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    Tori is touring in 2017 to support the release of Native Invader. The European legs runs from early September through early October and the North American leg runs from late October to early December. We do not know if additional dates elsewhere will be added.

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    Courtney Sounds Off On Trent & Tori

    Friday, December 15, 2006 | 01:48 UTC | Posted by Beth | Minutiae

    We know some people can’t resist a bit of good gossip, so we thought we’d mention that Courtney Love has been posting recently at the Moonwashed Rose blog, a site that tracks Courtney-related news and rumors. And some of those recent comments have (somewhat belligerently) addressed the rumor that she somehow “ruined” a romance between Tori and Trent Reznor.

    You can see Courtney’s full-on “explanation” in this thread, but for those of you who can’t decipher the Courtneyglyphs, here’s a few key quotes, transcribed into plain English:

    “I haven’t a clue about Trent and Tori’s relationship. Maybe she got mad when she discovered his dinkle was playing away games. I don’t know. I don’t know her. Not my problem or my business.”

    She also offers a critique of Tori’s music:

    “I know ‘Cornflake Girl’ and ‘Professional Widow’ (Is that supposed to be about me? I’ve never figured it out.) are supposed to be big classics but it doesn’t resonate … Kurt thought her ‘Teen Spirit’ was HYSTERCAL in a joke song sort of way but now I see it as rather sad, and I guess mournful, which was the point, we just thought it was really funny.”

    Thanks to CC for the tip!

    Cate and Tori: Separated at Birth?

    Sunday, December 10, 2006 | 00:44 UTC | Posted by Beth | Minutiae

    Some of us at Undented have long thought that Cate Blanchett sometimes looks like Tori (not that we’re naming any names). So we weren’t surprised when Marlina told us that Perez Hilton thinks so, too. It looks like most of Perez’s readers don’t agree (maybe it was the pictures they chose), but head on over there and offer them your own opinion on the matter.

    Tori in Robert Plant Box Set, BT Interview, Margera's "Walk"

    Thursday, November 23, 2006 | 01:48 UTC | Posted by Beth | Minutiae

    Two of Tori’s past collaborators, Robert Plant and BT, have recently emerged with tidbits that Toriphiles will want to hear.

    Robert Plant has just released a new box set, “Nine Lives,” a nine-CD-and-DVD collection. According to Mod Lang (a cool record shop in Albany, CA—previously located in Berkeley—which has always been a top spot for finding Tori rarities), Tori is among the musicians featured on the DVD, along with Roy Harper, Roger Daltrey, Bobby Gillespie, and Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun.

    Meanwhile, electronica artist BT recently namechecked Tori in a podcast interview called Dawn and Drew. She’s mentioned in the second part of the interview. Thanks to Noah for sending us the link.

    And, while we’re nowhere near the subject, Bam Margera (of Jackass fame) was quoted in the November 2006 SPIN magazine as being a fan of Scarlet’s Walk: “I’m planning my wedding that’ll hopefully air on MTV and everybody expects [my brother’s band] CKY and HIM to play, but I’d like to tell everybody to go to hell and have Tori play, just to throw them for a loop,” he said. Christy and Ally were the sharp-eyed fans who spotted this for us—thanks!

    Here a Tori, There a Tori, Everywhere a Tori Tori

    Sunday, November 05, 2006 | 20:52 UTC | Posted by Beth | Minutiae

    Tori has been popping up in all sorts of fun places lately. In October, listeners of New York radio station WFUV 90.7 ranked “Little Earthquakes” as #72 among its top 90 essential albums. In Philadelphia, WXPN 88.5 ranked Tori #81 among 885 important musicians and played “Silent All These Years,” “Cornflake Girl,” and “Caught a Lite Sneeze” during the two-week-long countdown.

    Fashion designers Viktor and Rolf mentioned Tori twice in an interview in the November issue of Elle (with Jessica Alba on the cover):

    Elle: If you could have somebody else’s body, whose would it be?

    V&R: Why not somebody else’s wit, intelligence or spirit, like Tori Amos, Rufus Wainwright or Tilda Swinton?

    Elle: Your favorite song?

    V&R: The one Tori Amos wrote for our fashion show and the one Rufus Wainwright composed for our soundtrack for our men’s perfume, Antidote.

    And, last but definitely not least, Tori turns up in the new Dresden Dolls video, “Backstabber,” in which Dolls cohorts Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer take each other’s clothes off and discover that each body part is tattooed with the name of a different famous musician. Tori’s name appears on Brian’s cheek. Some of the other names are … well, just see for yourself:

    Many thanks to Heidi, Craig, Jamie, and all the others who let us know about Tori’s latest cultural invasions!

    Tori Store Reissues "Recovering Christians" T-shirt

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006 | 01:14 UTC | Posted by Beth | Minutiae

    Those of you who have been fiending for a “Recovering Christians” shirt since the Boys for Pele tour will finally have your wishes come true: the Tori store has reissued the shirt and is offering it for sale alongside A Piano: The Collection. The front reads “Recovering Christian” and the back sports a figure of a nurse with the words “Tori Amos” and “Still Recovering.” Thanks to Marlina for spotting this one!

    Read The Music

    Thursday, October 05, 2006 | 00:19 UTC | Posted by Violet | Minutiae,Toriphiles

    Beth Winegarner — journalist, author, and one of Undented’s very own managing editors — has just released a book that will be of interest to music lovers in general and Toriphiles in particular. Titled Read The Music: Essays On Sound (a tip o’ the hat to Kate Bush, that), the first two essays focus entirely on Tori’s music, with threads of her influence continuing to be woven through several essays that follow.


    EDGE's A Piano Giveaway

    Sunday, September 24, 2006 | 15:06 UTC | Posted by woj | Minutiae

    Emmanuel writes to tell us that EDGE, a e-zine which focuses on news and entertainment for the GLBT communities in several Northeastern cities, is giving away several copies of A Piano: The Collection. However, there is a catch: only those who have an EDGE Reader Rewards card program are eligible to enter the drawing and there is a $5 fee to get one. The deadline to enter is October 8th. If you have a card already or don’t mind setting an Abe loose, though, it seems like it’s worth entering the drawing via any of their regional portals: Boston, New York, New England, Providence, or Provincetown. If’s not clear if there are separate drawings for each region or if all entries go into one big hat.

    Mad Lit: Elizabeth Merrick on "Piece By Piece"

    Saturday, September 23, 2006 | 22:30 UTC | Posted by Violet | Minutiae

    “It’s one of the books I go to when I need to get below the surface of my e-mail day or my free-floating anxiety. I dip in when I’m looking for a reminder of the big forces that aren’t really apparent in the workday. Tori views her life through the lens of myth and archetype, and this is a very powerful way to tune back in to what you really want, what you really are.”—Elizabeth Merrick on Piece by Piece

    In this article from the Fall 2006 issue of Venus, Elizabeth Merrick, author and editor of the new anthology This Is Not Chick Lit, comments on her current favorite read: Piece By Piece by Tori Amos and Ann Powers. Thanks to Tess for the transcription.

    Mad Lit
    Elizabeth Merrick
    The This Is Not Chick Lit editor is up on her Faulkner and Morrison, but what really keeps her inspired? (Hint: It’s not chick lit.)


    Happy Birfday, Tash!

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006 | 20:31 UTC | Posted by Violet | Minutiae,Them

    Tash is six years old today. Yay!

    I wonder if Tori will be reading Now We Are Six to her for her special day. (Let’s hope she doesn’t sit her down with Now We Are Sick, Neil connection notwithstanding!)

    Puppet Fight!

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006 | 06:52 UTC | Posted by Violet | Minutiae,TV/Radio/Web

    Syrus the Talking Dreadlock interviews Tori. Mayhem ensues.

    Warning: No sense of humor, no clicky.