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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Native Invader (album, 2017)
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    News: TV/Radio/Web

    Be sure to check out our other sections, Tour — where setlists and other concert-related material will be updated daily while Tori is on tour — and You. Lots of interesting stuff!

    Tori On Front Row Today

    Monday, October 14, 2013 | 11:06 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    While we’re a bit behind on the site (though the Twitter and Facebook feeds are humming along), we’re hoping to get things back up to snuff here shortly. However, one quick note to make sure no one misses it: Tori will be one of Mark Lawson’s guests on his BBC Radio 4 program Front Row today at 7:15 PM BST.

    The show will be on iPlayer for the next week if you want to catch it later.

    Tori On Infinity Hall Live (At Least In Connecticut)

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 | 00:44 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    As announced by Connecticut Public Broadcasting, the second season of Infinity Hall Live kicks off this coming weekend on CPTV and many other public television stations across the United States.

    The first episode of the new season features Tori’s performance at Infinity Hall with a string octet, recorded last October. The episode will premiere on CPTV on Friday, July 5th at 10:00 PM with several repeats over the next week.

    A list of PBS stations that carry the program with local air times can be found on Infinity Hall Live’s website though, as always, you should check your local listings just to be sure — particularly as several links from that page do not point to the correct station and as several stations that carried the program last season appear to have dropped it.

    Note: a quick perusal of some stations’ schedules shows that some will start broadcasting the new season later than CPTV. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the show on your local station’s schedule for this coming week. It definitely is on CPTV’s schedule for this weekend though so those of you in the Connecticut market (including yours truly), set your DVRs!

    Don’t forget: three videos from the show are already on YouTube, courtesy of CPTV. Check them out here.

    Infinity Hall Live Sneak Preview

    Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 03:52 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    We’ve known since the taping last October that the episode of Infinity Hall Live featuring Tori would be airing sometime during the program’s second season in the summer of 2013. Although summer is now knocking on the door, Infinity Hall Live’s website still offers no specifics on when the new season will start but it now seems that Tori’s episode will be the first episode of the new season.

    More interestingly though, if you head over to the episode’s page, you’ll find a description of the program that includes a list of the songs that will be in the episode and three complete video clips from the show: “Cloud on my Tongue,” “Jackie’s Strength,” and “Snow Cherries From France.”

    Check both the track list and the video out after the jump!

    Thanks to Jimmmy and Sean for the tip!


    Sinfini Music Talks The Light Princess With Tori

    Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 15:56 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web,Video

    Adam Sweeting sat down for a chat with Tori for classical music website Sinifini Music and they posted a video clip of the conversation on the website yesterday. The discussion ranges from the forthcoming Light Princess musical — which The National Theatre now says will be starting in September — to how Tori started to work within classical music world again on Night of Hunters. Check out the video below:

    Sinfini has also posted an extended audio clip of the interview which you can stream on their website or download and a playlist of the music that inspired each piece on Night of Hunters.

    Pro Motion Interviews Tori

    Saturday, March 02, 2013 | 21:18 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web,Video

    Tori recently sat down with Pro Motion, a dance music marketing and prodution company involved with Peter Rauhofer’s “Flavor” remixes for an interview. Video of the interview was posted on their blog at the end of this week. During the relatively lengthy, as video interview clips go anyway, piece, she talks about “Flavor,” songwriting, and her thoughts on dance music as well as reminding us that that she’s working on a new non-classical record for 2014.

    Check out the interview below:

    Watch Through The Night

    Monday, February 11, 2013 | 14:29 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web,Video

    If you missed Tori and Hauschka on Au Cœur de la Nuit / Durch die Nacht mit this past weekend, you can catch it for the next seven days on Arte+7 in either French or German.

    Unfortunately for those outside France, Belgium and Germany, those streams are unavailable. Fortunately for those outside France, Belgium and Germany, the program has been uploaded to YouTube a couple times so those of us outside the geo-fence can enjoy it too! The best-looking upload is this one from llliquidDiamonds:

    Through The Night With Hauschka

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 | 03:47 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    Tori and the German pianist/composer Hauschka will be the subject of the episode of the Arte television program Au Cœur de la Nuit / Durch die Nacht this coming weekend.

    Filmed last Autumn, the program follows the two musicians for one night as they meet and interact across the city of Berlin.

    Curious? You can get a taste of what the program will be like from three video clips posted on the production company’s website.

    The program will be aired late Saturday night (early Sunday morning) on Arte at 1:00 AM in France and at 12:30 AM in Germany. It should be available for viewing online after the broadcast. Originals Talks To Tori

    Sunday, December 09, 2012 | 19:03 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web,Video

    Back in the Fall, Tori stopped by the New York City offices of and spoke to them about Gold Dust, touring and the life and meaning of songs. Video of the interview was posted was finally on’s Originals earlier weekend. Check it out below:

    Tonight Show Appearance This Week?

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | 11:50 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    Update: Looks like this is a false alarm as The Tonight Show website has now listed The Mowgli’s as the musical guest for the 16th and has revised their listing as well. Our apologies for any heart palpitations…

    The MTV Buzzworthy Blog reports that Tori will be a guest on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on Friday, November 16th.

    Curiously, The Tonight Show’s website does not have any guests listed for the 16th yet and Sue Trowbridge’s venerable Late Night TV Page indicates that the guests on the 16th are Chris Matthews and the Mowgli’s, as does Yahoo! TV. However, says Tori will be performing.

    Given the mixed messages, we will try to get confirmation as soon as possible.

    A Date With Tori Amos

    Friday, October 26, 2012 | 06:03 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web,Video

    Journalist and TV personality Torgen Schneider interviewed Tori and has posted video of their conversation on YouTube as a two-part “Date With Tori Amos.” The first part is a discussion about Gold Dust while the second is a rather interesting and wide-ranging Q&A session.