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1969 - 2010

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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

    Useful Tour Stuffs
    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Thebarton Theatre

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 20, 2007
    City Adelaide
    Venue Thebarton Theatre


    Thanks to winterspark who posted the setlist to Feel The Word and Leelo for e-mailing it to us.

    Act I – Pip

    • Cruel
    • Bliss
    • Fat Slut
    • Smokey Joe
    • Body & Soul
    • The Waitress


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • Parasol
    • In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Putting The Damage On
    • Siren

    T & Bö

    • Leather
    • Me And A Gun
    • Cooling

    Band Returns

    • 1,000 Oceans
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Bouncing Off Clouds

    Second Encore

    • God
    • Hey Jupiter



    1. madeofyoubutnotenoughforyou says:

      It’s the morning after and i still have not stopped buzzing!!

      Tori was on fire last night – i loved every second! – and we got PIP! who blew me away with her crazily angry and stunning version of ‘Cruel’.

      I was expecting something out of this world after reading about other shows and Tori definitely delivered. The amount of energy that woman puts into her music had me exhausted by the end of the show and i was only watching!! – My legs were sore and i had been sitting the entire time – just so much energy and tension running through my body!! lol

      Although there were no debuts in Adelaide [i don’t think] the setlist to me was perfect. [MAAG was a bit hard to watch, but i feel very privileged to have seen Tori perform that song live and to feel comfortable enough to share it with us].

      No money in the world can pay for a night of live tori music, so THANK YOU so much Tori for coming to little ol’ Adelaide and playing for us. I think the crowd did a pretty awesome job of showing their appreciation [they were LOUD for such a small show!], hopefully one day she will be rockin' out the Thebby or another venue here in Adelaide! :)

    2. Brian says:

      I went to the meet and greet again and was much better prepared and less nervous than in Canberra. Tori signed my copy of To Venus and Back and I asked her to play 1000 Oceans. When she did play it I was overwhelmed. This was such a special show. Tori seemed genuinely more relaxed, happy and comfortable on stage than any previous Australian show. She was grinning across at Matt a lot and did a deliciously slow and whimsical version of Leather. Voodoo and Damage were brilliant. I can’t wait for Brisbane!

    3. Quentin says:

      Tori had so much incredible energy as Pip, which was absolutely dynamic. She played every song that I had hoped she would – but who would have expected the haunting “Me and a Gun” which bought a standing ovation, followed by the incredibly beautiful “Cooling”. I and others in the crowd had tears. She played a setlist of 19 songs and made mention of Adelaide being the undiscovered part of Australia – or something to that effect “Cool food, cool wine, cool chicks”. Other highlights were Cruel, Bliss, Fat Slut, The Waitress, a thumping rendition of Big Wheel, and everything else in between, as was a surprisingly harder version of Parasol which was stunning. Tori was having a great time, as were the band, and the crowd appreciated it. Pure entertainment!

    4. andrewjason81 says:

      After seeing Tori in 2005, I knew tonight would be completely different and it must impress anyone how Tori is able to metamorphose into anything, anywhere. To be brutally honest I was hoping for anyone BUT Pip to open the show. I find her too aggressive and I really don’t like too much swearing, plus the band was so loud you could hardly hear the piano or Tori’s voice in many parts (and I was sitting 3rd row back).

      Having said that, “Bliss” and “The Waitress” were absolutely exhilirating and I loved it when just before “Cruel” Tori kneeled on her bench, her ass teasing the audience.

      After the interlude is when the magic began for me. “Parasol” was a welcome surprise and “In The Springtime of His Voodoo” was brilliant; it was soooo good to hear Pele. I was, of course, expecting “Cornflake Girl” and even though the song has been done to death her piano work is amazing. The magic of Pele did not venture far with “Putting the Damage On” engaging the crowd thoroughly. It was only marred by the few idiots in the crowd who would not stop yelling and screaming during the intro. I think a guy yelled “Shut Up!” to them at one stage which they thankfully did. I think “Damage” sounds better with Matt and Chris adding their subtleties rather than Tori performing this solo. It came close to being the highlight.

      During T and Bö, there was not even an exhalation heard from the crowd with Tori performing “Me and a Gun.” She moved some to tears and after finishing the song there was a brief, but obvious, pause from the crowd before applauding (and standing in ovation). “Cooling” was a fitting end to this set.

      After my initial disappointment with Pip opening (and I stress it was only a slight disappointment) I was hoping throughout the whole set she would end with “Hey, Jupiter.” She did and in doing so capped off a throughly engaging and wonderful show. I still think Tori solo is mesmerizing, but she can hardly do any wrong.

    5. Matt says:

      The Best day!

      Yesterday I rocked up to the meet and greet around noon. There were three others already numbered and in line. It didn’t take long as people as a mix of fans from Adelaide, and others who are traveling around, to arrive. We gathered to the side of the venue, traffic was loud and with planes flying over every five minutes it felt like they were going to land on the roof. Tori arrived early (in comparison to last time in Adelaide – she arrived when it was dark) it must have been around two-ish. It wasn’t long until Smitty was sussing out the situation. At this stage there was about 30 people gathered for the M&G. Close to three he came out with some metal fencing and placed it. Some expected a further wait for Tori, however she appeared almost straight away. Decked out in her Tori wig! Everything ran so smoothly and Tori signed everything including multiple items for everyone there. By the time she got through the ever growing line there was about 60 or so people.

      When I went through (number four) (My first time in meeting Tori) I was like most people lost for words. Tori absorbed everything I said, it was such an emotional meet with her. I put in a request for Gold Dust, Tori said she would see what she could do but no promises!!!

      The general feeling from everyone there was to see Pip – George (number one in line) was desperate to get his request for Pip to her, after initially forgetting!!!

      I was surprised how quickly everyone dispersed after the M&G, I unfortunately had driven to Adelaide for the day and didn’t really have anywhere to go. I went back to my car parked out behind the venue. Around 5 I was amazed at how clear I could hear sound check from my car (apart from the planes going over). I got dressed for the show in the park and went and sat on the garden edge. Songs from the sound check were Big Wheel (one and half times) , Digital Ghost (this was amazingly clear and in full), Crucify (took me a while to pick the different sounding arrangement until she began singing), then I heard Cooling however I initially thought it was Take me with you largely due to hardly hearing it as a van decided to park by me as he left it running while he took a call. Tori then played a massively long version of Springtime of his voodoo, I went for a walk around the venue as up until this point I had been around the back on my own. Then when I returned from my lap there was a small group of guys from the M&G there, some stayed only a short time before getting some tea, Sarah? stayed with me and then we got to hear Parasol, 1000 Oceans, Bliss and Spark before everything went silent.

      It was probably only half hour before they opened the venue! – I was first to get served at the merchandise counter which was good, as later the lines were massive. I was able to put my goods into the car!

      It was such a great set list! I was looking forward to Digital Ghost as one of the encores, since she played most songs from soundcheck. However everything was amazing. The lighting was brilliant – the crowed really got up and got into it all.

      Tori spoke very little to the crowd. Only that Adelaide was Australia’s best kept secret. Best food, Best wine – Best ‘chicks’ – not sure if she used the word chicks but it was along that line. I was going to list my highlights but I’d probably have the whole show! – I got to see 1000 oceans – I’ve always wanted to see it in person. But to get Bliss and Spark in the same show was cool! Pip’s stand out track was Fat Slut for me, I usually skip it on the CD. Me And A Gun was hands down the stand out track, all that could be heard was Tori and the air-conditioning in the venue for the whole duration of the song. Not a dry eye around where I was sitting.

      After the show Kat and I waited for Z, who stayed inside with Smitty to get his tattoo design. There were too many people waiting at the back door for Tori to leave via the back. As we were reading Z’s tattoo notes handwritten by Tori she made her escape between the semi trailers. I got a photo of her waving her goodbyes to the 5 or 6 of us who were lucky enough to be there! It was good to see Tori without the wig!

      She acknowledged Z and off they went. We returned to our car around the back with 25 – 30 people still waiting, ignoring the security telling them that she had gone! However I offered my photographic proof she had departed. Some observed the photos and left, while others remained waiting in the cold!

      Then I drove the four hour drive home – What an amazing day – off to work now!

      Oh and security didn’t bother about cameras for this show – compared to the camera savage security at Melbourne (From what I’ve heard)

    6. Madge says:

      First of all, Even I ..a devoted fan of about 10 years…had no idea of the power that woman has live. I was totally in awe. She is one of a kind. I feel privileged that she did MAAG and I was really looking forward to Code Red …although I cannot pick favorites.

      Anyways…I am sooooo in mourning that I missed out on meeting her!!!:-( ...I arrived in Adelaide late after a 4-hour drive and had no chance. I really am so sad about that because I fear this is the last time she will be in OZ!! I just wanted to tell her how much of a comfort her songs are. No one else comes close. And to request Butterfly.

      Actually the whole show just buzzed by so fast it is hard to remember a lot! ..I need another dose !lol

      The only downside for me apart from not meeting her was that I left my glasses 4 hours away (idiot) so she was slightly hazy :-( ....glad I was in 5th row was such a great seat.

      A bunch of us waited outside the back door but she escaped out the front….i don’t blame her lol

      I will never forget it …and who knows maybe I will get her meet her one day :-)


    7. Artemis says:

      I had never seen Tori live before so as a first experience I was completely blown away. What an amazing woman… Tori played Adelaide with so much passion and energy that I have never seen anywhere else. I am so disappointed I didn’t get to go to the meet and greet. But I probably would have just cried and not gotten any words out anyway.

      The show was so dynamic- with Pip opening the show and then when she brought it right down with T&Bo. Me and a Gun was intense. I sat in the balcony and throughout the show there were mobile phone screens scattered throughout the crowd. But when MAAG started it was just complete darkness.

      That show is one I will never forget.

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