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Tori will be touring in 2014 to support the release of Unrepentant Geraldines. The European legs runs from May through June and the North American legs spans July and August. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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Boycotting Trends on Tori's covers

Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 16:16 UTC | Posted by Beth | Articles

Tori loves her cover songs, and Alex Ramon, blogger at Boycotting Trends (and writer for Wears the Trousers and Pop Matters), recently turned his attention to Tori’s history covering other people’s music. The piece is a fun trek through the music Tori has covered over the years, from “If 6 was 9” to “Whoomp (There it Is)” and “Running to Stand Still.” Ramon writes, “An Amos cover is not necessarily an act of tribute to the song in question, nor does it represent a simple diversion for her from the “real graft” of original composition. Rather, it is a more complex encounter between an extant text and an artist who is expert at approaching songs from unusual angles and infusing them with her unique spirit and interpretive skills.” Click over to read the whole thing.

The CNN Interview (October 5, 2011)

Friday, October 07, 2011 | 04:51 UTC | Posted by Beth | Articles,Releases

Some people say, I’d give anything to be 30 again. Well, I really wouldn’t. I didn’t enjoy being 30. Making ‘Little Earthquakes’ was great, but I didn’t have a calm and I didn’t know how to laugh. I think becoming a mom is the greatest gift that ever happened to me.

Tori sat down with Abbey Goodman for this CNN interview, which treads the familiar Night of Hunters terrain but also touches on the changes she made to The Light Princess in the process of making a musical, mothering Tash as a tween, and being desirable at (almost) 50. Thanks to the many of you who sent this in, including mkgtweety and Marie. Click through to read the whole thing.


The Pride Source Interview

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 | 20:47 UTC | Posted by Beth | Articles,Releases

If anybody calls themselves a Christian, I don’t see how you can ban consenting adults. I just don’t understand how you can see yourself as Christian and have no compassion for another person’s path. It goes against the Christ-like energy and light that I was brought up with.

Tori recently chatted with Pride Source’s Chris Azzopardi for a fun interview about Night of Hunters, working with classical music and having The Talk (about sexual orientation) with Tash. You can check it out here or click beyond the cut to see the whole thing. Thanks to Chris for the link!


Perez Hilton Interview (September 28, 2011)

Thursday, September 29, 2011 | 12:31 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles,Video

The second part of Perez Hilton’s conversation with Tori has been posted! In this second of two segments, they discuss touring, Lady Gaga and celebrity. Enjoy!

As with the other portion, Perez kindly provided a transcript which you can read on his site or below…thanks again to Devin for the tip!


Huffington Post Interview (September 27, 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 02:51 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles

I wanted to explore the feeling that relationships right now can be very disposable. People call their divorce attorney so quickly — and I’m not saying that divorce isn’t the answer for some people, because it is — but, I do think there are people that don’t really want to look in the mirror and look soon enough.

Deborah Finding’s interview with Tori for Huffington Post Divorce (one of the Life & Style sections of that online newspaper) focuses on relationships and family, two topics that have come up often in many articles so far but, given some room to breath, turn out to have more meat on the bone than one might expect.

Thanks to sonja for the link!


Wears The Trousers Interview (September 26, 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 00:51 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles

I think I cut my teeth on variations on a theme with Midwinter Graces: figuring out how to look at a blueprint of another work, how to enter into that work without damaging it, how to extract the part I needed and to expand upon it to reach a new expression. But when you’re messing with the masters, it’s a bit different from messing with a Methodist minister who was writing carols.

Alan Pedder’s conversation with Tori for wears the trousers’ “words in edgewise” interview series is a lovely piece that, unlike much of the other recent interviews, takes full advantage of a webzine’s lack of column inch limitations to expand upon and connect the dots between Tori’s talking points.

That said, it’s not all old news! She does drop a few new hints about the tour that is on our doorstep, her mixture of contemporary masters — The Beatles — with the classical masters, addresses the songs “Job’s Coffin” in greater detail than we have seen before and has a bit more to say about the upcoming retrospective collaboration with The Metropole to celebrate the 20th anniverary of Little Earthquakes.

Kudos to Alan and wears the trousers for a great article which is most definitely worth your while!


Perez Hilton Interview (September 27, 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | 00:29 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles,Video

And quite a few actors have gone to [the Sylvia Young Theatre School] that are in British television. So she Tash really wanted to do this. And I said, Mark and I talked about it with her. I mean, she wanted to go to Hogwarts. But this is like a version of Hogwarts.

As we alluded to last week, Perez Hilton got the opportunity to sit down and chat with Tori and he’s posted the first part of their conversation today.

He’s also posted a partial transcript (which we unashamedly reproduce below the fold).

Look for part two to surface on Wednesday!

Thanks to Devin for the tip!


The Daily Interview (September 26, 2011)

Monday, September 26, 2011 | 22:17 UTC | Posted by Beth | Articles,Reviews

Don’t you think there was a time, what, in the ’20s, when the idea of art being challenging was what art was? And now, so much of it, you’ve heard it once, and you’ll say to yourself, ‘Oh, hang on a minute, that’s just like another song that I heard on the radio two hours ago, which is just like another song I heard last week …’ There is, right now, not an encouragement from those that are setting the trends — I’m not talking about the artists, I’m talking about labels, even the radio. They’re not always supportive of challenging the masses. I think sometimes they fear that, because what if the masses wake up and decide that they don’t need all these institutions and corporations and can’t be led by them because they’re thinking for themselves?

The Daily has a unique article on Tori, up today, in which they interviewed her and took some stunning photos in a Manhattan warehouse which has turned into the interactive set of the New York production of “Sleep No More.” Writer Rich Juzwiak ruminates on the new album, Tori’s history as a musician, her propensity for the impenetrable, and her ability to be down-to-earth at the same time.

EDIT: Check out additional images from the photo shoot by Victoria Will here. Thanks, Mario!


The Opera News Interview (September 26, 2011)

Monday, September 26, 2011 | 22:05 UTC | Posted by Beth | Articles,Releases

I would watch Tash [her eleven-year-old daughter, Natashya, who sings on the album] — just how she communicates with nature. And she sings. She’s in a trance and dances her dances around the water. And I kind of looked and I thought, “Children have this incredible sort of connection with nature, where they don’t ask questions about it. It’s just alive and real in them, and they’re not outside of it looking at it, but they’re inside of it experiencing it.” So I thought, for her to play Anabelle, the shape-shifting fox-goose, the hunter and the hunted, who is really duality, I thought that’s when nature could come alive and speak.

Tori recently chatted with Oussama Zahr of Opera News about Night of Hunters and her classical roots. In it, she even considers whether to accept an invitation to speak to students at her alma mater, the Peabody Conservatory. Click over there to see the full interview. Thanks to Oussama and Joe for letting us know about this one!

The Independent Interview (September 23, 2011)

Saturday, September 24, 2011 | 17:53 UTC | Posted by woj | Articles

Mark [Hawley] said, “Jesus, wife! The press will have us divorced after the first week’s promo!” but the truth is I’m crazy about him. We’ve weathered a lot of storms and outside forces, but we’ve been together 16 years.

One recent Sunday morning, James McNair of The Independent sat down with Tori for a chat about Night of Hunters and their conversation made it to the September 23rd edition of that UK newspaper. Tori tackles the common question about the state of her marriage in light of the album’s topic, but also discusses working with family on the record, goes into more depth than usual about the inspiration for the song “Battle of Trees” and looks back at the 1994 Q magazine cover she shared with Bjork and PJ Harvey.

Thanks to mode for the link!