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    Tour Status

    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Current Release

    Native Invader (album, 2017)

    Opera House

    American Doll Posse Tour

    Date September 24, 2007
    City Sydney
    Venue Opera House


    The setlist tonight comes from danere via the FeelTheWord forum:

    Act I – Clyde

    • Bouncing Off Clouds
    • Little Earthquakes
    • Juarez
    • Rattlesnakes
    • Beauty Of Speed


    • Professional Widow

    Act II – Tori

    • Big Wheel
    • God
    • Space Dog
    • “For Gary” improv
    • Cornflake Girl
    • Mother Revolution
    • Caught A Lite Sneeze

    T and Bö

    • Cloud On My Tongue
    • Landslide

    Band Returns

    • Digital Ghost
    • Spark
    • Code Red

    First Encore

    • Precious Things
    • Secret Spell

    Second Encore

    • Pancake
    • Hey Jupiter


    Gary improv (posted by tobysmum)

    Bouncing Off Clouds (posted by surfererwin)

    Big Wheel (posted by surfererwin)

    Caught A Lite Sneeze (posted by surfererwin)

    Landslide (posted by surfererwin)

    Big Wheel (posted by 00GFF)

    Gary improv (posted by 00GFF)

    Space Dog (posted by 00GFF)


    1. Sara says:

      I met Tori today for the first time, and my, is she fantastic. She’s an amazing lady. I feel so privileged to have met her.

      As for the show, it was amazing! It felt like it went so fast, and I’m very sad that the T and Bö section only had two songs. I know we had Gold Dust on the setlist but she cut it. ‘twas not meant to be. But oh, that makes me sad!

      We got Pancake though, and Spark, so I’m terribly happy.

    2. Jess says:

      I’m so sad that I had to work – I missed the meet & greet. But it’s alright since Tori gave me such an amazing show. Space Dog, Mother Revolution and Juarez are among my top 10 songs so I was completely in bliss when she played those.

      Digital Ghost and Secret Spell was great to hear too! Especially the latter one, since it grabbed me much more than the studio version does.

      I heard that Gold Dust was on the setlist but she didn’t play it. Such a pity, I would have walked around happy for weeks if she had played that. Other than that – the show was amazing!

    3. Joe says:

      I’ve been a Tori fan for a little while and then I lost my connection with her some how. Not sure what happened. This concert brought me back to her music with such whiplash I am still rubbing my neck!!

      This was one of the most amazing musical concerts I have ever been to. Tori was magnificent in the Sydney Opera House. She sang beautifully, chose some of the most amazing collection of songs (I didn’t want Hey Jupiter to end… seriously!) and was as playful and passionate as ever.

      I was reeling from all the songs. From Juarez to Spark to Precious Things to Little Earthquakes to the surprising show of Rattlesnakes. The band also rocked!

      I am rejuvenated and bouncing of clouds right now! Thanks!!

    4. Christopher9 says:

      So the third Sydney show. I had my heart set on Santa making her Sydney debut tonight. So was slightly disappointed when it was Clyde (love her but..)

      I thought Tori was not having a great night to begin with.. She seemed like she was struggling a little or seemed unsettled.. Then when she returned as herself I realised she was just in character and that must be Clyde’s personality. Therefore WOW Tori you really are a genius and a chameleon!

      Little Earthquakes was amazing as was Pancake and I agree with Jess ‘Secret Spell’ was fantastic! ‘God’ has been brilliant at all 3 shows, I love when she pounds the piano after the break after ‘when the wind blows’ it rocks!

      Sadly that’s it for Sydney for a while. It has been a great Tori month and I am so happy that I have now seen Tori 6 times when I thought I would never see the day. xx

    5. jamie says:

      o my god it was amazing, i saw her when she was here last time and it was just her and the piano, the band added such a different spin on the whole show, i loved every minute of it, the light show was unbelievable, i really liked landslide, i;m so on a high it was so so so good, i just wish i had a dvd of the show so i will never forget any little bit….hey jupiter i think was a really good way to end the show but yeah i felt like it went way to fast as well….

      the only thing i didn't get was why people bought glow sticks?

    6. Artemisian says:

      Terrific show; first time I’d ever seen Tori live. Couldn’t believe I got Mother Revolution and Juarez, and Spark! Didn’t really read up on the setlists before-hand, so it left me pleasantly surprised.

      ‘Twas unfortunate that we opened with Clyde – was holding out for a Pip performance – but it was still great, with Little Earthquakes making my best friend cry (she’d never even heard it before :P). Pancake and Code Red were highlights, but the overall winners had to be Precious Things and Spark. So awesome.

      On a side-note: Opera House peeps certainly didn’t like you recording! Had to just sneakily sound record the whole thing, which turned out horrible anyway.

      Merch was well-priced – $40 for shirts, $10 for buttons, etc.

    7. Matt says:

      The show was really good. My favourites of the night were: Rattlesnakes, Bouncing off Clouds, Landslide and Hey Jupiter.

    8. Sarah says:

      The meet and greet was lots of fun, even though there was a real sense of saying goodbye. We gave T and Smitty presents and cards.

      I’m very sad to hear that Gold Dust was on the setlist. I asked T to play it, to which she responded “she doesn’t come out much.” It’s nice to think that she considered it though.

      I went to the first Sydney concert as well as this one and noticed a real sound quality difference this time. It may have been because we had different seats but the sound seemed a bit disjointed. I agree with Sara about the show going fast though. Code Red seemed to come around REALLY quickly this time.

      Still a good show, but not my favourite out of the Australian concerts so far.

    9. kobi says:

      saw the show last night and it was amazing. really enjoyed juarez, pancake, spark and code red.

      and yay for clyde! she’s my favourite.

    10. beetlejuice84 says:

      So sad, the last Sydney show. I will be forever grateful to Tori for the amazing shows she has performed, she spoils us so. Clyde for #3 Sydney was what I was expecting. This was my last show, but I am very happy to report I saw all four dolls over 6 shows, Clyde and Santa twice.

      Clyde’s set was rounded as usual, you can definitely tell that Tori completely becomes that doll. I was so happy to hear Space Dog with the Andromeda bridge on the organ!

      I was like hmm, whats this? at the start of Mother Revolution which was really different to the solo version. Tori used the Yamaha keyboard as well as the organ in this version. Fantastic. CALS was brilliant again as well. T and Bo was gorgeous with Cloud on my Tongue!

      Digital Ghost seemed like a shy girl making her debut in Canberra last week. She has definitely found her feet as I saw it twice in Brisbane and on Monday night. Pancake was awesome, I didn’t want it to end. The start of Precious Things and Pancake had particularly long intros (of just the boys) which made the crowd wild before Tori reappeared from the curtain. Thank you so much Tori. For those going to Perth, I hope you really enjoy it!

    11. Greg Reason says:

      Wonderful show. I’m exceedingly disappointed to see Gold Dust on the setlist and have received Landslide instead but hey…. trying to make my peace with that one.

      Spark was incredible, Mother Revolution was fantastic (the three chord vamp she was doing as an intro made me think she was going to pull out Purple People) and Digital Ghost impressed me a lot more than I thought it would, Matt and Jon really nail that one.

      Having seen three shows with the band now and three shows without I have to say I think that Tori with band is an ideal situation. Matt Chamberlain in particular is an absolute powerhouse and he adds so much to the show. It hurts that she doesn’t do General Admission shows so we can dance to the drums but it’s just so good to hear them.

      It’s a sad thing that the tour is over now but we did well here in Australia; we got Hotel’s first appearance in a long time and a great many other wonderful songs. I think the first Sydney show featuring Pip was the best I saw and is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I can’t wait until she returns.

    12. Rebecca says:

      Hey, I saw all three shows in Sydney and the main thing I found puzzling was why Tori would play three shows in the one city in one week and repeat Cornflake Girl, God and Precious Things in every show, and end every night with Hey Jupiter. It’s weird, cause she must know that people who really love her music would be at more than one show. I love these songs but there are SO MANY others she could play on different nights….Muhammed My Friend, Hoochie Woman, Playboy Mommy…there are obviously too many more to mention.

      We also heard Spark twice which was awesome, but what about Raspberry Swirl and Black Dove?????

      Man it makes your heart ache, the songs you miss hey? I understand it more, and feel better when I read everyone else's thoughts here, and understand that we all hear songs we want to hear and miss some that we don't.

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