASTASIA- LOVE IT LOVE IT! Always been a fan of this song. She improv-ed the beginning of this song with the “thought i’d been through this, in 1919” for what seemed like ages before she got into it. TOTALLY LOVED IT! One of my favourite tori songs! Even though she cut the beginning of the 9 minute song out, I think it still went for a similar length of time. Another brillant performance.
      • IMPROV- the band left, Tori did this solo. At first I thought it was Seaside but then worked out it wasn’t. I didn’t know until i came home and checked the setlist online. Even then, I thought it was a mistake, because i know Sister Janet and despite what some websites were saying, it definitely wasn’t sister janet. A great performance.
      • WINTER- A crowd pleaser. Solo. Great job.
      • NORTHERN LAD- I was getting excited! I got 2 From the Choirgirl Hotel songs! I was in my element. I couldn’t help myself, I screamed the line “Gets so fucking cold!” It rocked. Loved the performance.
      • GOD- This fucking rocked! It was cool, unusual, quirky and the effects was great! Definitely another favourite performance of mine from this tour. I was pleased that she performed it in the show. I got excited when she first started this tour when i saw she was performing it.
      • CODE RED- This was eeery and intense all at the same time. It was a good performance and I knew I was going to get it, as she’s done it at every show to date. Not a huge fan of the song but very enjoyable all the same.
      • PRECIOUS THINGS- Another song that sounded as though it was lifted straight from the Welcome to Sunny Flordia DVD. Awesome, crowd pleaser, amazing version… i loved it!
      • TEAR IN YOUR HAND- A very good version. She certainly was playing a lot of songs from the early records which was great. I actually thought she would have done more than 6 songs from ADP, but I was lucky with the draw that I got!
      • A SORTA FAIRYTALE- Unless I’m mistaken, she debuted this song for us, which is funny because when I last saw her, she also debuted Fairytale at the show I was at. I’m seeing a pattern! Great performance. Once again reminded me of the WTSF dvd. Great performance.
      • HOTEL- Tori debuted this song. AMAZING! BRILLANT! I was just elated that I got 3, count them, 3 songs from From the Choirgirl Hotel! She played the keyboard and piano. A fantastic way to end the show. I was blown away. So happy. It took me the whole hour drive home to calm back down.


    7. Morg says:

      My second ever Tori performance. I bought the tickets on an impulse after being blown away at the Opera House on the 15th of Sept.

      The overall vibe was a bit quieter with this one and I must admit I missed hearing one of her little anecdotes.

      I think the big grins in Tear in Your Hand were for Matt Chamberlain. I think she lost her way after the second verse and after realising she’d made a boo-boo jammed it out (while grinning massively at MC) before finally turning to make contact with Jon Evans and then they all came together again. Was great!

      It’s a pity the theatre wasn’t sold out. Fairly quiet audience apart from a few screamers down front. Another brilliant performance from Tori and the boys. Can’t wait to do it again!

    8. Donna says:

      I was lucky enough to receive free tickets from MAXtv. I thought she was terrific!! I have always been a fan but now she has really got me hooked..Her performance was flawless… I did expect her to be a little more chatty like I had seen her on various live videos on youtube and what not.. but regardless she was excellent to see. A very professional and unique artist. I would see her again in a heartbeat. Thanks Tori I had a magnificent time!!

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