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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Big Wheel Chart Action

    Monday, April 09, 2007 | 02:21 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    According to Records & Radio (a radio research and information company owned by the same corporation that owns Billboard), “Big Wheel” was the most added song by Triple A rock radio stations during the week ending April 6th. Six stations — KMTT, KRVB, Sirius Spectrum, WBOS, WCLZ, and WRNR — included the song in their playlists last week. Additionally, “Big Wheel” was played 35 more times during that week than the previous week. And while covering a slightly different week (the one ending Saturday, April 7th), Mediabase’s AAA chart shows very similar data, placing the song at #27, up from #82 the previous week, with 36 additional plays from the week before. For stations that are playing “Big Wheel”, Mediabase will also allow you to see how often they are and during what times of the day.

    So it seems that the song is getting some favorable attention, despite the MILF-up.

    On a related topic, Jay writes into to remind everyone that not all stations will just add Tori’s songs automatically. It never hurts to call or e-mail and request that they play her songs. When they know there is an audience, radio stations will respond.

    Tori On Spijkers met Koppen on April 14th

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 21:15 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    Looks like the European promotional Spring offensive hinted at by the withdrawn article on was pretty much right on target (not that anyone was doubting it). On Saturday, April 14th, Tori will appear on Spijkers Met Koppen, live from The Florin in Utrecht. The two-hour program is broadcast on VARA Radio 2 at Noon. For those of us not in the Netherlands, Radio 2 streams in Windows Media. And, if you miss it, the program is archived at its web page for future listening.

    “Click here to see what time the show will start where you live.”:

    Thanks to Niels for letting us know!

    MSN Music Talks To Tori

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 16:07 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    MSN Music has posted a thirty-minute video interview with Tori where she answers questions about American Doll Posse ranging from whether or not this is a concept album to the roots of the new record in Strange Little Girls. (MSN Music requires Internet Explorer 6, Windows Media Player 10 and Macromedia Flash 6 so some people may have trouble viewing this clip. So, if anyone can help with a transcription for those unable to view this, it would be appreciated!)

    Thanks to Roz for the tip!

    Update: This direct link might work for those who have Windows Media Player 10.

    Update: robbit recommends a program called Flip4Mac for Mac users unable to view the video with WMP on their systems.

    Update: toriamosru has posted the interview, in three pieces, on youtube: part 1, part 2, part 3. Thanks to Destiny for letting us know.

    Tori On Radio Monte Carlo on April 30th

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 15:58 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    Fabz writes in to alert everyone that songs from American Doll Posse will be previewed on the Radio Montecarlo program Monte Carlo Nights starting on April 17th. Then, on April 30th, Tori will be the in-studio guest during the Living Room segment of the show. The program starts at 10:00 PM and Tori will be on at 11:00 PM CET.

    Radio Montecarlo broadcasts throughout Italy and can be streamed on the web as well.

    Radio Eins Mini-concert on April 10th

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 15:37 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    As part of the American Doll Posse promotional push, Tori will be performing a mini-concert for Berlin radio station Radio Eins at the Kleiner Sendesaal des RBB on April 10th at 9:00 PM. With a capacity of 150 people, this small broadcast studio provides an unique and intimate opportunity for fans to see Tori perform four new songs from the album as well as a couple songs from her back catalog. It’s not clear whether or not this performance will be aired live or recorded for later broadcast.

    Tickets to the radioconcert will be given away during the day on Tuesday so listen to the station for more details about how to get them. (Thanks to Yannick for clarifying that for us.)

    Rolling Stone Ranks ADP

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 15:15 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles

    Rolling Stone has included American Doll Posse in their list of fifty must-hear records that are being released this Spring. Here’s what they have to say about the album:

    Tori Amos
    American Doll Posse
    Out May 1st

    For Amos’ ninth album, the singer came up with a new concept: She wrote and sang the songs from the perspective of five characters. “These women are symbolic of different personality traits and different beliefs,” says Amos. “It’s no different than Ziggy Stardust as an extension of David Bowie.” She also gets explicitly political on the anti-Bush tunes “Yo George” and “Dark Side of the Sun” and fleshed out her classic piano-driven sound with some new influences: “I had myself open up to the Clash and the Doors,” she says.

    Big Wheel Wins WTTS Cage Match

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 15:10 UTC | Posted by woj | TV/Radio/Web

    “Big Wheel” is now the current champion of Indianapolis radio station WTTS’s Cage Match, one of those daily contests which pits songs against each other and listeners vote to see which song is most popular. Tori’s next competition will be Travis’ “Closer” on Monday night. If you’re so motivated, call in or e-mail the station on Monday evening after the songs are aired at 7:45 PM and maybe, if “Big Wheel” wins on ten consecutive nights, it too will be retired to their Cage Match Hall of Fame.

    Thanks to Amy for the pointer!

    Tori's Take On Britney

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 14:35 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles

    In an article originating from World Entertainment News Network, an entertainment news broker for the media, Tori is quoted as defending Britney Spears’ recent troubles. The brief article has been reprinted on several music news websites but the GlossLip gossip blog, rather thoughtfully, explores the issue.

    Read on for the WENN article but swing by GlossLip for their analysis.


    Frankie Revelations: Australian Tour A Go!

    Saturday, April 07, 2007 | 01:42 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles,Touring

    Benjamin Law writes in to tell us that he recently had the honor of interviewing Tori for Frankie, an Australian magazine at which he is a senior writer. The full interview will be, of course, published in a forthcoming issue, sometime before Tori’s Australian tour. Yes, you heard that right. Australian tour. During the interview, she confirmed that the ADP world tour would be taking her back Down Under:

    I’m coming in September. We’re doing Australia, don’t you worry, posse’s coming to Australia. And the show starts [with] four different girls. Well, there’s four different starts, so it depends on what show you go to. And then after a fashion [swap], then Tori comes out.

    Benjamin was also kind enough to provide us with an excerpt from the interview which takes a novel approach: the questions are lyrics from her previous work.

    Is it sweet, your sting?

    Not always. I’d like to tell you that it was. If I’m able to step into a compassionate place, then it can be sweet. However, if you cross the line — and that might have to do with my daughter — then you know what? I’m going to rip your arm off. And I won’t even add salt to it. You’re going to lose an appendage. If somebody starts winding up your child, then I just say, “Enough. Deal with the big girls. You wanna play that? You play with momma. I’ll play with you all fucking day, motherfucker.” That’s how I am, as a mother. Ferocious.

    Australian fans, keep your eyes on newsstands between now and September!

    Posse Roll Call: Clyde

    Friday, April 06, 2007 | 23:47 UTC | Posted by woj | Releases sent out a newsletter this afternoon which kicks off the first of several newsletters which will present the five women in the Doll Posse.

    Today’s mailing introduced the Clyde persona. EverythingTori also posted a new entry with the same information. Both include links to stream a song of Clyde’s, “Bouncing Off Clouds”, in a variety of audio formats (Realaudio, Quicktime, and Windows media for dial-up and broadband). They also confirmed the location of Clyde’s blog and provides a short description of the character drawn from the album’s promo kit (which, if it wasn’t already obvious, was where the Starpulse article got its material):

    Clyde, who draws from Persephone, wears her emotional wounds on her sleeve, but remains idealistic. She is looking at the effects of not being a whole person. She is trying to figure out what she believes in and she is dealing with having been disappointed in her life.

    A new member of the Posse will be introduced each week — though whether or a not a new song is made available is not yet known.